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  1. Hey Santa, here are more reindeer to guide your sleigh!
  2. Bring Frosty indoors!
  3. Now you can wear white after labor day!
  4. No carrot nose or button eyes for this winged friend!
  5. Let the music of the holidays ring true with these blooms!
  6. We don't recall Santa's little helpers being this adorable.
  7. Happy hues on these lovely lizards!
  8. Want to take a sneak peak at the busy elves?
  9. This little guy went down in history.
  10. Your patrons are in for a royal treat!
  11. Deck the dogs with scarves and tree hats -
  12. One of the smartest members of the animal kingdom has made its way to your zoo!
  13. Want to help Santa deliver his gifts on time?
  14. Someone's just waiting around, hoping to get some smooches!
  15. How long can this building last?
  16. Justice is blind, and this creature is guilty of being awesome!
  17. Home is where the heart is! The gifts are there, too!
  18. These models look fabulous
  19. Got some skis sitting around, but no trail to use them on?
  20. New Year's is all about resolutions and new beginnings!
  21. Santa's belly may look full, but he can always find room for more goodies.
  22. Need somewhere to put all of your confectionery goodies?
  23. Everyone has seen a dog skateboard, but have you seen a dog snowboard?
  24. This may look like a lip-licking treat.
  25. Do you sometimes feel like hanging around, doing nothing all day?
  26. Do you have a need for speed?
  27. Want some new exotic wildlife frolicking in your Zoo?
  28. The paparazzi have descended upon your Boutique.
  29. Chill out with this confectionery collection of wintery wonderfulness.
  30. Find a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big city.
  31. Shade your eyes as this shimmering light in the sky approaches!
  32. All the bees will come buzzing 'round this new pink attraction!
  33. What do you get when you bring two cute things together?
  34. They're cute and cuddly and love to swim.
  35. This monster is a bit lost after being frozen in stone for most of its life.
  36. Need some more color and magic?
  37. Jack Frost turned customers into......
  38. Embrace all the shimmer and glamour!
  39. Always ready for a kiss.
  40. Gnomes know how to party!
  41. Galloping into all Zoos near you!
  42. Find the perfect flowers to give to your significant other.
  43. These aren't the kind that you would normally wear.
  44. Does your Farm need a little love?
  45. Watch out for this adorable little guy's arrow!
  46. This monitor lizard is sure to give your patrons something to 'look' at.
  47. These two birds are more than just feathered friends.
  48. It may still be January, but it's never too early to plan a date night.
  49. Feel a deep sense of love with this week's ensemble.
  50. Divide and conquer your Island with this fierce new addition.
  51. It's raining hearts from above!
  52. Don't worry these Rose themed items have no thorns.
  53. Prepare your customers for Fat Tuesday.
  54. They have sharp claws to go with their prickly personalities.
  55. How can you say no to an adorable face like this?
  56. Plan a memorable time with that special someone!
  57. Love is in the air and in the trees!
  58. This colorful counter is perfect to display all your 'hearty' meals.
  59. Will you 'Be Mine' this Valentine's Day?
  60. Blazing hot with an even tougher shell...
  61. Love is sure to grow with these colorful candies.
  62. This creature might look delicious, but we advise that you don't try to take a bite
  63. Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
  64. This adorable and fluffy furball needs some love this Valentine's Day!
  65. This rare animal is stronger than it looks.
  66. Look what came hopping in from the fields.
  67. Listen for the signature calls of North America's tallest bird.
  68. Despite its name, this athletic cat is very soft and huggable.
  69. New York Fashion Week may have come to a close, but don't let that stop you.
  70. Your customers will love this ah-maize-ing southern comfort dish!
  71. After a long day, this new hotspot is exactly what you need!
  72. This bejeweled creature is fierce and quick on its feet!
  73. Make your Restaurant menu extra special with this delectable new dish!
  74. Spring is on its way and the birds are returning from the south!
  75. This broad shouldered canine has adorable button eyes and perky ears!
  76. Swift and lithe, this creature will bring leaps and bounds to your Zoo!
  77. Get ready to pony up for some outdoor cooking.
  78. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  79. Need some space to lay out and practice your Downward Dog?
