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12-03-17, 04:15 AM
Hey everyone, this is my first thread AND post here.... so idk if i can talk about anything... I love Dragon story and i started it years ago... but my old device got too old to load the game, and now i started new a month ago and im on lvl 39...
Umm... the reason i posted here is to see if there are any BTS or Kpop fans around... i'd love to have them as neighbors... i already found 2 or 3 kpop fans .... but i was looking for more who are into Kpop... or games, or horror stuff etc... its cool to have like minded people as neighbors so sometimes you can actually make good friends :)
Thank you for reading and sorry for any mistakes.. English isn't my first language...

kooky panda
12-03-17, 01:16 PM
Moving add me thread to the Dragon Add Me Forum.


01-01-18, 07:12 PM
Hi, I'm still new here, but I like kpop a lot ^^ I sent you a request on the app! I hope I did it properly,,