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  1. Please Help
  2. Trading Portal doesn't work
  3. Problem
  4. Cost of feeding
  5. Valentine edition apple id login prompts
  6. Reset account
  7. Can't scroll/navigate properly in Valentine's
  8. Where for art thou, Gold?
  9. Darkness dragon
  10. The cost and times
  11. Dragon story valentine
  12. old guy missing.
  13. Suggestion: Can TeamLava make the Main Menu accessible everywhere (besides Home)?
  14. Spell shop and Dragon Portal
  15. Breeding problems
  16. Dragon did not evolve
  17. Missing Dragon
  18. missing Items
  19. The incredible disappearing farm
  20. Large Amethysts??
  21. Spent 10 gold bars to BUY ALL expansion. But I only got a patch. Is that right?
  22. Evolving Glitch with Pink Dragons
  23. Habitat Upgrade Issue
  24. Iphone 5
  25. [BUG] To much food
  26. Gold Issues
  27. [feedback][android]topaz dragon gold sweepstakes, not happy!!!
  28. Can't use crafted dragons for breeding
  29. feedback: I DON'T need reminders every 10 minutes!!!
  30. Can't trade extra dragons
  31. Android to iPhone
  32. Canceling an accidental purchase
  33. One small suggestion
  34. lost gold because of internet troubles but internet is fine
  35. passion pit bug
  36. Screen locked on sky bug
  37. [Suggestion] Make unlocked areas a decoration option
  38. No Pink Habitat for Pink Dragon - NEED ASSISTANCE
  39. Missing New Dawn content
  40. Lost progress and coins
  41. Dark Dragons....
  42. I cant play anymore :( my game is frozen
  43. Game crashing
  44. Dragon story valentine day
  45. new elements..? And what about habitats?!
  46. Language
  47. bubble mania challenge
  48. Issue with Big Black Sands Habitat
  49. Expansion impossible
  50. problems with gifting
  51. Who comes up with the list of "inappropriate words"
  52. game glitched
  53. Frequent Crashes on Motorola Droid Razr Maxx - RESOLVED
  54. Converting Coins into Gold Bars
  55. dragoncrashes
  56. no coins for day
  57. help
  58. Expansion Annoyance
  59. Album Reward Lost
  60. Album Glitch
  61. Evolve and trade scrollable lists gone since update
  62. Lost Gold
  63. Can't breed my infinity dragon
  64. Suggestion : seeing neighbours dragons
  65. How to dismiss friend requests
  66. gold buying
  67. feel unhappy with the Language
  68. Max level allignment
  69. I need a refund of my gold
  70. Area Expansion bug?
  71. Lucky Dragon
  72. TL, we need your help..
  73. I love the game but...
  74. Daily Bonus Coins Not Being Added
  75. Can I delete data in one without the other
  76. Need confirm button on all purchases
  77. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Visiting issues
  78. Trouble breeding infinity dragon
  79. Spell Shop Disappears
  80. Spell shop disappears
  81. quest outpost building not showing up
  82. Can't you get the rose archway back?
  83. Gold went missing !!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Android-IOS visiting problem
  85. Building a Spell Shop
  86. Edit neighbors
  87. Why people are quiting.
  88. exchange for cash?
  89. Expanding BUGS
  90. Missing Dragon
  91. help game stops me visiting
  92. Missing Goals
  93. what happened to my goals??
  94. Unable to connect to internet
  95. Kindle Fire Users. Having Dragon Story crashing issues? Please speak up here.
  96. Dragon story android vs IOS need advise
  97. bug!help!
  98. Feedback - Ever thought about merchandise?
  99. [Bug] Dragon Story Easter not compatible with HTC Desire S (Android 2.3.5)
  100. BUG: Neighbours and gifting
  101. No Portals
  102. Account Transfer/ Teamlava TROLL?
  103. Cannot Install/Update Dragon Story, Dragon Story Easter
  104. Bugs I have found in 10 days of playing
  105. Lost gold.
  106. Dragon Story: Easter is not rendering dragons
  107. Mistmoth Dragon.
  108. Lost my album gift
  109. Nests full, dragon goes to storage?!
  110. please fix and add to the game thank you
  111. Game crash when visiting specific neighbor
  112. Not getting contest pop ups
  113. Don't have the Mask Dragon goal...
  114. Mistakes
  115. I had an error with the expan tool...
  116. I had an error with the expand tool...
  117. Dragonstory sending gifts problem
  118. Newbie Question! Expansion glitch?
  119. Help with buildings!!!
  120. Gold
  121. Storm Dragon did not appear in nest after claiming from album
  122. Game crashes all the time
  123. Android
  124. iOS to Android force closing the game
  125. More food and coins for gold?
  126. Bug about reward
  127. blue background
  128. Boost Breeding Glitch??
  129. [iOS] album still coming soon?
