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  1. Graphics issue
  2. No bombs for mining for dragon
  3. Bitter Bark Bug
  4. Account transfer
  5. Can't connect to all story games with wifi
  6. Goal to download new version disappeared!
  7. Picnic basket not in storage
  8. Prize not given
  9. Inventory Cleaned Out! Help
  10. Flash tourny INTERFERES with Community event!!
  11. Mine crashes
  12. Same tournament battle twice
  13. Slow response
  14. Neighbours' Gold Gifts bug?
  15. Game won't open!
  16. Spin to win not working!
  17. Can't find Country Barn
  18. HELP! Cannot Update Regular DS
  19. Rewards not given after win in arena
  20. Can't type messages longer than the short message "space" anymore.
  21. Breeding dragons
  22. Breeding issues on Artic Isle
  23. Answered Game Closes While Playing
  24. New chapter not starting
  25. Never received my nouveau dragon despite completing event on time
  26. I need to speak to an admin asap
  27. Stolen gold! Goodbye DS!
  28. Graphics and Social Issues
  29. DS Harvest Festival BUG ?
  30. Average response waiting time
  31. Boosted Weekend: Not free but 200 coins
  32. New dragon Tales for Android?
  33. coins when completing a quest instead of the quest result?
  34. MISSING champions !MISSING neighbors ,MISSING diamonds
  35. Is there going to be a kindle update with all the things Android and IOS users have?
  36. Humble Harvest Event ,gone from my game
  37. Loading issues
  38. "Sorry, no events at this time"!?!
  39. Spin problems
  40. I got battle Arena Issue!
  41. Didn't receive autumn dragon in humble harvest
  42. glitches
  43. Inaccurate portrait in Adult and Epic form of Lunar Ram Dragon
  44. no gold from gold quest
  45. Candy Sack
  46. Watch video for food for high level but GOLD for low level???
  47. world event
  48. sack of candy
  49. Disappearing candy
  50. DS halloween on android
  51. Crafting jigsaw dragon missing...
  52. Disappearing gold
  53. Overcharging of gold and not resolved!!
  54. cannot move dragons
  55. dragons not visible
  56. Egg Disappeared
  57. Frozen Frenzy game in Dragon story
  58. Dragon Sory status bar
  59. Black Cat Dragon Tournament - Reset from round 8 to Round 4
  60. Black Cat tournament not working
  61. Gold not credited to account
  62. Black Cat Egg Disappeared
  63. Didn't get Cursed Cottage
  64. haunt on hex hill
  65. Mined dragon disappeared from spell shop
  66. help needed...
  67. losing food from game crashing
  68. Money going backwards
  69. Weird Timer Glitch, Unusable Farms?
  70. Still receiving azurite when mining
  71. dragon arches?
  72. Fantasy Forest Goal Disappeared
  73. Regarding support ticket number 1895950
  74. Tales Ch9 10 gold not in storage or added to existing gold
  75. No album
  76. game wont open
  77. Not clearing goals
  78. NO Gold Sale for some accounts
  79. somebody has nicked my diamond dragons
  80. spin Wheel out of synch?
  81. Dragon Story crashing - Can't visit neighbors and losing bombs
  82. Missing buildings
  83. Losing coins!!
  84. What's wrong with the android version?
  85. Impruberries Harvest Quest not working!!
  86. Over two years trying to get an arctic diamond dragon.
  87. 30 seconds turning into 30 minutes
  88. Dragon story Cursed Beauty Chapter 4 Bug
  89. Bygone Ballroom habitat missing!
  90. I have normal connection!, WHY I CANNOT CONNECT!?
  91. Life Dragon Goal not Completing
  92. Not getting rewards after completing goals
  93. Lost Crused Rose Dragon~
  94. Spinning Circle of Death
  95. No Black Friday Sale
  96. So dear developers, get happy with my money, goodbye!
  97. White Gold Dragon Sale
  98. Weird wi-fi connection issue
  99. Changes in the TV Icon
  100. Need help about ID transfer
  101. Just had 500 gold taken!!!
  102. Inadvertent Coin Purchase
  103. 500 gold taken for apples
  104. Expansion glitch
  105. Treasure Terrace Limit
  106. Gold habitat glitch?
  107. missing names &gold gifts
  108. Spinner
  109. Magical Kitchen Goal Issue
  110. Lost coins
  111. Please help, my Black Ice be not inside the store
  112. Please help support!!! Prime eternal vanished after purchase!!!
  113. Storm8/TL game servers down?
  114. Bug In Mining Game
  115. DragonStory Version Winter
  116. Crashing when placing Habitats
  117. Temple of Olympus glitch
  118. No tuturial, goals
  119. "Processing" window pops up every second or so... :confused:
