View Full Version : Deleting Posts

11-26-17, 07:50 AM
It?s occured to me that S8 could save themselves a lot of trouble if they would give players the ability to delete THEIR OWN posts off of not just their own wall but on their neighbors wall as well. Instead of being bogged down with emails from players complaining that other players are bullying them by using links left on other players walls, if we could just delete OUR OWN no matter what wall it?s on, it would close the link and cut the problem off at the pass. As well, if you accidently post something meant for someone else, you could just delete it. Of course you could ONLY delete YOUR OWN, and not your neighbors or their neighbors.
The other idea if not the ability to delete, then it should be like other social media outlets where if you block someone they can no longer see your posts on ANY wall and you can?t see them either. It?s not always as simple as blocking people if you share neighbors. Sometimes, you can still see the attacks being played out on their wall or other mutual neighbors walls.

Anyone else feel this would be useful?? Just a thought.