View Full Version : One Star Rating in App Store every week until new update.

01-25-18, 08:17 PM
I can no longer listen to my audiobook whilst playing hungry babies since the new update. It turns off my audiobook. I found a way for my audiobook app to play while I play hungry babies with my ear pods but I can?t hear the sound effects of the game. I can?t play hungry babies without the sound effects and I can?t play without an audiobook playing in the background. Weird. I know. But the process worked perfectly before this update. This is a monumental issue to me. Is there a way to download the previous version of hungry babies? I know there isn?t and I know there?s no way to fix my issue without another update seeing as how it worked before this update. I was not ready to give up my addiction to this game... but I can?t play it anymore and I?ve posted this issue in the forum last month which was never acknowledged and support isn?t offered for this game anymore... 🤔 but it still offers in-app purchases🤨 so I?ll keep posting negative ratings in the App Store until I find a replacement for HB or y?all release an update turning off audio override or whatever it?s called.