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10-31-17, 09:15 AM
Lani's Goals
Lani is back with her limited time goals to reward you with stamps.

Lani's Express Order - 2 days
Dark Chocolate Mocha x2
Celebration Cupcakes x2
Cheesecake x5
REWARD: Gold Stamp

Lani's Tasting Menu! - 6 days
Serve Dark Chocolate x4
Serve Potato Soup x16
Cook on Commercial Range x28
REWARD: 2 Silver Stamps

A Special Menu for Lani! - 6 days
Serve Fantasy Float x3
Serve Stuffed Mushrooms x8
Cook on Chateau Stove x13
REWARD: 3 Silver Stamps

10-31-17, 07:35 PM
Did you enjoy Lani's goals? Please vote and feel free to share your constructive feedback. Thank you for your participation! :)

This is a private poll and you can select multiple choices. The poll will close in 10 days.

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11-02-17, 04:09 PM
Lani's Goals are starting to get old. Every single time it is the same format, and same prizes. I hope that Storm8 starts to release limited time quests like they did before (Campfire Cooking, Obon Festival, etc), instead of just recycled Lani Goals.

11-06-17, 02:18 AM
I agree with Paul. These are the exact same requests from the previous Lani’s goals. Why?

In addition, requiring players to cook recipes that use ingredients produced by Bronze and Silver stamps is just ridiculous. Our objective is to increase our stamps so that we can make these type recipes when needed. Lani’s goals is set up so that we have to give in order to get. The net gain to us is diminished.

11-11-17, 11:23 PM
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