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08-27-17, 02:47 AM
I started playing the game over a year ago and the beginning levels I.e pall mall, pentonville road, Trafalgar Square, vine street, old Kent road and a few more are no longer appearing in my game. I have 72 levels available but it's showing I've only gotten 4/72 collections when I know I've completed all these previous levels that aren't there anymore! Is there a reason for this that I'm missing? I've looked into bugs and sicussionsforums and can't find any advice. Also been looking into my mums account and she's a new player only level 20 with these levels available to her!!
Thanks in advance =D

08-28-17, 02:56 PM
Hi Candyfirion! Pall Mall, Pentonville Road, et al. are what we refer to as "localized properties". In the UK version of the Monopoly board game, the property names are different from the US version (http://monopoly.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Monopoly_Properties). If your device's Region is set to UK, Australia, South Africa, or Ireland, you will see the UK versions of the properties rather than the US versions.

Internally, we track your progress on these properties by Room ID and not by name. That is, if you completed a Collection on Old Kent Road, we simply record that you completed a Collection on Room 1. If you changed your Region to US, then you would see Room 1 as Mediterranean Avenue with an already-complete Collection.

I believe a proper question to ask would be whether those rooms are gone completely, or whether they have simply switched to the US equivalents? If it's the former, we definitely ask that you submit a Support ticket. If it's the latter, and you'd like to go back to using the UK property names, simply switch your device's Region (General -> Language & Region -> Region) to one of the four countries listed above.

09-13-17, 06:02 AM
Ah thank you so much for replying! I wasn't really too sure what to do but somehow my device settings had changed so that seems to have fixed it =D it just looked so different I'm glad it was a easy fix. Much thanks!

12-28-17, 07:22 PM
Im needing help myself please.I just changed my phone to my new phone.I was logged in to facebook n played for almost 2 yrs or longer .It has started me all the way over.Someone please help.It makes me just wanna give up.I thought that it would all have backed up n if i signed into facebook it would have all backed up

01-17-18, 06:53 PM
Yes I've just added thextras app and it's all different there are no levels that I have passed it's totally different names of new levels