  80. Among the moon and stars, this dark winged creature lights up the sky!
  81. High fashion never looked better with these smart pieces!
  82. We hope you're not afraid of heights!
  83. Reptiles are an instant hit with the kids!
  84. Start your early Spring gardening!
  85. Feelin' lucky? This pooch sure is!
  86. Change of the seasons means amazing new apparel!
  87. Customers love refreshing new beverages!
  88. Tickle the ivories while awaiting your goods to be freshly made.
  89. Snakes on a plane? No way! Snakes in your Zoo is the way to go.
  90. It's time to look your best and let the hair fly!
  91. St. Patrick's Day fashions have never been finer!
  92. Visit your neighbors in style and luxury!
  93. Have a seat and prepare for a symphony of deliciousness!
  94. Your Farm is in full harvest, so it's time to clear the fields!
  95. Find your inner peace. OMMMMMM?
  96. Get ready, because you will be hopping alongside this new Monster!
  97. Come check out the new arrivals that can be worn any day of the week.
  98. Let's go to the hop!
  99. The weather may not be changing, but the temperature is rising indoors.
  100. Looking for that perfect center piece?
  101. Let's all make a wish!
  102. Musical chairs...and tables?
  103. Add a charming touch of Eastern decor to your Restaurant!
  104. Have you ever dreamed of traveling into space?
  105. Point to the puppy you love.
  106. While a fiddler on the roof makes for a great musical...
  107. Spring into a new look!
  108. What has two then four legs, is incredibly cute, and gleams like a lustrous pearl?
  109. Sometimes the best things grow on trees.
  110. Did someone say bacon?
  111. The sound of music is in the air!
  112. Spring has arrived and the trees are bearing fruit!
  113. Don't confuse this beauty to be all shimmer and no bite.
  114. Set the trend this Spring with a fresh spin on these old favorites!
  115. Take your Farm on a trip down under!
  116. It's never a bad time to celebrate with a little bubbly.
  117. This striped pet has nine lives and emerald eyes!
  118. Spring has arrived and it's time to spend more time in the sun.
  119. Help shade your eyes from the bright sun!
  120. Reveal your green thumb by growing one of these little ones.
  121. Let your vacation bloom into something amazing!
  122. This stellar Dragon is out of this world!
  123. Take a trip south of the border with these colorful additions.
  124. An Apple a day keeps the Dentist away.
  125. Ready to be stuck on this tree?
  126. It's time to walk with style and look amazing with items from this new display!
  127. Give your pets something new to run around with!
  128. This planetary dragon is out of this world.
  129. It's time to enjoy dinner and a movie.
  130. Get rid of that thick layer of unsightly pollen dust.
  131. In the morning we're makin' mini waffles.
  132. Show this special lady how much you care.
  133. In-spire your Boutique customers.
  134. Stay a little longer in the land down under.
  135. We don't recommend drawing an X to mark the spot of this treasure!
  136. Enjoy lively tunes over a plate of warm chocolate cookies.
  137. Impress your customers with your own trendy decor
  138. Spice up your offerings with dinner and entertainment!
  139. Looking for the perfect place to bring a first date?
  140. Your crops are no longer at the mercy of the weather.
  141. Warmer weather has arrived and it's time to hit the beach!
  142. Now that you've perfected your recipes, let's talk presentation!
  143. Take advantage of the weather and break out the grill!
  144. Ready for something new for dinner tonight?
  145. You'll have sweet preserves all summer with this delectable fruit!
  146. Stop and smell the roses this Mother's Day!
  147. This long haired pup is loyal and enjoys spending time with people!
  148. This creature might be a snake charmer, but it doesn't slither!
  149. Anyone can have a green thumb with this low maintenance beauty!
  150. Need to fill up on popcorn for all the upcoming summer movies?
  151. Schooool's (almost) out for summer!
  152. Look what's springing up in your local eatery.
  153. This magical new creature is sure to "WOW!" your neighbors.
  154. It's time to glam it up with this chic new item.
  155. It's time for your customers to get cozy.
  156. This little one is sure to have your customers rolling with joy.
  157. Open your shades and let the sunshine in.
  158. Nothing brightens up a tasty treat more than a cute lounge to enjoy it in!
  159. After you've filled your belly with summer treats, it's time to rest your head.
  160. Give your favorite furry friends a safe place to play!
  161. Are your customers looking for the perfect dress for Spring formal?
  162. Now that you've spruced up your living room, don't forget about another room!
  163. Some believe if you stare into this creature's coat, you'll see visions!
  164. Do you have a sweet tooth for cupcakes?
