View Full Version : Bakery Story: Show Us Goal Prizes

11-04-17, 09:55 PM
The final prize for the Color Changing goal is the Bakesgiving Cornicopia. Yes, it is the same Bakesgiving Cornicopia that many of us just bought a few weeks ago during the fall sale. This goal is a perfect example of why players should be shown the goal prizes when the goal begins. That way we can make an informed decision on whether we want to waste thousands of coins on a goal or not.

Is anyone else annoyed that this 5 day goal involved 14 recipes for something that anyone could buy just a few weeks ago? It honestly feels like Storm 8 is trying to make the game less fun and more frustrating and stressful.

kooky panda
11-05-17, 08:25 AM
I have moved your suggestion to the feedback forum.
I have also passed this suggestion over.

11-07-17, 03:43 PM
There wasn't even enough time to finish the goal because of the length of the recipes. What was the point of that?