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  1. pop ups
  2. No Food from Farms
  3. How do I transfer existing game to new tablet?
  4. coins per hour incorrect
  5. Coins Disappearing
  6. Question about new dragon summoning goals in DS Halloween
  7. Dragon Album
  8. Can't get "Arctic Isles" dragons to compete in Battle Arena
  9. Halloween contest is not crediting
  10. No falling leaf
  11. Ice age eggs
  12. can't gift gold
  13. Battle with Ice Age Dragons
  14. Have you lost all your Summoning Candies/Hats/Pumkins?
  15. Item cannot be moved
  16. Battle Arena Wraith Glitch
  17. How to log in to Dragon Story?
  18. :mad: Quetzal that never dies
  19. Can't open dragon story! Help!
  20. payment issue
  21. Gold disappeared!
  22. Infinity not showing up in the breeding list
  23. daily gifts
  24. Reinstalling on the same phone.
  25. Gemstone Quest?
  26. Candy Corn?
  27. No daily bonuses?
  28. Treasure Dragon Gold Traps
  29. Missing over half of my gold?
  30. I can't get the gemstone dragon
  31. dragon summoning: different totals
  32. Soon transferring from.Android to iOS
  33. Android/iOS
  34. Anyone else experiencing severe slowness ?
  35. losing coins
  36. Dragon summoning timer ended too early
  37. Miss habitat
  38. Lost gold
  39. Stolen gold after Maintainance
  40. Help! Stuck in Arctic Isle :(
  41. My fruitful dragon is missing
  42. i cant give gifts
  43. Mismatched Breeding
  44. Constantly Force Closing
  45. Game Issues - Crashing and Extreme Lag
  46. Ds loads someone elses island
  47. Is Dragon Story down??
  48. Dragon Story problem - Samsung Galaxy S4
  49. Game does not work
  50. Dragon Story - Game Down 11-16-13
  51. didn't get my gold
  52. Reinstalled Dragon Story, lost all my progress
  53. Been waiting over a MONTH to get my progress transferred!
  54. Game Booster Issue
  55. galaxy note i dont have all options
  56. Island is gone :-(
  57. Missing Gold
  58. Late notifications
  59. please help me i lost my id after restored my iphone
  60. no mission to win gold
  61. Why is my game crashing
  62. Blizzard dragon's bugged? no other breeding outcome for 3 weeks!
  63. Answered No Access to Own Wall While Visiting Neighbors
  64. Not Recieving harvesting credit during dragon summoning
  65. Trees won't clear
  66. Verifying battle arena issue
  67. New dragon summoning...here then gone...goals still there?!?
  68. Won Paladin but No Egg
  69. Strange evolution time?
  70. Gold Purchase Problem
  71. Dragon healing gone wrong.
  72. Not receiving quest credit for dragon summing.
  73. Green waterfall in new update?
  74. It's mathematically impossible to get enough items from summoning
  75. Dragon story lagging?
  76. Dragon Album, crafting, collosseum, missing... HELP
  77. Sapphire dragon goal keeps popping up every 10 secs
  78. Dragon Story Not Recognizing Internet Connection
  79. Ice age for Android or Windows available?
  80. Game not loading
  81. Dragon story will not load.
  82. building is invisible
  83. Arctic Isle dragons marked as breeding forever
  84. Glitch with Premium Habitat Upgrade Sale
  85. Wrong habitat delivered.
  86. Why is it so hard to move habitats?
  87. Dragon summoning task came up yesterday and only 3 days left to complete it
  88. Um.. SERIOUS glitch over here.. O_o
  89. egg added to the nest and 380 gold taken by mistake, how to go back?
  90. Dragon Summoning not giving bolts, gears, or links?
  91. My amethyst dragon won't hatch
  92. I did not receive free gold in thanksgiving day version
  93. Help please - someone other is playing with my account ???!!!!
  94. discontinue game
  95. I have not been getting chains from hatching.
  96. Trading post glitch
  97. Dragon Story Connection Problem
  98. Habitat Increase, More space, and Outpost Problem!
  99. i'm a GIRL and i cant change my picture
  100. Tournament Battle arena has impossible odds
  101. Boost breed
  102. Inappropriate word(s) used
  103. code mess
  104. Purchased gold not appearing, please help.
  105. Game keeps crashing
  106. Unable to level up
  107. No extra buildings apear in my market, what am I doing wrong??
  108. Dragon at level 12?
  109. Did not get reward in games for goal Bingo lvl 25
  110. Cannot collect reward for Fruit Splash
  111. no gold reward in Match dots
  112. mystic maps
  113. Habitats show as full
  114. I can't get out of Arctic Isles
  115. Problem with gold
  116. My Game Disappeared!!!
  117. Issue Purchasing Value Pack
  118. New tournament frozen - Please help!
  119. My game is gone
  120. New update mine not available
  121. I got a new phone and now my game is gone
  122. Rewards for installing other TL games...
  123. stuck at level 83
  124. Collected Food on the Arctic Ilses does not add to the total amount of Food!
  125. To slow to move on big islands when visiting neighbours.
  126. no gold for reaching level
  127. Breeding is slow
  128. elite chives and other crops disappear
  129. I can't get Quetzal
  130. No SALES at all for more than 1 month
  131. My green water fall is gone:(
  132. Can I log into my account from the game?
  133. Can't log on for hours
  134. Trading gives no mystery boxes
  135. how do i get arena? i am at level 32 and still don't have it.
