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  1. It takes two to tango...
  2. ♫ I love Starfishes 'cause they're so delicious ♫
  3. For those of you going for the Bella Swan look:
  4. If you're feeling blue...
  5. Which entree are you getting for lunch?
  6. What do you do with a pig at a luau?
  7. Do you hear the Mermaid's call?
  8. Shine some light on your top clothing items!
  9. Dancing and partying is hard work!
  10. Beautiful foods need beautiful surroundings.
  11. Can there ever be enough beautiful flowers to add in your farm?
  12. What's the soup du jour in Restaurant Story?
  13. She sells Seashell (Cupcakes) by the seashore...
  14. When it comes to music, the sky is the limit!
  15. Cool and refreshing like the sea, teal is the color to wear this summer.
  16. These will add a wonderful aroma to your Farm!
  17. Want a bit of Soul with your meal?
  18. A cool refreshment after hours of dancing?
  19. Match that sparkle in your eyes with the sparkles around your neck!
  20. He has his eye on you!
  21. What does an exotic bird say in the morning on your farm?
  22. Jazz is musical deliciousness for your ears...
  23. Is it a scrumptious dessert? Is it a delectable drink?
  24. Light up any room with your footsteps!
  25. Follow your nose - it always knows!
  26. The perfect treats to beat the heat!
  27. Please don't tap on the glass!
  28. Do you have a clue as to what's coming to Zoo Story 2?
  29. Modern and exotic irrigation at it's finest...
  30. Summertime means grabbing a yummy bite to eat after a great day by the sand and surf!
  31. Are your VIPs getting winded from dancing all night long?
  32. Don't be fooled by its pony-sized stature!
  33. Forever alone NO LONGER!
  34. Add some marvelous purple blooms...
  35. Feels like a cloud, tastes like heaven...
  36. You've reached the End of Line!
  37. The hot Summer heat is nothing for these guys!
  38. Got Gold on your mind?
  39. What's more surreal yet believable than snakes on a plane?
  40. Fresh bread! Enjoy it while it's hot and fresh!
  41. Turn heads when you step up to the counter!
  42. The visitors must be lining up to see your new Zoo attraction!
  43. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!
