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10-27-17, 03:15 PM
Enjoyed new challenge, Property Tour. Felt most of the challenges were fair, except for #13 and #14. Trying to open 90 chests requires using too many dice. Playing 3 cards, there are only 6 opportunities each round and sometimes you can not daub even one! Think the Chest Boost was controlled for this task, as it rarely appeared like it so often does during regular play. Task 14 trying to get 12,000 XP ridiculously expensive to complete. If you average 100-125 per round playing 3 cards can use almost 2000 dice!!! I pay a lot to play and thought you might appreciate my feedback. I did complete the Tour, but it cost a lot and would probably not try to complete again. Wish you would offer player option to play or not, especially when trying to complete items in a property or mystery puzzle. My assets are too scattered. Would love to hear your comments. --email redacted--

10-30-17, 01:13 PM
Hi jnemraci! Congratulations on completing the Property Tour event, and thanks so much for your feedback! We hugely appreciate it, as we are releasing a mystery-themed task chain event for CLUE Bingo starting today. For the CLUE Bingo event, we've made some adjustments to normalize difficulty across task types based upon data gathered during the Property Tour event.

About your concern: the Property Tour event works in parallel with other events and does not cannibalize or impact them in any way. If you had a 1-in-6 chance for a Chest Boost to appear outside of the Property Tour, that chance remained 1-in-6 during the Property Tour. You would not be any more or less likely to complete a Mystery Puzzle if a Property Tour event is active -- Chests will appear with the same frequency, can be collected with the same frequency, and contain puzzle piece rewards with the same frequency. The Property Tour event should be considered a "bonus" event that's longer-term and coexists peacefully with all of our other event types. So no worries there!

Finally, a note about the difficulty adjustments we've made to the CLUE Bingo event, which will also be reflected in the next Property Tour event. We've reduced the difficulty of some tasks that felt too far beyond player control, such as specific win patterns and specific boost types. The final tasks are supposed to feel more challenging (some of them turned out to be a bit easier than the 12,000 XP task), so we've brought the rest of them more in line with that for the new event.

Again, thank you very much for your perspective as a dedicated player. Our goal with task chain events is to make them challenging over the long term, but fun and rewarding to complete. We're going to continue to make tuning adjustments based on tracking data and player feedback, and it's unsurprising to us that our first run didn't feel perfect.