View Full Version : Immediate Disdain for the Town Square

02-01-18, 11:20 AM
I apparently have 12 walkers in my kingdom

When you put Old Thomas away... you will be forced to remove more to put him back... you are now limited to TEN walkers.

And all I got for putting Old Thomas away and getting him back was 2 xp (Im lvl 50 so phbbbpt) and the loss of two of my walkers.



02-01-18, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the feedback! We'll look into raising the cap!

02-01-18, 11:50 AM
Yes please...
I had 13 walkers, and now there is 10 left..

02-01-18, 11:54 AM
Same...I had 13...and I DON't Want to put them away. Feels like punishment since they were prizes I'd won before. Now they basically took away our hard earned grand prizes- just because old Thomas wanted a little rest...I lost 3 of my walkers thanks to this stupid rule.

What is the point to even try to win new walkers EVER again- they would just end up in storage from now o, making them pointless prizes.

02-01-18, 12:18 PM
Same here... I don't get this update. I've tried very hard to win all the walkers so I can have them in my kingdom, and now I can't even display them all?? That doesn't make any sense, I don't get the thinking behind this one.

02-01-18, 12:34 PM
The idea to be able to store a walker is good. The walkers are resources hogs, so for low end mobile phones it will be a bonus. But true, having a cap makes no sense.

02-01-18, 02:21 PM
Lost walkers too. Who had this brilliant idea, S8? These were hard earned prizes. Shame!

02-01-18, 02:25 PM
Closing thread. I've created a new thread which will address the current cap issues and provide information about this new game feature.

02-01-18, 03:34 PM
The cap on citizens has now been increased :)