  130. Help please
  131. Pearl Dragon
  132. Missing chcolate dragon from dragon album
  133. Some game issues
  134. Where is my gold!?!?
  135. I never receive gold gift. ....
  136. Possible writing mistake
  137. changed operating systems, now I have a problem....
  138. Map requests not being sent.
  139. Decor
  140. Missing purchased gold?
  141. I have problem to give Gold at Dragon Story (Android version)
  142. Quest post and limited dragons!
  143. Easter Andriod ver
  144. Dragon stable glitch!
  145. unexpandable areas
  146. Market Tabs Missing
  147. Why am I the only one ?!
  148. Android freezing
  149. Gone dragons :(
  150. Bug with Gold prices for Coins and Food?
  151. please help with buying a large farm
  152. why can i not upgrade my farm
  153. Can't run Dragon Story Spring, Easter, and New Dawn
  154. Old reward pop-ups keep poping up?
  155. Most of the dragon Quests are gone: Gold, Map, Food, Gem! Is it just me?
  156. Quest options disappeared
  157. Genie Dragon could not display
  158. hatching and breeding times messed up
  159. Crashing, crashing and more crashing
  160. Quetzal and Mistmooth
  161. Why can't I breed a Dark Angel?
  162. Dragon story on the kindle fire
  163. Music Resets
  164. Four leaf missing from market
  165. Trading Portal Issue
  166. Goal Problem
  167. Problem with food buying
  168. experience bar not showing progress
  169. Dragon Story Gold Sending Problem!
  170. Spending gold, but I didn't want to.
  171. Cant seem to Breed Diamond Dragon even with Diamond Temple
  172. Another gold sending problem!
  173. Dragon story no longer opens, crashes
  174. problem with breeding night dragon
  175. Cannot move buildings to newly cleared land.
  176. Help Please!!!
  177. connection problem?
  178. New phone, can Storm ID be transfered?
  179. WILL NOT LET ME ACCEPT GOLD It's always something
  180. DS not starting any more
  181. Unable to clear a spot of land
  182. Trouble with Dragon Stable
  183. hi about maps
  184. Samurai dragon goal
  185. Battle Arena beta testing minor problems
  186. DS not Loading
  187. Can't upgrade a farm - resets
  188. Log in on different device
  189. Album reward gone!
  190. Gold gone for pop-up
  191. No healing springs?
  192. Transfer thread?
  193. Do you have the Quest Outpost if not post here with storm 8 ID please help teamlava
  194. Expansion no maps
  195. Lost purchase
  196. why I cant see the Pink and/or the black habitat?
  197. [dragon_story_iOS]How can I recover my spell shop and ruby dragon?
  198. Did not receive goods of "Dragon Story?, Starter Pack " on iPhone
  199. dawn tree & spell shop
  200. breeding time changed??
  201. Losing coins?
  202. Album: quetzal dragon not showing
  203. Dragon Story has Stopped
  204. Lost clockwork dragon
  205. everytime I try
  206. Not getting prizes
  207. Goal Admiral Plant will not pay out
  208. TeamLava Games are loosing there status resulting in the user starting over from day
  209. Game resetting and losing gold
  210. Habitat Prices between devices
  211. Purchasing Mythic and Cosmic Habitats
  212. Text/Image distortion
  213. Where did my spin the wheel go?
  214. My breeding den is stuck.
  215. Why can't I place cosmic dragon in fairy habitat?
  216. Coin loss when using wall and feed
  217. Spell Shop/Crafting Bug?
  218. Importing
  219. Dragon Story Valentine - Missing Gold
  220. gold disappeared
  221. Buttons changed, lost gold
  222. Support told me to come here - Can't click on decoration to move / sell
  223. Cosmic Expanse
  224. Dragon Story
  225. Lotus dragon causes game to freeze
  226. Samurai dragon
  227. New Dawn Force Closing
  228. IOS game crashing - will removing decor help?
  229. No Sales Device
  230. Fire Dragon invisible and it won't heal :(
  231. [Q] Dragon Story. Could not connect v1.4(Original).
  232. Value Pack Glitch
  233. disapearing stone dragon
  234. Dragon IOS Version 1.5 Bugs
  235. Breeding den won't breed
  236. Accidentally tap 2 times and lost over 300 golds, what can I do to return it back!!
  237. Quest Building not actually giving me my prize
  238. Help. i cant play my game
  239. Inappropriate word filter has gone mad again!
  240. Dragon Story for Kindle Crashes repeatedly
  241. Expanding
  242. Very hacked off
  243. Coins disappearing
  244. Android game crashing - CONSTANTLY!!
  245. Same game, same version, but not same prices
  246. Crafting Quest for gemstones not working?
  247. Problem with in game package purchase
  248. Whenever I leave my island I lose progress!!
  249. basic White Meadow info shown for Big White Meadow building in progress
  250. Can't send dragon on quest