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01-31-18, 12:22 PM
Heya guys,

Not sure if this is proper to post it here. I searched around a bit so forgive me if this should be placed somewhere else.

A couple weeks ago now, I noticed that one of my daily gold exchanging friends has seemingly disappeared. I left a comment on her wall and her island hasn't had any new activity for a while now, etc.

So for now, I'm seeking another reliable daily gold exchanging friend D: This could possibly be temporary if she does in fact, return, since I've been exchanging gold with my 3 neighbors for quite a long time.

Just let me know if there might be someone else who's looking for an exchanger! I log several times a day and I'm always accessible through comments left on my wall, always exchange gold, etc.

If, for some reason I'm *not* returning it, then something might have happened out of my control (ie Internet outage, medical situation, eaten by mutant frogs, etc). It's 99.9% that this ever happens, (especially the frogs) since I would always preemptively give people a head's up first, and again, I log in multiple times a day. I'm also so thankful DS has the in-game comments system for quick and easy communication!

Thank you!


Island name: Rapture
ID: NeidusBluetip

kooky panda
01-31-18, 01:17 PM
Moving your thread to the Dragon Story Add Me Forum.

01-31-18, 01:52 PM
Moving your thread to the Dragon Story Add Me Forum.

Thanks Kooky! For some reason I couldn't find it o.o