View Full Version : RS2 World Events

02-12-18, 03:38 PM
Recently, In Restaurant Story 2 we have been continuously getting repeated cruises and Lani's Goals and I have to admit, it's been getting a little repetitive.

I think that we should have World Events (similar to in Farm Story 2) in RS2 in addition to Cruises. This could help boost the community and maybe get players excited about this game again.

There could be a certain item that we need to collect that acts as "points." Maybe these points can maybe be won by a special character that comes in or maybe they can drop from cooking. Or we can have a "machine" that rewards points every few hours. We can upgrade this machine using event parts that maybe drop from cooking or a special character.

We could have 5 individual prizes and then once you reach enough "points" you can unlock community prizes. The individual prizes and community prizes could be a mix of decorations and recipes. The final individual prize could be a gem recipe. Additionally, maybe we can have side goals to earn even more decorations.

I think that this feature could energize the community and maybe encourage some players who quit or barely play start to play again.