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  1. How do I get a reply from customer service
  2. Nether Portal
  3. Daily Bonus?
  4. Breeding a fairy but hatching a mist???
  5. Ideas
  6. Diamond dragon is impossible
  7. gold missing
  8. paid 800,000 to clear and now trees are back
  9. Expansions
  10. Blue Screen
  11. logging in
  12. No City metro halloween goal for Dragon Story?
  13. Not getting credit for an expansion
  14. Viewing issues
  15. Logging in agsin
  16. Wish we could see what others have named their dragons!
  17. Unable to play with neighbors dragons
  18. my dragons disapeered
  19. Gold not received
  20. can TL create more decor?
  21. Witch dragon disappeared
  22. Eggs disappeared!
  23. Witch dragon. Why I was not notified?
  24. Can't Add Neighbors
  25. Halloween!!
  26. Treasure Dragons
  27. New Decorations/Temples for Kindle Users
  28. New Dawn goals for android
  29. not getting gold
  30. Farming queue
  31. Quest/Goals Logbook
  32. Leveling Bar not Moving
  33. Feedback
  34. I lost everything ..
  35. Have I played with these dragons today?
  36. New dragons just too costly now.
  37. VERY wierd prices! :(
  38. Server out of stink with my device???
  39. Discard unwanted eggs and shorten time
  40. Diamond Dragon popup?
  41. Please remove the Diamond Dragon pop-up
  42. no white dragons/lite or white meadows in the ipad2 app
  43. The old version's dragons are gone!
  44. farm promotion for dragons
  45. Force Close All Day
  46. lost everything
  47. I Don't Have Enough Goals!
  48. Changing name problem
  49. Diamond x infinity breedings
  50. Goal complete but won't go away.
  51. very good suggestion.
  52. Broken Habitat
  53. Can't send gold
  54. Purchase of food with gold failure
  55. Other game goals no gold
  56. just started in game... no goals!
  57. I can't connect Dragon story
  58. breeding delay????
  59. I don't get all the goals.
  60. Dragon Story Suggestion
  61. My love dragon doesn't show up
  62. Suggestion
  63. Transfer
  64. Purchased Gold - didn't receive?
  65. Bold writing
  66. Admiral Planet quest
  67. Can't buy habitats
  68. new dawn goal
  69. Password Games
  70. Have you seen my dragon?!?!
  71. Some Things That (Really) Bother Me About This Game
  72. Windows RT
  73. Epic Dragons Goals-BUG?
  74. Cant expand one plot.
  75. should be able to sell unhatched eggs
  76. transfering account to new device.
  77. BUG: Clicking on the Info on a Large Habitat Being Built Gives Wrong Info
  78. Why can't we access newsfeeds/wall while visiting?
  79. Is this a BUG: Social Rating Suddenly Decreased?
  80. Lost gold after a bug
  81. LG P880 [Android]
  82. More habitat please or storage
  83. Large Farm glitch
  84. Question
  85. Connection Issue for Kindle Fire
  86. Music
  87. Is it really fair?
  88. Wrong dragon!!!
  89. Windows RT
  90. Scarecrow Dragon Not Awarded - HELP!
  91. BUG: Can't See Rewards for Goals - Race to Ten and Not Dragons
  92. DS v DS new dawn
  93. TL Please please read this
  94. Unable to receive maps
  95. Connection Error
  96. Gold purchases on Android today aborted. Can't take advantage of sale priices!
  97. Too many pops up
  98. I got it the first two times, okay?
  99. 2 evolution temples?
  100. Freezing dragon
  101. Gold purchased but not delivered.
  102. Two Evolution temples allowed, only one available?
  103. My idea for Christmas
  104. Breeding den
  105. unable to request maps
  106. Feedback and Suggestions!
  107. Buying Gold in Dragon Story New Dawn
  108. App runs extremely slow and choppy
  109. Unable to move habitats to upper island
  110. Bug in Dragon Story.
  111. new dawn is VERY bright
  112. Didn't receive gems/gold for downloading Dragon Story: New Dawn
  113. Album feedback
  114. Moving items feedback
  115. Seriously, getting tired of this promotion
  116. Missing Gold
  117. Being charged 450,000 for light dragon
  118. I need help with my information
  119. Can't Send Gold to Neighbors and Game Closing
  120. Why is it so much money for me but not for other
  121. Not recieving gold.....
  122. No Gold if New Dawn was previously downloaded
  123. Unable to open any Storm8 Apps on iPhone
  124. Dragon story (and other TL games) asks for my apple id password?
  125. BUG: Game Crashing and Force-Closing When Trying to Visit Neighbors!
  126. Get XP for dragons sold direct from nest
  127. The old world anew???
  128. Didn't get the scarecrow dragon as reward for/in album
  129. Dragon Story Feedback
  130. Turn income notification off suggestion
  131. Tutorial quests not starting
  132. The pop-up should dissappear when you get the dragon.
  133. Ruby dragon??? Please can someone explain what is going on???
  134. Mistmoth dragon freezes in place
  135. My reward disappeared!
  136. cost effecivenedd
  137. Breeding pair in den but stuck
  138. Moving objects easier?
  139. bugg
  140. bulling on the walls
  141. BUG: Not Receiving Any Push Notifications?
  142. Didn't get album reward
  143. Missing Dragon
  144. Recieving full bills, but only half of purchased gold...
  145. y my dragon story didn't have album, storage and any quest for get free gold?
