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09-28-17, 11:03 PM
My game won't total up the 'yellow' treats on the new event, anyone else having the same issue?

09-29-17, 12:28 AM
Same here

09-29-17, 04:29 PM
Same here, one time a few yellows were tallied but not as many as had been matched. But all the other games none were added

09-29-17, 04:58 PM
Hey everyone,

There appears to be some confusion here. The current Global Event requires level completion Stars to be collected, not regular yellow pieces or green star-shaped pieces.

The event icon and dialogs display a yellow star.

The yellow piece is round and not star-shaped.

You get an event point for each new star you collect on a new or old level. For example, if you play a level that you previously completed with 1 star, you can get up to 2 new stars by completing it with a 3-star rating.

For more info, please check the FAQ on the Global Event dialog.

09-30-17, 08:46 AM
The only stars I have are green, not yellow.

10-02-17, 11:22 AM
Just going to add on to this. This is specifically for stars that are awarded for completing a level and not for pieces that are collected in the level. Please see below:



11-24-17, 04:42 AM
Stars should not be basis for awards unless a lot more levels are added, not just 5 every two weeks.