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  1. YinYang Value pack crashes me
  2. Arctic Isle Disappeared!!!
  3. bought apples
  4. Why is there no "ARE YOU SURE" option
  5. Can't visit other islands
  6. Stalwart Tournament
  7. Issues with fountain of youth habitat when viewed from Android
  8. 2.4.2 update: travel button gone
  9. Not able to buy habitats
  10. Can't breed black hybrids anymore
  11. Right side icons not active
  12. Latest iOS update
  13. Hi I have a problem with finish at the battle Arena
  14. Crashing on Android
  15. Food window opening at start
  16. DS crashing on loading
  17. Spin wheel problem
  18. Swimmer Dragon problem
  19. I accidentally spent 1000 gold to buy 260000 food
  20. Gold Glitch
  21. Battle arena tournament not available
  22. Is dark crystal dragon breedable?
  23. Kooky .... Tales ch 3 breed air .... Not registered twice
  24. Tales event forced started 48 hours early with no notice
  25. Donations don't count!!!
  26. My iPad crashed and died. Help me please?
  27. Fantasy Forest Story - Land Before Dragons
  28. Dragon Tales quests and crafting items disappeared!
  29. Cartographer dragon description
  30. Games crashes/closes when i try to buy 2nd evolution temple
  31. Bug/Issue with the current battle "Warpaint"
  32. Coins for food quests during events
  33. problem in ice age isle?!
  34. Mask count resetting to Zero
  35. BAD news: Haloween version no longer supported!
  36. First in tournament but no dragon or trophy
  37. Confusing gold sale announcement pop up.
  38. Questing is broken, only returns coins!
  39. Unable to load community
  40. Gold Purchase - didn't get any gold!
  41. Dragons in goals not showing up..
  42. DS wants access?
  43. Game won't stay
  44. Food from Mining not adding
  45. IOS 10 issues
  46. Creation of Ranger Dragon
  47. Game not loading
  48. Not getting Mining Bombs
  49. Can't purchase from market
  50. Having trouble connecting to Dragon Story
  51. Installed Fashion Story: Wicked Fit, Did Not Receive Gold Bar Bonus
  52. Known Arena Ads Not Reducing Cool Down Time
  53. Lost progress in all S8 games
  54. Updated dragon story and gold disappeared
  55. Chronicler Dragon Dissapeared
  56. What Can I Do???
  57. Everything is gone!!!
  58. Dragon desaparecido
  59. Gifted gold
  60. Missing New Leaderboard event
  61. Comet Dragon
  62. New version of Dragon Story with bingo keeps closing
  63. Bingo! Haunted Drive-In
  64. No Internet Connection
  65. Still have problems!!
  66. Evolution Boost Bug
  67. missing island goals
  68. Cannot complete Bingo goal
  69. What's wrong with the S8 servers?
  70. Bingo reset without giving credit
  71. Missing gold for downloading games
  72. ANNOUNCEMENT - Contact Storm8 Support via Form
  73. spooky dragon disappeared
  74. Spent gems to finish evolving and in the nest it was back to ready to evolve
  75. Boosted breeding NOT free
  76. Accidentally lost 1000 Gold and support doesn't answer
  77. Something wrong in bingo won't give credit
  78. Answered Ophiuchus Dragon Charged Full Price Wrongly
  79. Coin total decreased
  80. Upgrapes dissapering?
  81. New Android Version has a font bug
  82. visiting other islands
  83. My Storm8 games and TeamLava
  84. What's wrong with Reflective Pool???
  85. Leaderboard boost expires upon activation
  86. Gold not Received
  87. Epic Sabretooth Dragon Has A 3rd Wing
  88. Server Malfunction?
  89. crop boost will not activate
  90. Lost dragon when hatching Huntress
  91. Connection over secure network - problem
  92. Constant crashing now it steals my hard work points
  93. Leaderboard Boosts constantly resetting
  94. Dragon Story won't open.
  95. Bitter Bark Trees everywhere
  96. Looking for nbr to exchange gold with daily
  97. Bingo showing impossible tasks
  98. Missing gold!
  99. Bug on bingo challenge
  100. locked outof land mine!