  146. album and storage only for ios? then when android then got the album storage?
  147. Help!
  148. Can't access news and can't add neighbors
  149. Buggy purchase system... -.-
  150. Missing dragons
  151. Unable to expand
  152. Enough of the advertisement: Dragon Story
  153. No Goals to play others games
  154. No reward for me
  155. Very upset
  156. Very good game, but...
  157. Gold Trap
  158. My game keeps forse closing
  159. No snowman dragon in dragon list for contest
  160. Someone else playing my game
  161. Why I lost 1 by 1 my dragons everyday?
  162. Problems when collecting from Album
  163. Island achievement goals bug
  164. Transferring accounts between different devices
  165. Missing light dragon egg
  166. Light dragon egg missing
  167. Dragon Story versus New Dawn Dragon Story
  168. Community Players Working Together
  169. None stop working potion shop
  170. Looking forward!
  171. Some of the dragons are not moving
  172. Neighbors suggestion
  173. Just a thought
  174. News feed suggestion.
  175. :confused: ASAP NEED HELP about DRAGON STORY/DRAGON STORY NEW DAWN :confused:
  176. 200 gold bars lost due to an obvious Market flaw.
  177. keep accidentally wasting hold while expanding
  178. Transferred UDID and cannot play on old device
  179. Pink dragon not breeding right
  180. Deleting eggs? (Feedback)
  181. Evidence of Cyberbullying
  182. Bookhouse
  183. My dragons are not moving front or backward
  184. Confirmation for spending gold
  185. Purchased gold...not showing up in game.
  186. Missing egg
  187. diamond fields doesn't exist!
  188. I got shorted on a trade
  189. Help
  190. Trade bug, help!
  191. Could you?
  192. How Can I move my Dragon Story New Dawn game to another Android Device?
  193. Suggestion on trading dragons
  194. In Album, Firework Picture Is Serpent Dragon??
  195. Same goals keep popping up as "new".
  196. Level playing field for Android users.
  197. Evolving Dragons reverting to prior level!
  198. no more notification sounds
  199. Missing News Feed
  200. suggestion for neighbours list
  201. Cant craft
  202. Cannot play my dragon park
  203. bug: completed "epic proportions" goal, receieved no credit
  204. dragon story: wall posts not posting
  205. Crafting problem pls help.
  206. Loosing gems when trying to craft
  207. Sending "new Dragon" Concepts ?
  208. Spell Shop crafting fails
  209. Game unable to start normaly! :(
  210. Can't find option to craft Sapphire Dragon.
  211. my level dropped
  212. missing gold
  213. Cant get the trading option or Album option on Kindle Fire?
  214. 😠dragon island
  215. agrandissement bloqu
  216. Breeding Problems - Please answer me this time somebody!!
  217. Can't breed the Sapphire dragon.
  218. Trouble expanding!
  219. How to reset game
  220. Feedback: cut this expansion hike already
  221. Clearing land - keeps taking money and not clearing and losing food
  222. Adding buildings/gifting unwanted dragons
  223. extra zero tacked on to the price to remove 'Weed Wood'
  224. All Dragons Missing
  225. Breeding to get a diamond dragon
  226. How can I move my habitats to differing levels
  227. Feedback: Upgrading is a waste of money
  228. Infinity Dragon Missing
  229. Lost gold
  230. Goal to download DS Valentine's Day is gone!
  231. Can't breed with gemstone dragons anymore?
  232. Cesear Dragon Crashing Game-Android
  233. My DS is crashing ever since the Caesar dragon has appeared?
  234. update?
  235. [Android] Dragon Story: Valentine's Day - How to claim the Rose Archway
  236. Social Rating Disappeared
  237. unable to collect coins from dragons
  238. wasting time
  239. Valentines Day Version
  240. Gold Sale Problem
  241. My dragons lost
  242. Why am I over charged ?!!!
  243. No gold for installing Dragoon Story Valentines
  244. Question: Valentines Day version after Valentines Day
  245. no spellshop for android
  246. Gold sale at Dragon story Valentine. I cant by
  247. Let us have more than one breeding den and evolution temple already!
  248. [android] game quits responding if I receive a phone call during the game
  249. cannot accept neighbor invitations
  250. yet another problem!!! unable to change name of newly hatched dragon!! I am SICK of t