View Full Version : Cruise start/end days

07-23-17, 10:25 AM
Can we please go back to starting the cruises on a Thursday instead of a Friday. Like most people I work Monday to Friday, meaning I am more likely to be up late on a Saturday night, meaning more chance of actually finishing a cruise.

01-07-18, 04:01 AM
Can we please have decent time to finish the cruises like it a cruise starts on Monday November 5 and ends Tuesday November 15 we should have that whole time to do the cruises and not a 24 hour period and also I would like to not have to make a meal Twice in order to fulfill the goal and move on to the next dish it?s very frustrating. I feel like what would be good is if you had a cruise that the goals were dishes that we didn?t win previously from cruises in the past and we had a chance to win them now. I never finish cruises I honestly gonna stop doing them if I lose another cruise.