  165. Cats are natural climbers and aren't afraid of a challenging height!
  166. Your customers will want to buy your treats to serve at picnics!
  167. Serve up delicious meals with summer ambiance.
  168. This spunky new pet will melt your heart.
  169. This creature isn't a villain, it's just misunderstood!
  170. There's nothing like fresh corn for the summer!
  171. Do you have a best friend?
  172. Summer is on its way!
  173. This clever creature has nine tails and comes from legend!
  174. Is your menu full of refined treats?
  175. Do your customers love small pets?
  176. Vintage is all the rage this season.
  177. Looking for some entertainment after you've filled your belly?
  178. This dragon may make you green with envy, but don't let it make you feel blue!
  179. An eyepatch can cause even the most experienced captain to run his ship aground.
  180. Grab inspiration with an eclectic new look.
  181. Add some diversity in your shop with this international canine.
  182. Spice up your Bakery with some inspiration from across the pond.
  183. It's not really Summer until you're catching waves!
  184. Cherish all those old Summer camp memories with this nostalgic piece.
  185. Live too far from the beach? Don't let that stop you!
  186. The weather is perfect for a spot of tea!
  187. Sometimes a scarecrow just doesn't cut it
  188. Being a fashionista requires grace and skill
  189. Your dream of dashing merrily through the meadows has been realized
  190. This creature's scales are indestructible, but don't worry - it's as gentle as a lamb
  191. Glass furniture is sleek and stylish!
  192. Rise up to the challenge of your rivals!
  193. Summer trends are proof that lime isn't just for tacos!
  194. Stand out in the crowd.
  195. Arrr, mateys! Where be the treasure?
  196. We want YOU to celebrate American Independence Day!
  197. Give your customers a seaworthy dining experience.
  198. The fashion world can be a hectic place.
  199. Shock your taste buds with something new.
  200. Add a touch of elegance during this sweltering heat.
  201. This canine is setting off fireworks in our hearts.
  202. Step right up, there's a delicious new snack in town!
  203. Sometimes the best way to hide something is out in the open.
  204. A unicorn doesn't have anything on this prehistoric beast.
  205. Everything is better with a little lime.
  206. Is your parrot giving away the location of your treasure?
  207. Crank up the music and let's get psychedelic.
  208. Don't let your animals form a "coo" against you.
  209. No Island is complete without this sharp-toothed king of lizards.
  210. It's time to break out the sundresses and shorts!
  211. Looking to reign in some new customers?
  212. Choosing a Pet can be tough, cuz they're all so cute!
  213. Kick the ambiance up a notch with decor that pops!
  214. Are you ready to set sail?
  215. There's a Troll in the dungeon! Oh, wait - that's a Dragon.
  216. Are you looking to upgrade from your wheel barrel to move your Crops?
  217. Everyone needs a place to store their bell bottoms for the Summer.
  218. Summer's here and it's time to update your wardrobe!
  219. Did you dream of having a pony when you were small?
  220. Your island is in awe, as a new Dragon gleams in the sky!
  221. If you smell something groovy, it must be coming from the kitchen!
  222. Want to bring some fire to your boutique?
  223. Looking for a pet that can dance the hula with you?
  224. Looking for a cozy look for your restaurant?
  225. Grab your treasure map - 'X' marks the spot for fun times!
  226. ARRRR you ready for more pirate plunders to enjoy with your delectable goodies?
  227. Summer will be over soon, so refresh your wardrobe with some University necessities.
  228. What's more adorable than a dog with stubby little legs?
  229. Light some candles and chill out to some relaxing tunes.
  230. Come prepared with an open heart and an empty stomach.
  231. The Summertime is made for that Shake, Rattle and Roll!
  232. Don't let the Summer heat melt you down!
  233. These new items are surely made so you can let your toes be free!
  234. This cute little feline comes from a high class society.
  235. Look what the tide brought in!
  236. Do you need some extra pampering when you arrive at our 4 Star Bakery?
  237. We're sure you will 'Like' this new addition to your Island.
  238. Enjoying art is an acquired taste...
  239. Time to achieve true enlightenment!
  240. It's time to prepare for class!
  241. Looking for that perfect treat?
  242. New school year means new fashions!
  243. Missing that right amount of feng shui?
  244. Your newly acquired chefs are serving up the finest pirate cuisine!
  245. Relaxing never looked so good!
  246. Customers love the Summer air!
  247. Going for that Vintage look in your home?
  248. Townsfolk looking for some new excitement?
  249. Take a stroll down to the beach to dig for this cute little creature.
  250. Even a pirate enjoys a nice view!