  120. Lost centurion right after tournament
  121. what happens to my gold bars
  122. Egg graphic
  123. DS Android Crashing
  124. Missing battle arena win
  125. Diamond Dragon Missing
  126. Royal Flush
  127. Mining for Cursed Idol Dragon Issues
  128. Time reduction frustrations
  129. White booster not working?
  130. Missing Planetary Tower
  131. Ultimate Attack in Battle Arena Did Not Kill?
  132. Royal Flush Dragon Tales issue in Chapter 10
  133. Helping Hint Goal - no progres
  134. Can I recover lost game?
  135. Arctic Isles Glitch - Really weird :(
  136. Game Crashes when I try to buy a new habitat
  137. Download goal?
  138. Clue bingo
  139. Not getting pillows on arena wins
  140. Can not find new dragon after tournament??
  141. Forbidden Love Chapter 2 Act 1 of 2
  142. Can't accept Neighbor Requests
  143. Lord of Light Dragon didn't appear in storage
  144. Not getting decoration offer from game downloads
  145. Didn't receive my Arbiter Dragon
  146. Trading Prime Energy dragon
  147. Forbidden Love - Fulfilled all requirements but did not get Arbiter dragon
  148. Can't visit friends
  149. My Arctic Isle stuck here. What to do next?
  150. album issue
  151. I don't have received habitat boost
  152. Boosted breeding is charging gold and isn't free
  153. Boosted breeding on Arctic Isles was charging gold over the weekend
  154. Issue -- Why isn't there a pop-up to notify players when Boosted Breeding ENDS?
  155. You locked my thread without actually answering my question
  156. Did not receive Knight Dragon with promo pack
  157. Lost dragons
  158. Invisible Dragons
  159. Can't See Dragons
  160. How to quit DS and not leave an island behind
  161. Didn't receive apples for finishing Chapter 8 in DT
  162. expanded plot time bar disappeared on 3rd day when it should have opened up plot!
  163. Aladdin Dragon Chapter 10 issue
  164. 4 virtues in a row trying to breed love for dragon tales event not going to finish
  165. Cannot get the game to open :(
  166. Where did my dragon go????
  167. Gold production almost none
  168. Boosted Breeding Incorrectly Labelled
  169. Why Don't I Have All The Flower Beds / Hedges In My Market?
  170. Answered dragon story goals
  171. Breeding Roost "Check Time" Button Missing
  172. Spin to Win didn't give me my gold!(Skylord Wheel)
  173. Removed from leaderboards
  174. How to open travel option.
  175. Event Spin to Win Not Working
  176. Missing Skylord event
  177. Quest reward points disappearing from leader points tally...
  178. Arctic Dragon Disappeared / Dragon appears on wrong island
  179. Cave Dragon disappeared
  180. Intricate eggs no longer available?
  181. Tournament bug
  182. Questing Cottage Stuck
  183. Unable to purchase the new towers
  184. Sick of unintentionally spending gold cuz pops up while collecting coins
  185. Diamond temple won't work
  186. Mining Dragon Gone and no mine there :/
  187. Servers down?
  188. White Dawn Goal - Garden of Light Prize not received
  189. Cannot get invite for birthday bash tales
  190. Quest for food returns coins instead
  191. Connect to Internet message
  192. Vanished surprise dragon
  193. Didn't get the 10 gold for completion of charter nine
  194. Surprise Dragon
  195. Adventuring dragon stuck
  196. coin purchase I didn't make..gold gone
  197. Battle arena
  198. No Dynamite for hatching and placing egg
  199. Dragon exhausted
  200. Planetary Tower
  201. Surprise Dragon won't heal :(
  202. Social Ranking stuck on three for 2 weeks
  203. Cave Dragon disrepairt
  204. Lost dragon in Arctic land
  205. No Gold
  206. Battle Arena is showing 0 won't let me battle
  207. Quest for Mystic Maps
  208. Mining for dragons
  209. Motherly Love Event
  210. Missing Dragons
  211. No spin wheel?
  212. May flower
  213. Spa Time - 2hrs or 5hrs?
  214. Lossing gold accidently
  215. storage
  216. Old Trinket mining error?
  217. Dragon story
  218. Current challenge chapter 5
  219. Mining for dragons crashing dragon story?
  220. Dragon Story: General Bug and Issues Thread
  221. mine glitch?
  222. Arcane age dragon
  223. Not receiving goals for installing games
  224. Evolution Temple doesn't give me bombs
  225. Coins total going minus when collecting coins
  226. Didn't Receive Points for Nest Time
  227. current spinning wheel, palm tree. what???
  228. Dragons evolving automatically
  229. Treasure Terrace different max gold
  230. Online Error
  231. Stolen Egg
  232. Game Issue
  233. Game kicks me out when visiting neighbors
  234. Dragon in limbo
  235. Battle Arena/Tournament broken
  236. breeding den
  237. Gold gifts
  238. Storage issue of counting items
  239. Shattered sky issue
  240. Leaderboard results popup
  241. Buying habitats causes game to quit
  242. Buying habitats causes game to quit
  243. Dragons are invisible
  244. Bottled Moons issue why no response to many, many reports for members
  245. Bombs from Evolution Temple
  246. Want to start over
  247. Is this a glitch in Artic Isles?
  248. Battle arena not giving me ironbark drops
  249. St. Patrick's Dragon evolved in Arctic disappeared
  250. Unfair loss! leader board event