View Full Version : New Level-but no tickets and no change in counter

11-15-17, 04:48 AM
Just got messages of new levels 242-249 with 30 tickets for each. However, the total number of tickets I have never changed and the level indicator (upper left hand corner of screen) stayed at level 240. When the level indicator increased from 180 to 240, I didn't get the tickets then either (didn't know how to report that problem when it happened).

11-15-17, 06:47 PM
Hi yjacket! I think I see what happened here.

When you reach max level (at the time, 240), we don't actually cap your XP gain. You're still able to earn XP beyond the cap. Effectively, we just set the required XP for the next level (241) to some unattainably large value. On Monday, we increased the level cap from 240 to 250. You had already earned enough XP to reach level 249. When you opened the game, you automatically received the 30 tickets per level for the 9 levels you instantly gained. After that, the "Quest Complete" level-up sliders appeared back-to-back, but those don't actually change your ticket count, and this probably led to confusion over not receiving any rewards for the new levels.

The same thing would have happened when you went from 180 to 210: all those level-up Achievements would have all completed at the same time, leaving you tapping through 30 sliders that don't give you anything. Instead, everything gets awarded as soon as you open the game.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your support of Bingo!