  101. boosts not working
  102. Free gift hanging
  103. Not able to post on threads.
  104. No internet error
  105. Clue bingo
  106. Fail to watch ads and get bonus
  107. Boost not working
  108. Food purchased with gold while moving habitats
  109. Stuck in frozen farm
  110. Game crashes when I try to visit my neighbours
  111. I can't get the storm8 dragon
  112. Habitats not being delivered
  113. Several issues...
  114. Lost Dragon
  115. No more ads to watch for free ads
  116. Video issues
  117. Can't create storm ID
  118. Bingo food bugs
  119. Game keeps closing
  120. Opening account on another device that has an account already
  121. Old account
  122. Move account without password?
  123. Move account without password?
  124. League Issues
  125. Video not loading on Dragon Story
  126. Current quest problem!! Dragon Level 11?
  127. LG Stylo 2 Plus Display Issues (Android)
  128. Boost not working
  129. Where is the battle???
  130. Screen not loading ANY graphics- gray screen only
  131. Known Habitats In The Sea
  132. No icon for 12 Days label
  133. FIXED : Dragon: Cannot Mine after update
  134. Fixed Dragon story : No Battle Buttons
  135. Admiral Planet Goal repeating "Progress" update
  136. Bug issues with new update
  137. Game is Lagging
  138. Help!!
  139. 2x Food Boost Doesn't Work
  140. I can not install new versions
  141. Needing to transfer game to new device
  142. Repeated synching/roll back issues on V-Day update
  143. Current Quest
  144. Missing Penguin dragon on Arctic Isle
  145. Game doesn't wanna Load
  146. Help with visit neighborhood it won't go to the neighborhood
  147. Boosted breeding bug
  148. Can't spin to win
  149. No Leaderboard
  150. News
  151. Loss of mining Spirit Crystals points and marionette points
  152. Game shut down several times while visiting neighbors
  153. Game shut down
  154. New update no more gifting gold to neighbours?
  155. Darling Dragons - Lovelight
  156. No first prize in leaderboard
  157. No video watching icon
  158. My Story Dragon game A broken
  159. All S8 Data on phone reset. Can't resync account.
  160. No reward spin to win
  161. Game will not load
  162. No Notification
  163. Scandinavian tree not collecting points for event
  164. Puppet strings disappeared from storage
  165. Accidentally Sold My Stable
  166. Island parts not awarded properly
  167. No arena or other special buildings
  168. Excessive Notifications
  169. Eggs disappeared
  170. Trying to get account back
  171. Arctic habitats
  172. Need more farms
  173. Sell dragons by accident
  174. Can't mine to finish a goal
  175. Help
  176. Bingo
  177. Cannot Close out Pop Ups
  178. Breed dragon egg
  179. clearing habitats of coins deletes amount
  180. Can't place decor/Graphic Issues
  181. 2x Boost for farms not working
  182. Graphics - Slow Updating
  183. Game not loading.
  184. Can't press the buy gold button
  185. Spring festival
  186. Broken Ad- Please Remove or Fix
  187. Dragon Story
  188. Artic isles ice age habitats
  189. Where is my account saphiras dream
  190. Issues with going to neighbors
  191. How to go from kindle to Android on Dragon story
  192. Can't buy gold
  193. Bingo
  194. Graphics won't load
  195. A Good Hobby / Sugar Swap
  196. CareTakers Wish Reward Glitch?
  197. Community and wall
  198. Island Goal Reward
  199. I lost 23 hours in "make a wish" event
  200. Make a Wish! Event - I cannnot raise my Seeker dragon over level 10
  201. Roll back during tales
  202. Dragon Story crashing all the time
  203. Bug with Dragon Tales : MAKE A WISH
  204. Make a wish event glitch?
  205. Wish Token and Crafting
  206. Milestone rewards
  207. hi
  208. Didn't get prize
  209. How do I fix this?
  210. Boosts and Artic Isle
  211. Breeding
  212. Ordered #1192242170 on May 3, 2017
  213. Can't Reload App
  214. Diamond dragon disappeared
  215. I can't remember my old game
  216. Dragon city lost gold
  217. Dragon story Google problem??
  218. Battle Arena Lack of Randomness
  219. Behemoth dragon
  220. Arena fight #33!
  221. Number of days to get portal favors
  222. Digging Deep Astro Favors
  223. Floating Treasure not counting after glitch
  224. Pharaoh. Not Egyptian?
  225. Can't access Leaderboard Events
  226. Gold being charged upon breeding
  227. Can't Expand | No Maps in Storage
  228. Accidentally spending gold
  229. Purchased gold and it wasn't credited
  230. Please fix your inappropriate word filter!
  231. Glitch in android programming vs champs
  232. Crashed last second during leaderboard
  233. Mapping quest
  234. Bingo Leaderboard Reward
  235. Mythic Heroes - Missing Golden Pyramid
  236. Evolving
  237. Seer dragon with different breeding & hatching time?
  238. Trading Dragons
  239. Ad video not working for last 36 hrs
  240. My Apple
  241. Out The Door Story Book - Not Getting Credit for Isle Maps Received
  242. Missing mine bombs and wheel spins during leaderboard event.
  243. The older quests don't work
  244. Can't get into my game
  245. Game won't run on sd card
  246. Forest dragon still "breeding" on arctic island
  247. Account Problem
  248. Rollbacks prior to the end of world events causing the event to disappear prematurely
  249. Coins going backwards.
  250. Is this a glitch and how can you fix it?