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  1. dragon story
  2. game stold 200 gold
  3. bought white chocolate dragon accidentally
  4. My island got bugs Help please
  5. Cannot connect to the server from mainland China
  6. Breeding jewel dragons
  7. 'Ghosting'
  8. Purchased Blue Moon Unintentionally
  9. No loot wheel
  10. Missing Habitats
  11. Open Issue Bug when finish Trading
  12. Can't get in the Arctic Isles! Please help!
  13. Fading
  14. Changed to new phone, same account on both.
  15. Posts cutting off
  16. Stock whit Unicorn, even when turning is over!
  17. Urgent advice needed to solve social problem
  18. Facebook connect?
  19. When does the daily bonus post to my account?
  20. Zoom out?
  21. No icon fof free gold
  22. 4 Diamond-hybrids in a row
  23. Dragon Story: New Dawn
  24. Arctic Isles Breeding Glitch?
  25. Arctic Isles breeding glitch
  26. Ice Age dragon + Expand
  27. DO NOT purchase the 2nd breeding den in the Arctic Isles!
  28. Answered Quest Outpost/Venture to the Volcano bug?
  29. Answered Battle Arena
  30. Answered Older iPad eats bombs
  31. Accidently traded my "Black Knight" dragon due to lag - HELP?
  32. Dragon on breeding list is stuck
  33. Unable to buy gold
  34. The Laggy Dog
  35. Habitats for New Dragons
  36. Fixed My Quest Outpost Is Frozen
  37. Upgraded red rock
  38. Wrong translation in all Chinese version games!
  39. Gold Gifts Keep Disappearing
  40. Lost GOLD Halp please
  41. Running out of space on my dragon island for habitats
  42. dragon glitch
  43. Connectivity problems
  44. Sold accidentally my Cosmic Egg
  45. Popups not working again
  46. Free boosted breed used gold
  47. My Mummy dragon has left the island!
  48. Answered The habitat is not visible
  49. Game crashing all the time
  50. Dragon Story - unable to buy value pack "Black Knight Dragon"
  51. Fixed Battle arena frozen
  52. Sparkles on my island won't go away
  53. Answered Couple bugs?
  54. A bug in the Article Isle
  55. Answered Dragon Vanashed
  56. Open Issue Lose accumulated money on habitat when I send the dragons to breed
  57. Collecting issue!!
  58. Fixed Wrong Island
  59. Album completion award dragons lost because I had egg on nest!
  60. Answered Where is the Breeding Den?
  61. can only gift 3 neighbors a day?
  62. Latest Update: Sparkles left by visitors can't be cleared just by one tab anymore
  63. Answered World event - circus
  64. Answered Support not responding, urgent
  65. Answered Most of my gold is gone
  66. Answered World event circus - ticket booth
  67. Fixed games on my ipad are back to square one?? dragon story, farm story.. etc.. HELP
  68. Answered Bought gold and can't get it
  69. !! PLEASE HELP!! Dragons Stuck, Gold Disappeared
  70. I think I am missing my three ring circus!
  71. While battling Wisp My Battle Tournament RESTARTED!!! ROBBED!!
  72. Answered Timelimit battles
  73. Tickets for Quests - No tickets???
  74. Answered Purchased package w dragon-125 tickets and food but didn't get tickets
  75. Did the Community not get the Acrobat dragon?
  76. Answered Dragon story storm8 id
  77. Moderator help me please :(?
  78. Answered Ticket event
  79. [Android Dragon Crash] Dragon Story in android not enter! help!
  80. cant open game
  81. lvl 55 and dont have the battle arena?
  82. I can't battel Bronzetalon dragon
  83. Unable to Trade Level 4 Rainbow Dragon
  84. Cant put my poor gilded in my island
  85. 3 farms disappeared
  86. No gold added
  87. Answered Apps crashing only with big land (iOS)
  88. items
  89. Can't collect sparkles
  90. Lost Free Spin on Wheel
  91. Problem with Healing Spring
  92. Answered New update: Lag when visiting
  93. Constantly crashing
  94. A little concerned
  95. My wife got 99 hibiscus...
  96. Is wheel rigged?
  97. Breeding den problem
  98. New iPhone
  99. Battle Arena bug
  100. android crashing
  101. bought light dragon habit. lost when placing.
