View Full Version : Confused by today's update 1/16/18

01-16-18, 01:36 PM
As the title of the thread suggests, I am confused about today's update.

First, I thought that the Snowlady dragon was supposed to expire today and then we would get a new mining dragon. On one account, I already have this dragon, so I've been saving up my bombs, but I have 25 now and don't want to waste any. On my second account, I don't yet have this dragon. Do I still have time to mine for pieces to obtain her or not?

Second, When do we start breeding Madagascar and Inuit together for part 3? I don't see anything about this. So the only thing to try to breed for right now (besides permanent dragons) is the New England Dragon for the tales, is this correct?

Third, what is with the completely lame sale offerings? I just bred an entire pride of Firemane dragons a while back when we were breeding yellow and red for something else (maybe Stocking?). And now we have t breed yellow and red again for New England dragon. I also have a Goodwitch dragon on both of my accounts, even though it is a super rare. I wish there were more interesting sale offerings right now, but considering how much I have spent on DS and FFS lately, I guess it is just as well that there isn't anything I really want.

01-16-18, 02:25 PM
Snowlady was released on December 19th so it should be disappearing soon, but my mine usually has a day where there's nothing in it so I would imagine it will leave on Thursday and we will get the new mining dragon on Friday.

Looking at the past threads for the Inuit and Madagascar makes me think the next dragon will be released on the 19th. Madagascar was released on the 5th, Inuit the 12th so it follows that part three will begin seven days after part two.

As for the last bit, I've given up all hope that they will ever have sales/bring back limited dragons and have it make sense to me. I never understand their thought process from any point of view. I swear if I wasn't addicted to this game I'd have given it up a long time ago.

01-16-18, 04:37 PM
These "sale" dragons seem to be further proof that whoever is making the decisions doesn't play the game. Who the heck is going to spend 80 gold on a Firemane? It's breedable, and players who didn't get at least 5 of them while trying for Gloriosa will almost certainly get at least one as a fail while trying for New England. Tbh, it feels like they are trying to take advantage of brand new players who don't yet realize how easy it is to get all the red/yellow hybrids. :(

01-16-18, 05:49 PM
Thank you @annirasSweets for the info. I thought I read that Snowlady was leaving January 16, but then I realized that I am the one who had just guessed that she would be leaving on that date due to the mining dragon is usually around for 4 weeks. No countdown timer has started in the mine yet, so I guess i still have time. I just don't think I can get 68 pieces in the next few days. :(

01-16-18, 06:07 PM
I have not received any pop-out notification that Ms Snowlady is going to exit from the mines ★

There is no countdown time for this lady yet, and i have a couple more pieces to complete her ★