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  1. Pet hotel story
  2. What do you think of Pet Hotel?
  3. Gem amongst gift options!! Finally!! :D
  4. Some tips and help
  5. Parts Needed for Constructible Items
  6. How do you make your hotel rating higher?
  7. What do the random puffs of smoke do?
  8. Whats the best way to build up your XP?
  9. Stairs
  10. cost of gem rooms have doubled!!
  11. Require a lot of battery usage!
  12. Cannot place soulmates/Babies
  13. Problem with Goals.
  14. Something I noticed today
  15. Pet Hotel goals list
  16. What is your gem price of these rooms?
  17. Instantly get 49 gem
  18. Different waiting times
  19. Gems as a gift:(
  20. Which pets come with the flower garden room and the....
  21. Has anyone else brought the Tea Room ?
  22. Animal list
  23. When I can play Pet Hotel Story on android?
  24. Help, nbr of mine can't name her hotel
  25. How long do you have to collect your soulmate
  26. tipping
  27. Tip: Store your "Fun Rooms" and Decor!!
  28. Pet Hotel Story Fun Rooms
  29. Pet Hotel Story Pet Rooms
  30. Pet Hotel Story Decor
  31. Rooms XP
  32. What pets and fun rooms you would like to see in our pet hotel?
  33. No more goals?
  34. Which pet room to build? Experience points vs. Profit (coins)!
  35. Post Pictures Of Your Hotel!
  36. Pet Hotel Story weekly updates?
  37. Pet Story Expansions
  38. New pet ideas
  39. Beginner Guide
  40. Add a soulmate goal and i already have one =/
  41. Mystery boxs
  42. Storing pets
  43. Unfair
  44. What is the best gift to send besides gem?
  45. Is it necessary to have stairs?
  46. Gem Pet Rooms
  47. Anyone else found this a bit deceiving??
  48. Room decor cost
  49. how many spots does a lazy hammock room take out?
  50. PinkStarbelly's Pet & Fun Rooms' Profit Calculator
  51. Update! :)
  52. Pet Hotel Pet Rooms
  53. Ramen stand pay out?
  54. How to refresh my hotel
  55. Question: how do I move pets into a fun room?
  56. Sultan Suite vs. Taj Mahal vs. Ramen Stand! Which room is the best of the best?
  57. Question about the stairs!
  58. Goal not working.
  59. What are your gem item prices
  60. Daily Bonus
  61. Goal list: already put soulmate in the room and the system doesn't recognize it
  62. What do you want to see most in pet hotel story
  63. How about this idea?
  64. soulmate and babies for pet rooms
  65. Theme park room - no soulmate but have baby?! Please help.
  66. Does anyone know what happens if you sell the Toy Block Room?
  67. How about if TL let us store the Pet Rooms?
  68. Sorry; had to ask.
  69. 4 days?
  70. Pet Hotel: Suggest New Items
  71. Is level 30 already reach the limit?
  72. Not receiving daily bonuses
  73. help needed: how to transport animals to another room (i.e funroom)?
  74. Sky bridge goal.
  75. no app for pet hotel story?
  76. Gem Prices For All Rooms Doubled!
  77. What Level Are You On? (Pet Hotel Story)
  78. Guest Book
  79. What determines the cost to expand?
  80. Pet Hotel on Windows Phones???
  81. Goals in pet hotel story
  82. why cant i expand
  83. Pet Hotel New Goals for 5-24-12
  84. Love my Pet Hotel <3
  85. PLEASE JOIN my new FACEBOOK group for chat and photos of all of the Story games!!
  86. Retroactive goals
  87. What's the usage of "Grill"?
  88. Problem with golden gate bridge!!! :(
  89. Goals not completeing properlly
  90. Expansions - not amused
  91. Do NOT store your fun rooms
  92. Transporting pets
  93. Pet Room Poll
  94. Family friendly
  95. Balloons, pet hotel story
  96. Balloons what is the profit?
  97. Why?
  98. Super slow loading pet hotel story
  99. Pet Lost
  100. *****ting travel agent
  101. Need clarification on prices...I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about.
  102. Cows loading message?
  103. Gems Gifts Requests
  104. It looks like half of my neighbors quit the game
  105. 3 Days Expansions?
  106. Did TL raised the level cap today?
  107. New Rooms?
  108. Gems disappeared ?!
  109. I want my baby
  110. Maintenance
  111. Maintainance Question
  112. Maintenance problem
  113. TO ALL PH players
  114. Thanks TL <3
  115. Woah, Thanks Teamlava!!!:):):)
  116. Thank you, Team Lava Staff
  117. Thank you
  118. New pets rooms and fun rooms
  119. My zip line is gone....
  120. No clipboard??
  121. Help!!! Doubled prices??!!!!
  122. New to PHS...have ?
  123. Vineyard Room
  124. Fun rooms that yet to be exist
  125. pet hotel story?
