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  1. Evolution den error
  2. Magic Dragon Stuck in Evolution Temple
  3. problems...pls help
  4. problems...pls help
  5. Mad Scientist Dragon
  6. Dragon story feeding issue
  7. 'Collect coins' option missing
  8. Very minor Issue.
  9. Accidently spent gold
  10. Why do I loose social rating?
  11. Answered Tournament Keeps Resetting and can't progress
  12. lost my level, please help
  13. Goals falsely completed?
  14. Invisible dragon
  15. Breeding Den Problem
  16. breeding den error
  17. Another breeding den problem
  18. Quest conpletions looping - made me lose 500 gold
  19. Missing dragons and decor in the market
  20. Tournament glitches
  21. Taps on one screen are carried over to another screen that hasn't appeared due to lag
  22. Loosing bombs and Steelflare Crests due to crashes
  23. Answered Black Friday Sales Problem
  24. Purchased Gold Never Showed Up!!!!
  25. New Breeding Den Problem
  26. Andriod crashes while requesting ANYTHING!
  27. So, apparently I just bred a Flashfire Dragon...
  28. Spin To Win
  29. Spin to win
  30. Maps
  31. My Pegasus Dragon has vanished.
  32. Steelflare not in Spell Shop
  33. Team Lava support was not helpful and closed my ticket w/o an answer
  34. I'm not getting all of my Horns.
  35. Arctic Isle Ice Cave Deco
  36. Old and new book quests keep poppin up
  37. Santa's Workshop giving 16 presents, not 32
  38. Santa's Workshop
  39. No presents for food or breeding
  40. The Lightbringer
  41. Crashing
  42. Egg won't finish
  43. money disappearing
  44. Healing spring out of control?
  45. Getting to ds from other games
  46. Popups whilst visiting community members/neighbours
  47. Too Many Pop-up Ads? [Resolved]
  48. Transfer of game
  49. Monopoly Bingo Rewards
  50. Free gold for dragon story
  51. Known Can't Copy & Paste Anymore
  52. Giving more neighbors gold
  53. Dragon Story Mystic Maps
  54. Constant Crashing
  55. tropic dragon won't go in habitat?
  56. Healing Spring stuck on Ready-iPad
  57. Quest not working
  58. Blocky graphics since update
  59. Missing Black Knight?
  60. Battles not counting/saving
  61. Incorrect Currency
  62. Known Name More Than 8 Characters
  63. Fixed Artic Isle:Fire Opal Dragon appear in the left side of breeding pair.
  64. Rainbow + Familiar = Fire?
  65. Missing dragon
  66. Fixed No!!! No more Fire Opal pieces! -- MINING BUG
  67. Breeding Glitch on New Dragon Story:Only Give Fire Dragon
  68. Deleting buildings and habitats
  69. Egg won in the tournament missing from storage
  70. No coins or food dropping when mining for the new dragon. iOS
  71. dragons won't stay put after moving to different habitats
  72. Game Fails to Connect to Server?
  73. Final area on main plateau not available for expansion
  74. Venetian mask requests seem to be broken
  75. Quest outpost
  76. Spin to see what dragons you won't get because of crashes
  77. Venetian dragon missing
  78. White Rose Dragon disappearing
  79. Cupid dragon statue
  80. Mining issues
  81. Can only breed Fire Dragons
  82. Accidental Dragon Sale
  83. Discounts
  84. Game Lag Caused Me to Lose Gold :mad:
  85. Constant Crashing and "check connection" error
  86. posting for androids cut to 1 short sentence
  87. "Invisible" gold dragon?
  88. Constant crashing
  89. Advertisement of other games on iOS doesn't show any reward?
  90. DS cannot detect internet connection
  91. Did not get Valentine Event
  92. Did not receive mystery box item from trading
  93. 100 gold stollen by bugs & bugs wont let me visit! I'm so upset I might quit!!
  94. Two lovebirds
  95. World Event Not Show Up on Android
  96. Can't sign into second account
  97. Playing with dragons & gifts
  98. No More Notifications!
  99. Error with gifting
  100. Buying special pack error
  101. Can't explore islands?
  102. pop ups
  103. Battle Round Crash Out.
  104. Boosted Breed Error
  105. No new quests for gold from other games?
  106. Can't login to other gadget?
  107. Breeding Glitch! Can only breed fire dragons!
  108. Where is the "change name" option?
  109. Negative coins on habitats
  110. DS just ate 3 of my bombs...
  111. Apples Not Adding Up
  112. Quest Outpost issue
  113. Stable Glitch/moving dragons
  114. Game shuts down when I try to sell drago
  115. Magic n Forest = Fire?????
  116. Quest outpost
  117. Trading Snowman Dragon
  118. Glitch on current tournament!
  119. Problem moving dragons
  120. Can't go on quests
  121. Unable to buy gold
  122. Dragon glitch
  123. spring world event
  124. Lost Flower Fountain
  125. no spin the wheel......