  102. Answered Ios buildings left on android
  103. Answered Lost my battle Tournament ??
  104. Isle sync glitch.
  105. Facebook connect problems
  106. Arctic Isle - ice age alcove sparkle glitch
  107. No expand sign
  108. Lost my white magic dragon
  109. Cannot place royal dragon in the stone quarry that I've bought
  110. Mine not resetting
  111. Quest to DL candy mania world games, says game is no longer avail
  112. No Bombs from Elevation Temple (iOS)
  113. community celebration
  114. Unlocked Germany dragon and it's a clockwork
  115. Lost soccerballs
  116. Problems with Bingo
  117. Lost dragon
  118. Fixed Soccer Habitat deleted by mistake
  119. Answered Lost gold
  120. Facebook can't connect
  121. Forum very slow
  122. Answered Won SOCCER FIELD but it isn't in storage
  123. No Red Dawn quest reward
  124. Cant see all of my islands
  125. Fixed Building Question
  126. Answered Missing everything! Bug! Help please!
  127. moving habitats
  128. Answered Didn't get to spin today
  129. Answered cant buy buldings
  130. Answered Lost my game
  131. incomplete neighbor list
  132. Answered Gold habitat timer resets when adding 2nd dragon
  133. Answered World event Olympus habits error
  134. Answered Gem loss on Olympic page
  135. Open Issue Ice age Alcove
  136. Answered In game purchase gold issue
  137. Answered Bonus buildings not giving bonus
  138. Answered Daily Coin Bonus Reset to Day 1
  139. Answered Extra Olympus Shrine Habitat Not Unlocked
  140. account has gone and can't access any more
  141. Answered Can't breed with any Olympus dragons and it's been many days since I've had them.
  142. Answered World of Olympus showing late
  143. Problem with Stain Glass Dragon
  144. Answered Missed Aphrodite dragon due to reset
  145. Fixed Newly Hatched Dragon Needs Healing?
  146. Answered Purchased Temple of Olympus Habitat, received Shrine of Olympus instead
  147. Accidentally Sold Poseidon :(
  148. Guardian Dragon disappeared
  149. Evolving Mercury - Can't take out of temple
  150. Missed Poseidon dragon due to crash
  151. Issue buying gold!
  152. BATTLE ARENA - can NEVER win the dragon
  153. Answered Help!
  154. Help - new iPad Air - Lost My Games
  155. Answered Dragon story crashed before spin completed!
  156. Unintentionally bought an unneeded dragon
  157. Cupcake Mania Quest
  158. Help I have my Neigbohr blocked!!!!
  159. Answered Buildings
  160. Answered Can't create S8 ID
  161. Fuul version for Android
  162. Lost 16 stars. Ok... I lost 16 stars
  163. Fixed Can't see iOS features on Android anymore (+ dragons disappeared)
  164. Mine Crashing Purposely?
  165. Bug in my game
  166. Answered Breeding still says "200 coins" for. Boosted Breeding
  167. Answered Cupcake Mania
  168. Answered Battle Arena: Dragon Switching
  169. Answered Battle Area/Grounds
  170. Answered Deal or no deal
  171. Answered Mine for Dragons-Gargoyle
  172. Did not receive dynamite from breeding
  173. cupcake mania has reset to level 1
  174. Answered No battlegrounds
  175. Why don't I get deals
  176. Answered Glowing Starfield Disappeared!?!
  177. Answered Stardust dragon
  178. Answered Mine Crashes, Lose all treasures & bomb
  179. Answered Can't buy gold
  180. Fixed May Dragon Goal Glitch
  181. Answered Is this a bug?
  182. Answered Breeding Den
  183. Answered No bombs for evolving Mercury
  184. egg does not recognize new habitat.
  185. Fixed Cannot store rocket ship
  186. Fixed More land?
  187. took my money from my bank account but did not give me my gold
  188. Answered Mine issues
  189. Answered Help something wrong, I get with Artemis / Hermes only 8 hours breeding time!!!!!!!!!
  190. How to expand the island further?
  191. Quest for Gold
  192. LG G3 - Dragon Story
  193. Answered The wrong spend gold COINS can be returned?
  194. Missing rewards
  195. Flower dragon
  196. Boosted breeding
  197. Tournament prize not in storage
  198. Answered Unable to make purchase
  199. Answered Japanese Fan Collection Problems
  200. Gold purchase will not download!
  201. Answered without connection iOS8 in the game Dragon Story
  202. Answered Help lost gold
  203. Reloading glitch with Steel Samurai Dragon World Event URGENT!
  204. Issue with the store
  205. Android vs IOS
  206. Unable to breed any dragons
  207. Lost Gold in the Gifts Feed
  208. New spin to win immediately crashing iOS
  209. Can't store silver bonsai
  210. Maja5457
  211. Problem with Wheel of Fortune
  212. Not enough space on islands for maximum habitats
  213. Team Lava burrying all android IOS parity discussions
  214. Fixed Depth Shooter goal issue
  215. New phone
  216. Answered Hello I can not buy gold!
  217. Fixed Arctic World breeding error
  218. Help: Abominable Dragon dissapeared after hatching
  219. please return gold
  220. Help my game gone
  221. Techanical help please
  222. After installing new Halloween DS continuos goal completion pop-ups when doing visits
  223. Messages being cut off
  224. Ancestor Battle Tournament Bug
  225. Dragon story hallowen stable
  226. Answered no breading den
  227. Game repeatedly won't connect even tho I'm online!!!
  228. Help!! Loosing all the data when trying to move DS to my new phone! :(
  229. Game keeps crashing
  230. And suddenly less gold...
  231. Open Issue Halloween Event Community Prize Missing
  232. Geode Dragon Issue
  233. Game lag
  234. Answered Social rating stuck
  235. Missing food
  236. Bakery Story reward issue
  237. Answered Why is there no tournament how can I get all the points
  238. Dragons Stuck in Stable
  239. Severe Android Crashing
  240. Hallowe'en crashes can buy premium habitats
  241. Latest update can't zoom out
  242. Battle Tournament issues
  243. Problem with account
  244. New Dragon Story Winter (android)
  245. Answered Sold dragons removed from album
  246. Answered Minor glitch with goals
  247. Unclearable land
  248. Answered Dragon Story upgrade 1.9.7
  249. Urgent Coin/Habitat Issue
  250. Answered Pumpkin dragon glitch