  136. PLEASE can anyone tell me what will and what WILL NOT work on an android device????
  137. Android parity discussion [Part 4]
  138. Logging into a Different Account
  139. Internet Glitch Stole My Gold!
  140. Recovery of Storm8 ID -
  141. force close ...unble to shrink/minimize
  142. Lost my gilded dragon
  143. Different Games Loading Onto New Tablet
  144. Trading Portal gave a small quartz for a Virtue Dragon
  145. Game reloaded and now have a lost dragon :(
  146. princehussain
  147. Level 11 Island but cannot buy Trading Portal
  148. game keeps on reseting
  149. Battle Arena Shows Bubble Dragon but when I hit battle I get a DIFFERENT dragon
  150. Missing flower egg
  151. Give back my pop up announcements!!!
  152. Minor expansion trouble
  153. Questing
  154. Special Offer Mixup AGAIN
  155. I bought a package, but no money,please solve this bug.
  156. Emergency! Dragon Story restarted itself
  157. Odds of breeding new dragons has lowered significantly
  158. Polar Hatchery bleed through. New feature or bug?
  159. friends
  160. Can't rotate Throne Room
  161. Issues and closing down.
  162. Ok, I know I'm being a pest, but...
  163. Game is level 43 but nothing new since day 1.
  164. Mystery Crimes goal timer NOT going down
  165. My Game Is gone!
  166. dragon story vs dragon story xmas
  167. Falling Leaf Tournament timer broken
  168. Problem with Gilded dragon
  169. Answered Neighbors being removed by Account or made Invisible: Help!
  170. Answered Team Lava games don't run properly on my iPhone
  171. Answered Getting a new phone - will need to transfer the game
  172. Answered missing dragons and habitats (storm8 id Luciaan)
  173. Answered Level 95 player-game reset to level 1
  174. Answered Really annoyed
  175. Answered 请帮我解决我的id问题
  176. Answered Ds will not work properly on HTC evo 4g
  177. 请看懂我的问题再回答我,不要乱回答。请帮我解决我的id问题
  178. No Summoning???
  179. Answered Dragon quest problem!
  180. Open Issue Dragon story valentines
  181. please help its complicated
  182. Gold buying options not showing, or the 3 day value pack
  183. Gold Purchased but it doesnt appear
  184. Fixed Dragons stuck in breeding state
  185. Answered Ipad mini
  186. Answered Fire crucible is stuck
  187. Answered Invisible mine
  188. Answered Game progess gone
  189. Fixed Ice Age Dagon egg cannot be hatched
  190. Answered Why Can't I Take a Photo Anymore?
  191. Game crashed and my gold was gone!!
  192. Answered Rewards For Hatching Eggs Not Given
  193. Open Issue Arctic Isles Glitch?
  194. Battle result removed
  195. Answered Expand
  196. My summoning has disappeared!!
  197. Answered Huge Problem!!
  198. No missions!
  199. Fixed Beta Mining Expansion Disappeared!
  200. Bomb reward not being given with breeding in beta game anymore
  201. New device
  202. pet story carnival
  203. Survey not working
  204. Missing trading post quest - level 26 and have never had quest
  205. Answered Game crashes when visiting neighbours and community members
  206. Knight Dragon
  207. Answered Can they have both have an account on 1 device?
  208. Answered My game keeps crashing on Iphone 4S since last habitat upgrade
  209. Someone else account
  210. on the kindle
  211. Fixed Bladewing Showing up in Android Market ?
  212. Expansion problem
  213. new device - Game-level reset
  214. Can't access to DS
  215. bug dragon diamond in the mine.
  216. No reward from Rex for playing Castle Story
  217. Need help on old account
  218. Not receiving gifts of gold
  219. Food in the mine not registering properly
  220. Dragon Story forced close
  221. Missing 100 items in the new event
  222. Hidden Oasis Missing
  223. Answered Two "Robot Monuments"
  224. Lots if pyramids
  225. Dragon Story won't connect to internet
  226. Sudden removal of templar dragon in the game
  227. help! pink island disappeared.
  228. Can't clear a patch
  229. Answered Lotus Dragon disappeared!
  230. Transfer from iPhone to Android... cannot remove items
  231. combine 2 accounts?
  232. Answered I lost 800 gold please help
  233. Mummy dragon disappeared!
  234. Abominable Dragon Gone...
  235. Missing sphinx statute
  236. My Arctic Isle is messed up?
  237. Dragons story_breeding & quests
  238. Answered Breeding issues
  239. Cannot buy gold
  240. Why didn't I get the sphinx dragon
  241. Fixed Missing dragons since 03/20/14 and now strange things are happening on Arctic island
  242. Can't access the mine
  243. I have a problem with the bombs
  244. Fixed Small Mining Bug
  245. Can't upgrade farm
  246. Can't find Egypt habitat
  247. DS springtime
  248. level 98 but game has reset to level 1
  249. Am I bugged out or just missing something
  250. order gold