  126. Weird pet names
  127. It's updated
  128. Double charged!
  129. New goal June 29
  130. Problem with the new goal
  131. Help with translation
  132. Decorating
  133. How can you do it
  134. need help badly````!!!
  135. problem with expansions
  136. New Goals July 12 and Rooms
  137. Why cant pets walk to fun rooms alone
  138. does anyone know how to get a million dollars fast in this
  139. my full review on this game
  140. Is it just me?
  141. Is anyone getting higher than Level 50?
  142. Question about long hotel names in Pet Hotel Story
  143. How many gifts
  144. Expansion costs
  145. A soulmate left?
  146. Issue: Golf Green Room vanished
  147. Gifts
  148. Storing Pet Rooms
  149. Stormie
  150. Buying rooms with gems.
  151. Ghost Neighbour?
  152. "Mini" Reset
  153. Help Bella: Floorboards and a missing rabbit?
  154. Unable to launch Pet Hotel. App keep crashing
  155. Bean Bag Fun Room?
  156. Blocking people
  157. What should I do if people say mean things on my wall?
  158. Screen Shots
  159. Limited Gems
  160. POOF! There gone
  161. What is the daily limit for taps? I have done 11 today.
  162. Loading error
  163. Constructible Parts Diagram
  164. Pet Hotel Weekly Update 7-19-2012
  165. Bubble Brother Quest
  166. Did my gems glitch out?
  167. we need to double expansion
  168. Spelunking Cave
  169. Gem Sales?
  170. Changing devices
  171. Prices for rooms vary for users
  172. Problem with Ramons Bargain goal
  173. Coin and Gems status keep resetting
  174. No hamster
  175. Expansion Disappeared!
  176. Guest Book
  177. Issue: cannot send gifts
  178. Coins dont accumulate
  179. What do the flashing stars mean?
  180. puffs of dust, smoke, whatever?
  181. Hot to Trot...
  182. Gems. Hard to earn, easy to go,
  183. Roman holiday goal
  184. Neighbor Requests
  185. Taking Pets to Play
  186. Posting new level results on FB
  187. Soul Mate for Taj Mahal
  188. Missing Sun Room after goal completition
  189. Pet Hotel Weekly Updates 8-2-12
  190. Question re Goals: basic supplies ? Fun AC?
  191. Getting gifted items out of storage
  192. Help! Bella Floorboards Goal
  193. Log in with the same storm8id on iphone and ipad
  194. Cubby Care: Add a Baby Pet to the Log Cabin Room
  195. Pet Hotel: Monthly Suggestion: August 2012
  196. Soulmates & Babies
  197. Selling rooms that were locked by goals?
  198. Pet Hotel Weekly Updates 8-9-12
  199. Hate how you have to use diamonds to buy soul mates
  200. Adults vs Junior players?
  201. Issue with purchasing the Moon Room
  202. Complete goal not credited?
  203. Pet Hotel Weekly Update 8-16-12
  204. pet hotel
  205. Triple Price for the rooms and decorations!!!
  206. Expired goals suddenly appearing?
  207. New Goals: 8-16 -2012 (Trampoline Yard Room)
  208. Cannot Gift any items
  209. Help
  210. Pet Hotel Weekly Updates 8-23-12
  211. No Notification
  212. Guest Book
  213. Weekly Update?
  214. Can I have 2 different hotels in one iPad?
  215. Pet Hotel Weekly Updates 8-30-12
  216. Problem with goals. Please help!!
  217. Maximum expansion?
  218. Millionaires come in!
  219. Expansion Prices
  220. Lvl 50
  221. Suggest New Items
  222. Where is the Sun Room?!
  223. Grow Now?
  224. Updates?
  225. Your %s is full of coins!
  226. How do you reclaim stored fun room?
  227. What is happening here...
  228. 2 months w/ no updates? This game is dying, if not already dead
  229. Gem cost for pets?
  230. Name That Room
  231. Rooms unlocked
  232. Finally we have a new level limit update!
  233. Canceling friend requests
  234. Price increase for buying and breeding pets
  235. Pet Hotel Weekly Update Nov 15, 11-15-2012
  236. Pet Hotel Story - Suggestions
  237. Pet Hotel Weekly Update Nov 22, 11-22-2012
  238. Are the Trampoline Yard Room goals worth it?
  239. In-Game Event French Bull Dogs Love To Have Fun! - Win 5,000 Gems!
  240. 5000 gems competition?
  241. Unable to get 3000 pt bonus for each tap
  242. How can i add a baby to the Robo-rescue room?
  243. Really slow to load
  244. I can't buy anything
  245. Show
  246. Deleting inactive neighbors
  247. How can I buy zigzag stairs?
  248. Pet hotel on iPad and iPhone
  249. Pet Rooms: Spelunking cave
  250. Construction on campsite completed only half way?