View Full Version : Mining for land resulted in 0

09-03-17, 08:45 AM
I am trying to mine to get some food and coins and even though I found a piece of land, instead of showing 1, it's showing 0.

I don't care for the land pieces at the moment, since there's no update that lets me expand the land, but I very much still need food and coins for my island.

Does this a mean that I can't mine anymore for food and coins?


09-03-17, 09:08 AM
Land maxes out at 999 pieces. You'll still get the food/coins as long as you don't do the last expansion. I've been there a while, so I have 1059 pieces of land due to 10 pieces here and there being given as a prize for a dragon tales day.

Don't do final expansion and just get the food... still worth mining in my opinion. I sometimes can get 2000 food from one dynamite. Better than the food quest.

10-25-17, 07:07 PM
Where is the last mining expansion?

10-27-17, 12:21 AM
Where is the last mining expansion?

An easy way to explain that is from the last set of expansions holds 6 habitats, then there were 16 new habitat placements so you can expand 3 islands to hold 4 habitats and the 4th to hold 3 habitats if you want to keep the mine open. I hope this helps!

........Just gone and counted my land expansions and I have 55 leaving 1 open so I can use the mine for food.