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  1. No gold accumulated from treasure dragon while healing
  2. Feeding Disparity
  3. Pack purchase doesn't download
  4. stain glass dragon
  5. Land expansion issue?
  6. Clearing the entire main island
  7. I want my game back :(
  8. Kindle Fire - can't scroll
  9. Invisibility issues
  10. Market Eggs Go In Nest, Not Storage
  11. Suddenly lost a ton of gold! Did I misclick during a lagspike?
  12. how can i recover my storm id????????????
  13. Annoying bug issue!
  14. I want to reset my game in dragon story I want to start all over for gold
  15. breeding with pink or black dragons
  16. Dragon Story owes me 60 gold and constant crashing
  17. Dragon story problems
  18. Farms displaying "limit reached!"
  19. Game resets after collecting trade
  20. Help! accidental purchase of 65,000 food when screen lag
  21. unfair treatment of Android phones
  22. Infinity Dragon, where'd you go?
  23. eggs colours messed up
  24. Money disappearing before my eyes! Hacked?
  25. negative gold...
  26. Dragon Story Help
  27. Spell Shop
  28. Game stuck!!!
  29. coins suddenly disappeard !!!
  30. Game down
  31. game keeps stopping when I try to visit neighbors. help!
  32. Breeding Den issue?
  33. Gold
  34. Terrible customer service and TL stealing gold
  35. featured items gone/upgrade question
  36. Cant open
  37. big big problem !!!!
  38. Rainbow impossible to play
  39. Finished tournament but no yin yang dragon
  40. Invisible habitats and dragons?!!! =S
  41. Where did my Cosmic goal go????
  42. Accidental Gold Spending :/
  43. Tournament problems
  44. Purchased gold missing.
  45. Finished tournament but no yin yang dragon
  46. Requests for materials and maps not working?
  47. where my Yin Yang!?‏
  48. izeeu
  49. Dragon Story Rainbow trouble
  50. Did not get credit for Samurai Steel & Sword
  51. Quest Outpost Not Showing Up
  52. Lost Habitat
  53. PLZ... Change my STAINGLASS dragon to MIDAS dragon
  54. My dragon egg is just gone
  55. Someone plz help!
  56. Can't interact with my neighborhood
  57. Crafting/Quest Outpost- glitch?
  58. My diamond and forest dragon won't breed any more...
  59. Restart thread-Where's my yin yang?
  60. Disappeared
  61. No Music
  62. Help request submitted but no response
  63. Gibberish?
  64. Breeding issue and Rainbow version issue
  65. Any quest with "Visit XX Nieghbors" resets
  66. Invisible Habitats
  67. Dragon Dead in beginning of the battle!
  68. Missing Habitats after switching from Fairy Tales to Rainbow
  69. Midas dragon bugged?
  70. missing neighbors since Kindle Fire update
  71. Help
  72. Sending Gifts
  73. Dragon Story Issues
  74. planet dragon epic level is invisible
  75. Having Issues with Coins Disappearing
  76. HTC Shift not working out too well..
  77. Mystic maps
  78. new device
  79. Second account
  80. This is crazy, dragon story is too glitchy for me to play
  81. I Can't Accept Friend Request!!??
  82. expansion problem
  83. Can't buy gold
  84. Help Needed: missing spin wheel
  85. Cant find a way to sign into my storm8 account
  86. Gold bug
  87. Totally annoyed with team lava
  88. 1000 gold!
  89. Quests
  90. Multiple Charges
  91. Battles&Leviathan Pearls
  92. Got serpent instead of bee dragon in starter
  93. Please help me
  94. Battle arena tournament Resetting
  95. Lost a win in Battle Tournament
  96. Aritic Isle Problem. Cannot place Egg
  97. Problem Expanding
  98. Other people's tournaments have reset one level too
  99. Can't hatch egg in arctic isle
  100. not-ready-4-prime-time battle tournament messing up
  101. Need Help
  102. My battles reset!
  103. My Bugs
  104. New Dragon Story feeding to evolve rules
  105. Dragon story bug???
  106. DS v1.6 upgrade from Valentine's Edition
  107. Frozen?
  108. Glitchy game and I'm brand new???
  109. Silo problem & Coins disappearing
  110. Game keeps randomly resetting and stealing my coins!
  111. Treasure Dragon lv10 -4gold?!
  112. Dragon Story Rainbow edition..gifts from friends?
  113. Why is there no fairytale forest in the market?
  114. Fairytale habitat
  115. Can't find or buy buildings
  116. artic isle habitat count
  117. can't install tropics
  118. Game jumps out back to my menu whilst playing
  119. Unintentional purchases very upsetting!
  120. Log in issues
  121. Cant Collect Lakeside Castle from Spell shop
  122. Latest Quests Disappeared 2-3 updates
  123. Dragon Story Gold
  124. My account got reset to Level 1
  125. HELP!! My games keeps restarting!
  126. Music keeps restarting upon screen change
  127. old Nexus 7 and new Nexus 7 (2013) problems zooming out, panning
  128. Habitats disappeared in tropic version
  129. Stuck Decoration
  130. Crashing non-stop
  131. Expensive Trees
  132. Coins instead of Quest Outpost items
  133. new dragon
  134. Can't make in-app purchase.
  135. Is there a Map Bug? Two problems
  136. Trading Portal glitch
  137. breeding question
  138. Misclick due to screen lagging
  139. Expansion problem.
  140. Dragons not leaving Breeding den
  141. trading portal and spell shop on android
  142. Dragon jumping out of quest.
  143. TL ! I need help.
  144. can't breed Shell Dragon!!!! :-(
  145. Cannot visit friends, many problems, and crashes, iphone 3gs
  146. 30,000 coins to travel to the Arctic!!
