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07-24-17, 09:35 PM
Lani's Goals

Lani is back with her limited time goals to reward you with stamps.

Lani's Express Order - 2 days
Serve Dark Chocolate Mocha x2
Serve Celebration Cupcakes x2
Serve Cheesecake x5
REWARD: 1 Gold Stamp

Lani's Tasting Menu! - 6 days
Serve Dark Chocolate Mocha x4
Serve Potato Soup x16
Cook on your Commercial Range x28
REWARD: 2 Silver Stamps

A Special Menu for Lani! - 6 days
Serve Fantasy Float x3
Serve Stuffed Mushroom x8
Cook on Chateau Stove x13
REWARD: 3 Silver Stamps

07-24-17, 09:38 PM
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