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  1. Need some culinary assistance?
  2. The stars have aligned for this stellar creature.
  3. Let's take a trip to the great outdoors.
  4. This is your Captain speaking - please fasten your seat belts.
  5. Let's hit the beach for some Summer romance.
  6. Take a ride to the top of the world.
  7. Give your spare change a new home in your backyard.
  8. We're now approaching our cruising altitude.
  9. Show your enthusiasm for flying with aviator themed decor.
  10. Your Citizens will roar with delight at this new addition.
  11. That's not turbulence, it's a line of hungry customers.
  12. Reminisce about this Summer's epic surfs.
  13. This near invincible creature is ready to rock!
  14. Summer is coming to an end, do you miss the beach already?
  15. It's not time to put away your sundresses yet.
  16. How do you comfort a grumbling tummy when the movie is about to start?
  17. Do you have a hankerin' to rustle up some grub?
  18. Tea parties no longer have to be make believe.
  19. Turn your Restaurant into a place where friendships grow.
  20. Spend a relaxing afternoon feeding the birds with your best friend.
  21. What's better than food trucks? Food trucks with pie.
  22. You can count on this creature to bring a fright!
  23. Need a place to show off your costume?
  24. If it looks like a dinosaur and sounds like a dinosaur, it must be...
  25. Your customers will be spellbound by this new decoration.
  26. Try not to get water on this decor, it might melt!
  27. Do you want to have the spookiest place in town this Halloween?
  28. Dig beneath the surface to discover this special creature!
  29. Who doesn't love breakfast?
  30. Your residents are ready to get out and enjoy the nice weather!
  31. The flowers are starting to bloom!
  32. It's finally warm out, perfect for some outdoor activities!
  33. Has the cold been keeping your Pets indoors?
  34. Never been to Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
  35. Is your Island in need of a prince?
  36. Do the dogs that come to your boutique look bored?
  37. Is a game of Capture the Bone with the dogs getting out of hand?
  38. Want to have a nice outdoor meal... indoor?
  39. Have you been thinking of gathering some neighbors for an outdoor event?
  40. Looking for a building to compliment your sushi restaurants?
  41. Ever wonder what life size popcorn may look like?
  42. Don't get fooled into using the same decor as last week.
  43. Don't let the outfit fool you, this canine is all bark and no bite.
  44. Get ready for Spring and let the flowers bloom.
  45. Whipping up a delicious meal fit for a Queen?
  46. Winter is over but we still have cool nights.
  47. Turn your living room into a whimsical destination.
  48. Don't fool around with this troublemaker.
  49. How do you make a fluffy dog even cuter?
  50. Attract more shoppers with some Easter decorations.
  51. Get your residents excited for Easter.
  52. Your customers are eager for some Easter surprises.
  53. Add a touch of royalty to your living room.
  54. April showers are here and our furry friends may get wet.
  55. Are your Dragons roaring out of tune?
  56. Treat your citizens to a bit of that sun and sand!
  57. It's time to set up the patio furniture!
  58. Have you wanted to see some of the finest art around?
  59. This dog is the life of the party!
  60. Looking to level up your home?
  61. April showers bring May flowers!
  62. Looking to spice up your boutique?
  63. Spend those warm summer nights with your friends!
  64. There is no such thing as too many sweets!
  65. Elegance is this magnificent creature's forte.
  66. Want to show off your fancy moves?
  67. This Dog will help you with your fundamentals!
  68. Looking for the right bed to fit nicely in your home?
  69. Time to head inside for a nice cup of Tea!
  70. There's gnome better way to decorate your shop!
  71. Need a place to rest after a long day?
  72. What's spring without this sweet, simple flower?
  73. Straight from the streets of Paris!
  74. Is there a doctor in the house?
  75. Lose yourself in the Big City!
  76. April Showers bring May Flowers!
  77. A creature as beautiful and valuable like fine China!
  78. Looking to class up your backyard?
  79. You'll feel like a kid again!
  80. Your Citizens won't know what to get!
  81. Kick back and relax with your friends!
  82. These cool cats know how to have a good time!
  83. Deliver that sweet bluegrass rhythm right through your door!
  84. You're not going to have to chase down that truck anymore!
  85. He's ready to hop off into the wild blue yonder!
  86. Dress to impress your outdoor music loving friends!
  87. Bow down to the majesty of this vibrant beast.
  88. A choco-licious treat for your chocolate lovers!
  89. FORE! Watch out for the ball!