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  1. Sneak Peak of Upcoming Holiday Items
  2. New Content Teaser: Punky Sass and Retro Queen collections!
  3. Restaurant Story: Bunny Waiter coming soon!
  4. New Bakery Story content: Fruit Fountain!
  5. New Farm Story content: Treefort!
  6. New Nightclub content - Steampunk collection!
  7. Grab a towel and some sunblock...
  8. New recipes coming soon to Restaurant and Bakery Story!
  9. Mythical beasts, coming to a Farm near you!
  10. Some culture heading to your City
  11. Prepping your Summer wardrobe in Fashion Story
  12. city story
  13. New appliances coming to Restaurant/Bakery Story!
  14. We're getting medieval on your grass [Farm story update, New teaser added 7/28]
  15. Looking East for Updates [City Story update, New teaser added 7/28]
  16. RS - This isn't the kind you had in college...
  17. FarmS - We still give a sticky fig
  18. BS - Perfect for dippin'
  19. CS - Throwing stones: not advised
  20. NS - This club is hot!
  21. FashionS - They call me mellow yellow
  22. If you grow them, they will come...
  23. City: Get some sleep!
  24. Bakery: Don't try to wear it...
  25. Farm: Hope you turn up for this one...
  26. Farm: Dressed for Success
  27. Bakery: Delicious and nutritious
  28. Nightclub: I've got my spine...
  29. City: Dome Sweet Dome
  30. Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river
  31. Bakery: We're putting the neighborhood kids out of business
  32. Nightclub: Fill Your Eyes, No Disguise for that
  33. I came, I saw, I ported
  34. Restaurant: No Peking at this teaser...
  35. Restaurant: Dust off your grill...
  36. Bakery: What's your favorite song by Warrant?
  37. Farm: New update! Ya herd?
  38. City: University Units
  39. Nightclub: A throne of your own
  40. Farm: Grow your crops all year long!
  41. Restaurant: {gooooooooooooonnnnngggggggggg}
  42. Bakery: Something for the kids
  43. Nightclub - Served Cold...
  44. Restaurant: Never gonna fill you up...
  45. Need to make a call at your Nightclub Pub?
  46. Farm: What's the story...
  47. You know what everybody loves?
  48. Fauxnominal Fashion
  49. City: Check out where TeamLava U plays ball!
  50. Restaurant: A different kind of Box item...
  51. Nightclub: Brews on tap!
  52. City: Want to organize LavaCon?
  53. Farm: ...Don't talk back!
  54. Fashion: Rawwwrrrrr!
  55. Bakery: Forget the breadbasket...
  56. Guess who's on the VIP List...
  57. You rack, I break
  58. ...If you please
  59. 4!
  60. At TeamLava, we go nuts for...
  61. What good is a Donut Table...
  62. Keeping other people away from your table has never been classier
  63. Prep-are yourself for this outfit...
  64. No geese, but...
  65. Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well...
  66. Think green!
  67. Please, no fingerprints on the glass
  68. Gone spelunkin'...
  69. Watch out for this store; they sell your soles
  70. Winners Club Only
  71. Just because you like to Rawwwk
  72. For those who prefer two wheels instead of four
  73. Cosmo; it's not just a magazine
  74. The weather's still nice...
  75. If your customers are crazy 'bout coffee...
  76. Variety is the spice of life...
  77. Farms need flowers!
  78. No Bulls Allowed
  79. We're switching to a "light diet"...
  80. A Rose by any other name...
  81. Save on your electric bills!
  82. Grab some chow...
  83. Here's a different kind of cat for your Farm....
  84. For your Number One Club...
  85. Fry 'em up!
  86. Sparklin' Sequin
  87. Fine cuisine for your City
  88. Want new Gifts for your neighbors? You have two options...
  89. A berry good update coming for Bakery Story
  90. Disco Fever!
  91. Rustic decor for your fashionable boutique
  92. We're going tropical!
  93. Baaaaaahhhh!
  94. Your one-stop shop for rock
  95. When life gives you lemons...
  96. Farm items in Farm story?
  97. Western aesthetic for your boutique!
  98. Any music lovers out there?
  99. Add some (Team)Lava to your club!
  100. More tropical items are on the way!
  101. If it grows on trees, it must be good for you.
  102. Luau time!
  103. Lasso not included
  104. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na,
  105. Spooky nightclubs have lacking custodial staffs
  106. For all of your citizen's Halloween needs
  107. Candy Corn...
  108. Q: Why did Frankenduck's doctor do a poor job stitching him up?
  109. It's alive!
  110. Good eats!
  111. Don't let your kids play in this yard!
  112. Keep your spooky nightclub well-lit!
  113. Trick or treat!
  114. iOS users will not receive Content Update this week in Farm, Fashion, RS or BS
