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  1. City Story Metro Glitch!
  2. Eeek! Termites! Report City Metro Bugs Here!
  3. Current and Known Bugs and Issues for City Metro
  4. Problem expanding
  5. Can't go home from Friends place
  6. Constant sparkling.
  7. Random Energy?
  8. Population cap
  9. Invisible city halls and banks
  10. Can't buy gems
  11. Goal board disappears
  12. Game or bug?
  13. Victorian houses - changed time for take coins?
  14. Clearing buildings
  15. Ipad and iPhone gem prices different?????
  16. Design my neighbor's City!!
  17. Gem Prices Doubled
  18. Random Energy Isn't Adding Up
  19. Goal list dissappeared, no gift button
  20. Can't connect?
  21. Game Issues 7-24-12
  22. My city is back to level one!!!
  23. Still can not get into City Metro
  24. Weird!
  25. Lost Progress from Level 9 to Level 4
  26. Price of Bank
  27. green houses produce different quantity of goods on the same contract
  28. Cannot send parts to neighbors, no gift button
  29. Goods capacity reached
  30. 1,000 Gems!!!!-TL has lost its mind!
  31. Kicked Out Before Going In
  32. Stuck on level 30!
  33. Game changes needed
  34. Game has reverted back to Level 1
  35. Is that possible ?
  36. Lake Where Land Used to be
  37. Game won't install
  38. Game slips back
  39. I no longer have goals
  40. Receiving Gems Paid For
  41. I Can't use the area I expanded!
  42. Not getting rewards
  43. Neighbors not receiving permit requests city story metro
  44. Permits not arriving? Not seen...
  45. Daily rewards. Never go beyond day 1 rewards.
  46. hellp
  47. Expansion ends in unausbleiblich lake
  48. Receive and lost gems in the same second after install home design!!
  49. I cannot place items after expanding
  50. Stuck on level 30
  51. Cannot get anything out of storage once it's in there!
  52. My city gone crazy!
  53. Halloween Goal - Anne's Costume
  54. I Started With 10 Gems, Other Start With 110/120?
  55. Download City Story Metro Halloween Goal?
  56. Lost coins
  57. cannot buy Rob's steakhouse
  58. New iPad.
  59. City Story Land Purchase Bug
  60. Land Expansions restricted
  61. Halloween items blocked 'level 1000'
  62. problem with ask neighbors
  63. Same Daily Bonus?
  64. No goals in SC Metro
  65. Pool Hall?
  66. No doorbells in any neighbor cities
  67. Internet Connection Error?
  68. How many people game won't work because of "Internet connection" error?
  69. RedTape quest broken
  70. Storm ID
  71. Transplating problem
  72. Neighbors not receiving materials requests
  73. City Story Halloween Edition
  74. My goals stopped loading.
  75. Need urgent help!! Game back to level 1 after transfer
  76. It Just Won't Load-Black Screen. Nothing.
  77. City Story Metro Halloween update?
  78. "Already Requested Today" on first login
  79. Social rating bug?
  80. The new bank
  81. Push alerts
  82. Help need to buy houses n barber shop
  83. Scrolling issue since iOS8 install
  84. Industry contacts
  85. Why do industry jobs timeout?
  86. How can i keep my city on another iphone or ibad
  87. Issue buying gems
  88. Cap limit
  89. Game crashing
  90. I can't load the game from two days
  91. No more goals?
  92. Account issue !
  93. Not to be compliant with upcoming iOS
  94. Last expansion won't unlock
  95. I want to change the name of my city to get rid of bullies