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  1. Pet Hotel Gifting bug: Neighbors appear as gifted when they weren't.
  2. Faq
  3. Current Bugs and Issues for Pet Hotel
  4. Why only 3 gems per day
  5. iPad bug, controls vanish after using walls, requiring restart.
  6. Updates
  7. Request bugs
  8. Incorrect amount for tips
  9. Goals
  10. Problem with collecting soulmate
  11. Can't place baby
  12. can t place soulmate
  13. Bug by soulmates
  14. Can't take animals to fun rooms!!
  15. Cubby Care Goal Stuck
  16. When will soulmate and baby bug get fixed?
  17. Goals are bugged
  18. We dont have it on Amazon
  19. Unable to move pets by tapping as directed
  20. Positive feedback
  21. Negative feedback
  22. Bug in pet hotel story.
  23. Renewed goals
  24. Renovations Goal not completing
  25. Material requests delayed
  26. Error message when trying to speed up renovations
  27. Re-naming pets
  28. Expansions
  29. Rooms not fully reaching their potential coin-making!
  30. Please let us store pet rooms
  31. Some pet rooms need 250+ gems
  32. Neighbor Indicator
  33. Things are going!
  34. help bella: floorboards, soulmate
  35. Two iPads different Software?
  36. Soulmate in Theme Park not recognized  can't end goal
  37. Standardized rates and time
  38. Pushing dragons
  39. No more goals for Pet Hotel?
  40. New Goals Great...-ish
  41. My gems disappeared.
  42. Unfair Pricing
  43. Lost of gifts
  44. We need these options!
  45. PLEASE TEAM LAVA HELP!! problem with golden gate bridge
  46. Expansion Issue
  47. Pet Hotel Story not working?
  48. Balloons
  49. No bonus coins from ballon gift.
  50. Ballet pet room
  51. No Play Because No this game an android market
  52. Cave room bug!!
  53. New goal 6/21
  54. Snow hedge room goal?
  55. Fun room not in market
  56. Hotel seems to have reset itself?
  57. Maintenance Bug
  58. PET HOTEL NO APP available to re-download pet hotel
  59. New fun rooms disappeared
  60. Bean bag room
  61. Why i do not get download bubble mania goal in bs
  62. Arrrggghhh! Help me!
  63. Supervisor or Manager
  64. No soul
  65. bakery story
  66. Gems
  67. Goals : Mysteries of Persia, receiving requests - *IMPORTANT*
  68. Toy Block Room Goal Progress Not Advancing
  69. Hotel Goals not working
  70. Please help!!! Need to transfer storm id to new phone
  71. Can't get into game
  72. Why can't I remove?
  73. Pet hotel will not load
  74. Game keeps crashing
  75. Pet hotel not working
  76. Fun Room Payouts
  77. Game room dissappeared.
  78. Pet hotel task didn't work
  79. Adding neighbours
  80. Didn't get credit for soulmate, can't complete quest
  81. Problem
  82. Sultan Suite disappeared?!
  83. People having trouble sending me gems.
  84. Neighbors list is corrupted
  85. cannot get in
  86. Reporting an Annoying bug in Pet Hotel story game - Pleas Help!
  87. Game room dissappeared
  88. What is with stormie's hotel?
  89. Not able to Store Rooms and their Pets
  90. No more expansions
  91. Missing gems
  92. Cannot Complete family garden quest even though soulmate is there
  93. I am not receiving the baby for wooly mammoth
  94. Old Goals Popping Up
  95. Force closing
  96. Games down 8-8-12 [Update: Fixed!]
  97. Moon Room Glitch
  98. Pet hotel
  99. Accidental Purchase? ;/
  100. beta fish
  101. Error with Golden Gate Goal
  102. Double stairs vs single stairs
  103. Stolen Gifts!!
  104. Error with goal all the right parts
  105. MAX Lv. 50?
  106. 2 days isn't 2 days
  107. Gift giving not working
  108. Tiki room glitch
  109. Just relax goal
  110. Several support tickets in almost a week on goals not crediting
  111. Is Pet Hotel Story being discontinued?
  112. Lost gems
  113. Notification issue
  114. Retroactive goals?
  115. Soulmate bug
  116. Where is the sun room?
  117. Magical castle missing resident white owl and no soul late
  118. Needs in setting a restart button
  119. The spelunking room goal will not appear for me
  120. Won't let me get the room
  121. Snow leopard family quest
  122. Not getting credit for soulmates and baby's
  123. Game Reset Button
  124. Goal not recognized
  125. where to find pet hotel for kindle
  126. Possible Syncing Issue
  127. Rainbow Hallway missing
  128. Challenge says I built an Easter Isle Room?
  129. I want to restart or block people
  130. New device
  131. Horrible bully's at pet hotel
  132. Quests issues
  133. Block option
  134. Anyone else have an internet connection issue when starting this game?
  135. Having troubles removing all the data
  136. Negative Coin Problem
  137. Glitch in Quests
  138. App doesn?t work???