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  1. NEW GAME :Dragon story
  2. Dragon Story: Lists (In Progress)
  3. Dragon Story Pictures
  4. Dragon Story: Eagle Dragon, Mindvolt dragon, and Diamond dragon
  5. Why I can't breed Fairy,Eagle,Serpent? Tried the same combination for all 6 times
  6. Anyone else not making money in dragon story?
  7. Dragon Story: Farming
  8. Dragon story
  9. Dragon Story- New Goals More goals added 5-30/6-22
  10. What do you want to see most in dragon story
  11. Dragon Story: Goals ending?
  12. dragon story food
  13. Is there any method to earn gold other than purchase it?
  14. How often do you have to feed yr dragons
  15. I love how fast it is!
  16. Sparkling Corner
  17. Dragon's payment?
  18. Dragons have disappeared... Help?
  19. Another new story game
  20. Time frame for placing dragons
  21. Social Rating Isn't Rising Up
  22. Restart a game?
  23. "Playing" system is flawed
  24. I want to zoom out more!!
  25. BUG: "tips" wont show up when coins collected
  26. Mystic map
  27. Gifting
  28. Weird bug or some sort of asexual reproduction?
  29. How to Hatch a Fruitful Dragon?
  30. Dragon Story Cross Breeds
  31. Very new - questions
  32. My game just disappeared!!! I opened up and I'm back to the start!
  33. Dragon Story: Ancient Diary Discovered
  34. question
  35. Habitat question
  36. Break Through in Diamond Breeding?
  37. Dragons names!
  38. How to get rare dragons easily??
  39. Diamond Dragon
  40. Island dragon
  41. Expanding Land
  42. Neighbors
  43. Should I make a Dragon Story Wiki?
  44. Extra breeding dens, evolution temples?
  45. Diamond habitat, no dragon
  46. Tips and Strategies for Dragon Story - Earning Coin and Gifting
  47. Dragon story for Android
  48. New tipping or "playing" with nbrs dragons
  49. jouer avec ses voisins
  50. [Project] Do you think a excel file with full info about game is good?
  51. Newbie questions
  52. Post Your Breeding Times (what egg you get)
  53. Emoji Question..?
  54. Do you sell or keep the common crossbreed if you get several?
  55. Going up levels
  56. Can Magic Dragon breed with Mist Dragon?
  57. Why can't you see all the dragons on your neighbors island?
  58. Breeding problem
  59. Increases as you Level Up?
  60. Anyone got Diamond Dragon yet?
  61. No one has epics?
  62. Question about habitats coin capacity
  63. GLITCH: Return my Golds or give me more food!!!
  64. Dragon Story Updates 5-24-12
  65. update changes?
  66. Think I'm out
  67. Not sure whats going on. help please?
  68. Breeding tips?
  69. Firapples or Fireapples?
  70. Glitch ? Why can't I accept gold ?
  71. Huh?
  72. How do I transfer dragon story?
  73. How can I delete old messages on my wall
  74. Question about Airplane Mode for the iPhone
  75. Do you have the diamond dragon
  76. Food amounts
  77. Another way to solve unrest over recent changes....
  78. Poll - Dragon story changes and features
  79. Dragon and habitat colors
  80. Wasted Gold
  81. Diamond Dragon Breeding.
  82. Quick Question About Playing With Dragons
  83. Ok i'm tired of trying to breed diamond dragon should i just buy it?
  84. Coral Dragon
  85. Gold disappears
  86. Hm, just an idea :P
  87. What if TL...
  88. Not enough decor options?
  89. How does one
  90. Breeding/hatching time and coin
  91. Dragon story: Faster egg hatching
  92. Breeding Dragons - Help
  93. Is all Adult Coral Dragons do jump?
  94. PLEASE, I beg of you- stop the shaking!!!
  95. I have a theory about this Diamond Dragon business...
  96. Expanding
  97. Weird white light
  98. Dragon story OFFICIAL food amounts for level dragons
  99. Diamond dragon?
  100. [B]Can't move habitats to expanded land[/B]
