View Full Version : Number to Bingo??

01-08-18, 03:08 PM
I?ve been playing for awhile and I recently noticed that after a game ends, the screen that shows how many daubs and how many bingos also has something that says ?14 to Bingo? or ?8 to Bingo?. What does this mean? I originally thought that it meant I missed a daub somewhere and it was telling me which number I missed, but then one of them was ?78 to Bingo? which isn?t a number on the board. Anyone know??

01-08-18, 04:18 PM
Hi Ceraphina! The "# to BINGO" is what we call "Rank". It identifies the order in which you earned your first Bingo relative to other players in the game. If you got the first Bingo of the round, the results screen would show "1 to BINGO". If you were the 5th player to get a Bingo, the results screen would show "5 to BINGO".

Rank affects Tournament Score (getting a better Rank increases the amount of Tournament Points you earn).

It has no further impact in MONOPOLY Bingo, however in our standard Bingo game, there is an Achievement to "Get 10th place or higher 10 times".