View Full Version : 3 Walls with coins... C'mon..!!! 

03-27-11, 12:11 AM
Hello TL!!

First of all.. Thank you for a new and addicting game!! Fantastic! But not so fantastic for our familymembers... 

But here's The thing; The best thing about your game is of course to design your Club, City... I really Do think that The most basic things like walls and floors should be for EVERYONE!!! That's why all of us love them soo much! So this game comes to an end extremely fast because you only have 3 walls to choose from....!!!!???

Everyone should have The opportunity to design their club in The most basic way and be creative... Not look like everybody else! That's real fun to look at your 100 neighbours and have to dubblecheck if you left your own club!
Just 3 walls is ridiculous!

Of course you should pay with cash to buy all cool things that makes your Club special and NOT like everybody else!! Some special walls should be cash, just like in The restaurant, but in these games you Can sit for days and think of how to design, redesign next! So why doesn't you let us be creative in this one when u made city and The rest of The stories (not Treasure Story!!!) that way... That's YOUR THING!!! 

So keep your cash things, but let us avarage Joes be a part of The fun too!

Keep it up and LOVE your games!!!!

04-02-11, 07:14 PM
I agree about wanting to see more coin based wall options. Not only are there too few, they are uninteresting and the cool ones are to steep. Maybe 1 club cash? More options is always better. I can see it'll take lots of cash to make the club I'd love to have, but I won't be spending like I did in RS and BS because I can already see it'd be too expensive. I'll stick around and see if anything different arrives. Go team lava!