  147. mystic maps
  148. game was reset
  149. Stuck In Arctic Isles
  150. word search cannot install
  151. Cannot install diamond blast
  152. Treasure Trove removed while my Midas eggs were on my nests. Dragon Story
  153. Lost items
  154. Corrupted Game
  155. what IOS device?
  156. Treasure Terrace Habitat - not more to buy in the market ?
  157. Dragons leaving their Own habitats
  158. Quest outpost issue
  159. Updating to Dragon Story;Tropics
  160. Bought dragon!!
  161. Expensive habitat!
  162. Game always force-closes
  163. One tiny spot blocked by the arctic ship
  164. Did NOT get Ethereal Dragon
  165. Game popup stole my gold!
  166. Problem in the artic
  167. Breeding Night Dragons
  168. Can't buy gold
  169. Gold disappeared overnight with nothing 'purchased'
  170. Missing "crafting" buildings
  171. Dragon Story Lost
  172. Treasure Terrace and Gift That Keeps on Giving Goal
  173. I can't send gold AND expansion problem
  174. getting kicked out of the game
  175. My game was erased please help!!!
  176. The goal for the Kingdom Clash quest disappeared from my phone but is still on wife's
  177. I need help!There is a question in my game!
  178. Dragon story (teamlava)
  179. A Romantic Crash
  180. Gold issue
  181. Not Receiving Gold from Neighbors
  182. iTunes password loop
  183. Beginning tutorial and all island goals gone
  184. Strange... Forestfire and Mistmoth back?!
  185. Lost my game!!!
  186. Undo Gold for Coin Purchase
  187. Arctic Blues
  188. Support response too long
  189. Had to wipe my tablet and LOST MY DRAGONS!!
  190. clockwork dragon offer
  191. Paid money in iTunes for starter pack... No starter pack in game...
  192. My breeding Ninja Egg Disappeared !! Why !!
  193. Dragon Story and my HTC Evo Shift
  194. Neighbors can't visit me?
  195. Problems with ''Free Gold'' (all Team Lava Games btw)
  196. Gold missing.
  197. Battle Balance, way off
  198. Value Pack not a Value
  199. Can't Zoom Out - Kindle Fire-HD
  200. Ninja Battle Crash!
  201. Mystic Maps Missing From Storage After Game Update
  202. Dragon story help
  203. Confirmed purchase of ultra rare and got instead rare and took my gold
  204. My Internet connection is fine
  205. Collecting leaf challenge
  206. Leaves from harvesting food (issue)
  207. Dragon Jam! :(
  208. Falling leaf beta test bugs
  209. Game Glitch (Android)
  210. Not new advises
  211. Dragon summoning event
  212. Can't Make Purchases
  213. Can U play 1st on Android tablet, then play on Android phone in the same day/hour..?
  214. Lost My Netherdust!
  215. Upgraded to OS7, all progress lost!
  216. mysterious loss of large amounts of coin
  217. Evolving dragons
  218. I need help, my gold was taken!
  219. Cannot Accept Friends Request
  220. Android Request.
  221. can not send gold to friends
  222. What is going on with my game?
  223. Habitat for the new tournament dragon?
  224. what the heck
  225. Timer not counting down on expansion
  226. Cannot send/receive gold? And continuously sending b-day party invites.
  227. breeding a gemstone and a diamond is impossible
  228. Keeps force closing
  229. Dragon story shutting down
  230. New Phone
  231. Why can't Equinox Dragon be a parent?
  232. DS no longer showing up in shortcut list
  233. Certain things won't appear on my island...
  234. Item hidden behind the Arctic Airship! ARGH!
  235. Game problems. Please help.
  236. i am not getting new game pop up like reaturant story fall on my android tablet
  237. cant go to corner of the screen
  238. Halloween Dragon Story Goal?!
  239. Bug found with the new Spirit Scythe
  240. Glitch getting new tournament
  241. Apple ID Sign-In Everytime I Open DS >.<
  242. Valkyrie Goal Not Removed After Tournament Ends
  243. Received Valkyrie Tournament, not showing up in Batle Arena
  244. Goal gone before the time was up
  245. Halloween Dragon Story Missing Dragons and Habitats
  246. Can't login into my account
  247. Missing free gold icon
  248. Installing Help!
  249. I left a bad review and now my neighbors/friends can't play with my dragons...
  250. Kindle Fire HDX Trouble Navigating Island