  115. Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
  116. Hope your Club has a staff Dentist!
  117. How 'bout a little fire, Scarecrow?
  118. A zombie graveyard is no place for you...
  119. I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts
  120. Keep an eye on your food
  121. Abbott and Costello would NOT eat this
  122. Double, double toil and trouble
  123. Viva el Dia de los Muertos!
  124. Spooky Swine!
  125. Pumpkins? I Scream!
  126. Don't be a psycho or get vertigo when looking north-by-northwest out of this
  127. Trick or Treat!
  128. Arrrrrrrrrr! Time to walk the Runway!
  129. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  130. Spookiest of all
  131. Well, I wouldn't dance on it.
  132. Watch out for the poison ones...
  133. Pumpkin Porridge...
  134. At least you won't have flies!
  135. Hay: Not Just For Horses
  136. More for the Floor
  137. My Little Pony
  138. What's in your head, In your head,
  139. Have a Ball!
  140. Go Gothic
  141. The Spiders are taking over!
  142. Eclairs, Take Two
  143. Pears. Baked.
  144. Drink 'til the dice!
  145. Your Farm could be greener!
  146. Who's on your Walk of Fame?
  147. The moment you wake up
  148. There's no I in Team...
  149. Ante up!
  150. TeamLava's New Groove
  151. Lights, Camera, Action!
  152. Goose Teaser!
  153. Sitting in a line is too mainstream
  154. Well, hot dog!
  155. This drink hits the spot
  156. More hors d'oeuvres!
  157. Ye Olde Restaurante
  158. A Home for your Gnome
  159. Go for Bullseye or Triple-Twenty?
  160. You know what your bakery needs?
  161. Gobble Gobble!
  162. Shoes, Anyone?
  163. More updates in Farm Story? Yeah, sure... when pigs fly!
  164. New ways to measure the success of your bartender
  165. Live like the 1%
  166. Ring around the Rosey!
  167. Get an antique for your boutique!
  168. Yes we Pecan!
  169. Can't use dollar bills on Arcade machines
  170. No refills needed!
  171. Go to your happy place
  172. For those think the Hollywood House is too small...
  173. The Key to a Good Dessert
  174. Tea Time!
  175. Shuffle on
  176. What you wear when you're not going out
  177. Gnome Houses are for chumps
  178. Put your wind to use!
  179. Old school recipes
  180. Have some toast? We've got you covered.
  181. Don't let him trick you
  182. To own a nightclub, you need to serve your customers well
  183. Run for Governor, and live like a King
  184. Feast like the Kings of old!
  185. Time to smell as good as you look
  186. Holiday Content on the way!
  187. Tips accepted in Cash, Credit or Mackerel
  188. Gingerbread...
  189. O Little Town of City Story
  190. Try not to eat the furniture!
  191. Stay Golden!
  192. Not all elves work at the North Pole
  193. No two sets are the same!
  194. Hark, the Herald Snowmen Sing!
  195. Deck the Barns!
  196. Let it Snow in your Restaurant!
  197. Where should you build this decoration?
  198. Euphorbia pulcherrima
  199. This is how elves cut loose after a long day at the workshop
  200. Are you tired of having your hands cut off by snowblowers...
  201. Try Vixen; he's delicious!
  202. Ho ho ho!
  203. I want to go to there!
  204. Rudolph's got nothing on this guy!
  205. Deck the Restaurant!
  206. This time, the presents are ON the tree!
  207. Snacks or furniture; you can't have both!
  208. Silent Night, Bright Lights
  209. You'll never look the same...
  210. Get him before he melts!
  211. Celebrate all the holidays!
  212. Fire up the oven!
  213. Get him before his vacation starts!
  214. Festive furniture for your nightclub!
  215. Look who got into the wrapping paper!
  216. Build vacation homes for your City!
  217. This next collection comes straight from the North Pole!
  218. Gingerbread goes great with milk...
  219. Hot new drink for your Club
  220. Birds built for cold!
  221. Can't mix drinks with any old machine...
  222. Decked in Red
  223. He's working, rain or shine ... or snow!
  224. Don't look down!
  225. It's time for some bubbly!
  226. End the year in style!
  227. Yes, I'm a ninja. No, I won't show you my moves!
  228. I am a grate cook!
  229. Why have juicy treats when you can make dry ones?
  230. At least there's no rent!
  231. Better than a normal shot!
  232. Cute and sassy? Too good to be true!
  233. Ice, Ice, Baby
  234. Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland
  235. I see a Red Moon risin'
  236. Forget a spoonful of sugar...
  237. Can you make it through?
  238. We may not be Red Bull...
  239. Don't put these in your closet...
  240. Not Eddie Murphy...
  241. Celebrate Oktoberfest all year long!
  242. Play Some Jingle Bell Rock
  243. Forget the Fountain of Youth
  244. Mending hearts, one arrow at a time
  245. Protect your Farm with Honor
  246. We're setting the mood
  247. Want the coolest club of all?
  248. Don't tear down this wall!
  249. How do you rate?
  250. Be Mine, Valentine