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  1. New Graphic Issues on Android
  2. Solved Home Design Makeover Rewards
  3. Trouble getting objects earned in the game.
  4. New Home Design Makeover Gold rewards
  5. Notifications location needs Changing!
  6. Tournament
  7. Solved Dragon wand crafting options are gone
  8. You have placed -- on the leaderboard notification.
  9. Deleted dragon
  10. Halfblood dragon egg arrived as a charm dragon egg. What gives? I worked hard for tha
  11. Wrong Image for Halfblood's Egg?
  12. Air dragon 3 hours to evolve 2 hours to hatch
  13. Omega Crowns Not Received from Smart and Serious Leaderboard Event Milestone
  14. Why is DS not optimized for IPhone X screen yet?
  15. Green Christmas dragon
  16. Snowball Fight! quest doesn't exist
  17. Adventure League Bingo Prize Not Awarded
  18. Marble keys got stored in arctic isles storage
  19. Not received chocolate nutcracker
  20. Problem spinning the Wheel
  21. Habitats on sale?
  22. Sociarena videos not not found- December 20 2018
  23. Gift bow dragon
  24. Noble King Not Released...
  25. Dragon Tale Dragons Not Released...
  26. The game suddenly closed while playing
  27. What happened to the $1.99 sale?
  28. Wondering where Wonder dragon is
  29. Stupid game keeps crashing!
  30. Princess pillows
  31. Not getting pink hearts for breeding
  32. When will we get an update?
  33. Leaderboard boost sale
  34. Accidental purchase with gold
  35. Why does the bug and issue section still exist....
  36. Known Received only one farm boosts
  37. Honeymoon dragon
  38. Dire wolf
  39. New Oracle Pool habitat alignment
  40. Solved Questing Post Issue Chaos Within World Event
  41. March mine dragon
  42. Pegasus not questing
  43. Missing Ticket Temple Dragons
  44. Help Please
  45. Unable to craft Flame Queen
  46. Game shuts down when visiting neighbours
  47. Probl?me avec le bingo
  48. Getting really sick of these major errors that leave a hugely unfair disadvantage!
  49. Solved Marble key dragon Not giving keys
  50. Solved BUG: Marble Key Producing Dragon (MKPD) Habitat
  51. HELP: Lost all my game processes on main ID
  52. Solved Dragon Story game down
  53. Bingo challenge trouble
  54. Investigating Camellia or Carmellia dragon? This dragon doesn?t know what it is!
  55. Brand new dragon story flower habitat 3rd part is not lined up correctly.
  56. Floral arrangements event, bug
  57. iOS device not able to get Ice Age Dragon
  58. Time to complete the Smell the Roses quest does not match the time it actually takes
  59. HELP! Completely screwed myself out of 500 gold & and now I can?t afford ...
  60. Solved Lamiales Dragon needed - what for?
  61. Bingo bug
  62. Solved Pollen Fever - Battles Not Awarding Petal Hearts
  63. Motherbloom Habitat Price
  64. I'm not received my 1000 points
  65. starsong
  66. What?s wrong with Baby Farsight dragon?
  67. No confirm button on unintentionally gold purchases
  68. My old account
  69. Chrysanthemum TERRIBLE body disconnecting animation. :mad:
  70. New cosmic Flair Icon
  71. Reticulum dragon
  72. Investigating Visiting Neigbor?s islands shows the land is not cleared when it is?
  73. No free ads video
  74. Dragon Story Gold Losses on Starting The Game
  75. Free gift video
  76. Why does my game crash on my iPad but not on my iPhone?
  77. Chitter Dragon Disappeared!
  78. Evolution Temple, Nests have wooden fences around them
  79. Where?s the battle arena?
  80. Wrongly buying
  81. Arctic Isles Expansion
  82. Download spellen geen goud staven
  83. Frolicking issues!
  84. Request for Plushy Beasts was not sent to all neighbors; had to spend gold to skip
  85. Finishing Tales
  86. Have another storm I'd account
  87. Missing Habitat?
  88. Legacy gems
  89. Question
  90. Missing sea dancer dragon crafting
  91. Missed bingo rewards
  92. Free Gems Not Earned
  93. Unable to craft Osiris dragon
  94. Skipping Battle Arena Timer Using Ads
  95. Bingo challenge expires too soom
  96. Neighbors NOT getting copper requests
  97. Videos that pop up without clicking on the option to watch one to earn anything.
  98. Out of sync
  99. Hallowind