  126. Lost my Ladybug Dragon
  127. Given incorrect dragon after purchase
  128. Spring Meadow not generating coin on kindle
  129. Gold
  130. farms gone after update
  131. Waterfall Dragon
  132. Gold collection from habitats
  133. constant pop up not allowing me to play at all
  134. Hey TL I just got cheated!!
  135. Quest Outpost
  136. i lost my tournament dragon!!! :(
  137. New version of Android shortens the amount of text you can input on messages?
  138. Not able to gift three gold per day
  139. Whats happened to my mine!!
  140. Rainbow Sentinel not in Spell Shop (Android)
  141. Quest Post only gives food
  142. Rainbow Sentinel Dragon expired crafting bug.
  143. DS will no longer connect!?
  144. Mine crashes constantly!
  145. New update causing crashing
  146. Poor Suppot
  147. Arctic Isle Hatching glitch with new update
  148. Okay, I definitely can't get in anymore
  149. Zooming in and out changed
  150. Didn't get the package I paid for
  151. Dragon story
  152. Making food tab freezing - cant start the food
  153. Bug Report - Market Database Mapping Issue
  154. can't get into dragons.....
  155. In App Purchases
  156. Leveling up Goldwing
  157. reverted back to level 1.....
  158. game spent 100 gold I did not intend please help :-)
  159. Temple of Olympus Glitch
  160. My Stainglas not showing up in Battle Arena list to pick.
  161. Breeding Den "Limit Reached!"
  162. "Your order was declined bc it was considered high risk"
  163. In App Purchase is missing.
  164. Arctic Isles - Fire Mill - Odd Message
  165. Ghost Island please help
  166. Battle Arena
  167. Missing 100 gold
  168. Anyone else's stuff disappear after the update?
  169. Dragons wont open anymore
  170. gold missing
  171. In-Game Drama Player
  172. Is it Breedable or Non-Breedable? Game and Websites are saying different things.
  173. No Gold
  174. cant transfer
  175. Transferring Accounts
  176. 怎麼用舊帳號登入新手機
  177. No Bubblegum Dragon
  178. Unable to Remove 'Some' Neighbors
  179. Trading Portal
  180. Can we get a response from TL on Gold Traps and where they stand on the issue?
  181. Night Elf Dragon Stuck
  182. Fixed No Candy Apple Tree
  183. Help! Breeding and other problems.....
  184. Sugar Summit Habitat
  185. New update crashing and now I have lost loads of gold !
  186. Dragon gallery, 3yrs anniversary & Arctic isles
  187. Constant Crashing
  188. Arctic Isles issue
  189. May flowers
  190. Gold Gifts dissapearing
  191. Missing Sorceress dragon
  192. Loading issues
  193. Please increase the treasure habitat :D
  194. Please help, just bought gold for new treasure dragon and can't put in storage
  195. Issue with dragon tales
  196. Fixed habitat upgrade question?
  197. Battle arena challenge
  198. Missing White Magic Dragon
  199. Missing dragon and storm doesn't care
  200. All my gold dragons are missing
  201. Can't open either account- no internet connection
  202. Purchasing gold, coins, apples and dragons but getting nothing
  203. Large Farm Issue(?)
  204. Dragon Story using up too much storage on my phone - advice please?
  205. missing storage
  206. I have problems in my account....
  207. Dragon stuck in breeding state
  208. Atlas is a super rare dragon, but only trades for small gems
  209. Freezeing
  210. Dragon Story Pool Party Internet Issue
  211. New update same problem
  212. Battles
  213. Goal problem( Sweet as Honey)
  214. URGENT: Limited Time Tournament Problem
  215. issues
  216. No longer receiving 250 coin bonus per visit
  217. Finished tournament cannot battle now!!!!!!
  218. Bugs won't let me finish the last round even with a ultimate
  219. experience problem
  220. Breeding
  221. TL are you going to extend the limited time tournament?
  222. can not enter battle arena
  223. My gold is gone!!
  224. Community Prize Skyserfer Dragon
  225. Dragon Story
  226. wheel woes
  227. Community prize windsurfer dissappeared
  228. Lost my Malachite Dragon in Dragon Story because of a glich in the game.
  229. Gold Missing
  230. Notes don't show
  231. Not compatible
  232. The game stole my process
  233. Battle arena duplicate battles
  234. my island is under flood attack
  235. Bred for Gold dragon, and got Infinity
  236. Won 2 dragons on wheel ripped me off
  237. Wheel issues, not spinning
  238. Water dragon, 14 hours
  239. Battle Arena "rules" change during Tournaments/Events
  240. account transfer and support problem
  241. Expansion maps/Venetian mask issue
  242. Game not loading on IPhone
  243. Downloaded slots but received no gold
  244. Celestial-Based Dragons, Flying Animation
  245. Dragon stuck in breeding state
  246. Battle Arena not appearing at Level 30 on Kindle
  247. Arena is a building site and I can't battle.
  248. The Time of Dragons - Bug Report
  249. The Times of Dragons
  250. Diamond dragon stuck in breeding