  101. purple hybrids
  102. Wrong chart
  103. Cost of food, different for everyone???!!
  104. Gold dragon story
  105. More Than one nest
  106. Renovating: can't store habitat and dragon ;(
  107. Changing a dragons habitat
  108. Just wow that luck
  109. Dragon income per hour
  110. More than one evolution temple??
  111. When Breeding Does Level Really Matter?
  112. Seriously
  113. Latest Nerfs to Dragon Story
  114. Teamlava, why is "glitch" a banned word?
  115. Firestorm x Island Statistics
  116. Dragon Story - observations
  117. Storage option
  118. Dragon Story Breed Tracking Chart was taken down
  119. Dragon Story Spreadsheets
  120. Habitat cost went up...A LOT!
  121. Cannot upgrade small purple gardens to big
  122. Dragon Food Quantity
  123. Habitat Coin Price Hike, Less Food For Same Price And Even More Gold!?
  124. Limited habitats, limited dragons
  125. New dragons: charm, atlantis, planet, seabreeze, wizard
  126. Social Rank Delpletion
  127. Dragon Story Updates 5-31-12
  128. So, what happens when the dragon is full grown? What then?
  129. Is TeamLava overcharging?
  130. Bugs Bugs & more Bugs
  131. Dissappearing gold?
  132. Evoution Bug
  133. Are You Unhappy With TL??
  134. Player options
  135. The gold rates
  136. Too expensive. I hope you lose players.
  137. Did the cost of Fire Apples change?
  138. Food production nerf is the real issue
  139. I'll Ask Again..WHERE ARE TL STAFF???
  140. Can I remind you all...
  141. Here's an idea
  142. Price hikes
  143. Dragon Story Version 1.0.3...
  144. Gold News
  145. 5-31 Update
  146. New Dragon!
  147. New Dragons Formulas!
  148. Clearing "hidden behind" decoration
  149. What egg are my dragons making?
  150. Bugs
  151. Proudly Presenting my Charm Dragon
  152. What a poor CARETAKER of dragon I become! Maybe a strategy to all beginner players
  153. Should the Epic Serpent Dragon be bigger?
  154. Haven't seen this egg before - do you know it?
  155. Breeding attempt again...
  156. Breeding den does not show any time???
  157. Level of dragons affect breeding?
  158. Need breeding tips guide on specific dragon pair
  159. What could it be?
  160. timing for breeding island and serpent
  161. Ridiculous/funny dragon names
  162. Not trying to start another complaint thread but i want to talk about this...
  163. Hurrah! Speeding up times are back to normal!
  164. The updated cost in money and time of food (math)
  165. Guys I got snowbreeze egg!!!!
  166. Trying to get Serpent and Mindvolt.... Help? ><
  167. Can u answer?
  168. Farms
  169. How i feel after the update :(
  170. Player Suggestions for Managing the Economy in Dragon Story
  171. Price of nest decreased?
  172. Gift bug...:(
  173. Visiting Neighbours - Keeping Track
  174. Need help T.T
  175. Social Rating Work Keeping Up?
  176. Diamond dragon
  177. What does the Diamond Dragon egg look like, when it's hatching?
  178. Are all breeding times the same or?
  179. Do you unlock the other islands after cleaning out the main one?
  180. 75 Dragon max?
  181. Which dragon(s) is(are) your favorite? I'm curious!
  182. Pictures of new dragon's epic forms. (Spoilers)
  183. Okay so I do enjoy Story Games...
  184. I feel so stupidddd..
  185. Price of Habitats Increase and Numbers of Food Decrease
  186. Dragon Names
  187. I have an idea!
  188. Two games at once?????
  189. How do you decide how to gift your gold??
  190. is the wizard dragon real?
  191. Has anyone emailed Team Lava directly about pricing issues? Thinking of doing so
  192. Small GUI improvement suggestions
  193. Can't purhase gold... Can anyone help?
  194. Unknown dragon egg??
  195. Habitat Max Gold Problem
  196. Breed question???!!!
  197. Suggest new items for DS
  198. What is the payout of your fire apples
  199. Food Planting Bug
  200. Rex, Reel Rival
  201. My advice on breeding - not the diamond
  202. Can't select hybrid to breed from.
  203. How long does the Water dragon egg take
  204. Millionaires
  205. Would You Recommend Other TL Games?
  206. hi guys, can share 2 questions?
  207. Genetic Discrepancies
  208. Dragon eggs pictures
  209. Serpent & Seaabreeze breeding
  210. Select Games getting preferences?
  211. How lucky have you guys been on breeding??
  212. Food prices
  213. Sparkles and collect?
  214. Is this normal?
  215. Accidentally sold a habitat
  216. What are you doing with your gold?
  217. Is there any incentive to complete the "Rex, Reel Rival" goal?
  218. Question about map request
  219. Gold traps????
  220. Titan Dragon
  221. Does buying building give u exp?
  222. Speeding Up Expansions...
  223. 2 Days Breedig Time?
  224. Just got an Egg I have never seen Dark blue with a large White star and a moon on it.
  225. How do you tell if your neighbors are doing anything for you?
  226. Dragon Story Updates 6-7-2012
  227. Habitat + Dragons Vanished while moving???screen shot avail to email
  228. These new missions are like gold farms
  229. my friend got diamond the combo is
  230. Trouble with moving habitats and decor to the adjacent mountains.
  231. Two devices one game?
  232. Rare Dragons
  233. Does anyone have every dragon?
  234. What's this Gold Trap business I keep hearing about?
  235. Any suggestion?? Atlantis x Atlantis = Serpent maybe?
  236. Wretch Rock really
  237. Ok... Now I'm having fun
  238. Cancelling unwanted dragon eggs
  239. i got roll back which i dont know what happen
  240. Petetion To Remove The One Set of Unexpandable Land On Each Island
  241. Help!
  242. Average amount of coins you earn a day
  243. Max Habitats - 25
  244. Moving items up to new level
  245. Serpents, Titans, and Planets help?
  246. Max level
  247. Ability to sell eggs
  248. Why is it so expensive??????
  249. Posting on wall block
  250. I think I am gonna crawl into a corner and cry....