  44. They'll sprout any moment now!
  45. Why choose between candy and cake when you can have them both together?
  46. Make your nights POP!!
  47. Hold up, hold up - what lovely accessory is holding your pants up?
  48. They're simply ADORABLE! You'll just want to hug it real tight!
  49. Elvis would be proud of this incredibly fashionable avian!
  50. You know you want to take it for a spin!
  51. They'll be fresh and ready from the oven shortly!
  52. Serve up this tantalizing force of nature!
  53. It's the little things that make an outfit ultra-chic and cool!
  54. We don't call them pet "accidents"...
  55. A new arrival is coming soon and its proud parents are ecstatic!
  56. Be sure not to step on their tails!
  57. Don't let anyone ever take your free ham!
  58. Clean away the hunger pains!
  59. When the moon hits your drink off the shine from the sink, that's amore!
  60. Cats and dogs get all the attention! Do you "dig" rodents?
  61. These aren't "night owls"... they're up during the day!
  62. Are your animals parched in Farm Story?
  63. Looking for some dinner music?
  64. Do you have what it takes to be a Candy King or Queen?
  65. It's the next best thing to having Daft Punk in your Nightclub!
  66. Here's a decoration for everyone, big and small!
  67. Want to show off your California Love in your Zoo?
  68. It's always the season for a burst of color!
  69. The food is so delicious, you've got to pace yourself!
  70. Want some sweet, delicious candy?
  71. Those dance moves are too good to be real!
  72. Want to make your new fashion line POP?
  73. Even when they slither, they're super-cute!
  74. Bears that stand upright, smile, and dance are sure to be a great attraction!
  75. That's one giant caterpillar!!
  76. These rare flowers are all the rage!
  77. Pizza is always music to our ears!
  78. Arriving from the land of the rising sun very soon...
  79. Match your bumpin' beats with an ultra-modern sound system!
  80. Fashion Story is getting a bunch of new haute items.
  81. Erghmagosh... THEY'RE SO FLUFFY!
  82. Our friends from the great white north are sending some new lovable friends, eh?
  83. Candied goodies growing on a tree? We had a dream like this once!
  84. This continental delicacy takes first prize for being mmm-mmm-magnifique!
  85. Sometimes ice cream and frozen yogurt just won't do...
  86. Yoga leads to enlightenment... literally!
  87. Who wants to take home this fluffy cotton puff?
  88. Pudgy, spiny, and undeniably cute...
  89. This dragon looks out of this world!
  90. Add gorgeous and festive colors to your fields!
  91. Do your customers want a delicious and juicy burger all up in their grill?
  92. Biscotti, Cannoli, Tiramisu... how do you choose just one?
  93. Serve your guests a new tasty drink!
  94. Who says fashion can't be comfortable and functional?
  95. You'll definitely want this handsome, lovable, and playful breed!
  96. Tis the Kraken off our starboard bow!
  97. What do you feed a pachyderm on the stage under the big top?
  98. There's nothing more delicious and hearty than good ol' comfort food.
  99. What's cookin' in Bakery Story? It's smells delicious!
  100. It's a scrumptious whirlwind of chocolate rain and deliciousness!
  101. You don't sweat after a run - you glisten!
  102. Look at those smiles... how could you not fall in love with these angels?
  103. The siren of the sea is now singing in the sky!
  104. Money may not grow on trees...
  105. Capture the feel of a '50s diner and rock around the clock!
  106. Hold the sauce!
  107. Your guests want the hottest tracks played by the best DJs with the latest equipment!
  108. Let your customers test drive the athletic clothes before they buy!
  109. Check out the newest and cutest addition to your shop!
  110. Come by and have a staring contest with...
  111. The blooms on this tree really do "POP!"
  112. Serve up some frothy, delicious frozen treats...
  113. Can't make it to Italy to see one of the Wonders of the World?
  114. We've got your GTL days covered in your boutique!
  115. These cool cats are purrrr-ty cute!
  116. It's going to be hard to miss this colorful bird!
  117. Something funny is waiting in the wings.
  118. Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food?
  119. Although summer is coming to a close, you can still have some "barbecue"...
  120. Vampires are coming and they are in need for sustenance!
  121. Celebrate the end of summer with a refreshing drink!
  122. Is your Treadmill Display not getting enough use?
  123. Are you getting "tied" up in all that extra yarn lying around?
  124. There ain't no mountain high enough...
  125. Don't be fooled...
  126. There's nothing horrible about this doctor.
  127. Step into her web if you dare!
  128. Shopping for costumes is tiring work, so set out some treats for your customers!
  129. What makes these kitties cool cats?
  130. He's secretly hiding in the branches.
  131. Who needs wings to fly when you're already floating on a cloud?
  132. This fruit is definitely no treat this time of year.
  133. Hurry up and serve your food fast!
  134. Beware of the alluring cake!
  135. Wig out with these wild colors!
  136. The dinosaur ate my dog!
  137. There is a monkey in the hot spring!
  138. This dragon is all about style!
  139. Eye of newt and wing of bat... sounds tasty to us!
  140. Mommies may make the best cookies, but mummies love to munch on them!
  141. The music in your boutique is great - who plays that song?
  142. Your pets need a costume - and potassium!
  143. These pups have a great head of hair!
  144. Costumes don't always have to be scary - they can be delicious, too!
  145. Which dragon is coming to your island in the sky?
  146. When the clock chimes at midnight, this carriage will turn back to normal.
  147. Run for your lives!
  148. Somebody get this spider!!
  149. You can get "maid" up for halloween with this adorable costume.
  150. What's the only way to get your cat in the water?
  151. Take a float down the Yangtze River.
  152. Keep unwanted strangers off your Island with this man-eater.
  153. Apples don't have wings and faces, the last time we checked.
  154. It can see that you're hungry...
  155. Decorations that are pretty and creepy - just in time for Halloween!
  156. Bring the dance floor with you everywhere you go with the ultimate bling accessory!
  157. Pet costumes are a-buzz in your shop right meow!
  158. An ominous mist shrouds over your metropolis...
  159. Don't expect any friendliness from this rare mare, she is on fire!
  160. Don't eat alone!
  161. Need more special parts to conjure up new spooky recipes?
  162. Play a trick on your customers with these fun, floaty characters!
  163. Give your pets a treat from the carnival.
  164. This new business offers an eerie experience.
  165. Get your neighbors to come trick-or-treating at your island.
  166. A field of these will yield the BEST kind of harvest!
  167. We love buffalo wings, but...
  168. This cake is eerily delicious!
  169. This apparition will bring VIPs into your club, not scare them away!
  170. Who needs baby's breath to garnish your bouquets when...
  171. These pooches were busted...
  172. There's a new family coming to zoo? a really BIG one!
  173. The witching hour is nearly upon us, and your citizens haven't got a thing to wear!
  174. Be careful when you rake the leaves!
  175. Set up a fun-filled attraction to spook your customers.
  176. Conjure up the spirits of recipes past.
  177. Get on stage and do the "Thriller!"
  178. Make a fashion statement this Hallow's Eve.
  179. Where have your pets' accessories gone?
  180. You won't have to view these majestic creatures on your crests anymore.
  181. Need to protect your citizens from evil spirits?
  182. An evil scientist has been experimenting with your Monsters!
  183. These have got to be the sparkliest, most expensive looking cobs we've ever seen!
  184. Classics never get old!
  185. The leaves are falling from the trees outside...
  186. Celebrate the beauty of the season with lovely wall decorations in your boutique!
  187. Let dogs let loose on one of our snazzy new decorative accent.
  188. Winter is coming and someone needs a place to stay!
  189. It's said that a leopard can't change its spots...
  190. Great salads start with delicious vegetables!
  191. Your customers will be thankful for this gigantic table filled with delicious food!
  192. As the leaves fall and the weather chills outside...
  193. Looking for an interesting way to display your new jewelry line?
  194. Brighten up your zoo with this happy and vibrant avian!
  195. This creature definitely belongs on your island of amazing dragons!
  196. Don't mistake your dog for a turkey!
  197. Catch those falling leaves with your plates!
  198. No animals were harmed in the making of this product.
  199. Don't be scared when these fast creatures are running towards you with their horns!
  200. Halloween may be over, but there is still Thanksgiving for this mischievous creature.
  201. Give your customers something to be thankful for this holiday season!
  202. We don't suggest trying to cook this bird...
  203. Ever wonder what root beer is actually made of?
  204. Walk the walk and show off your new collections!
  205. Cute, cuddly, and amazing companions!
  206. Want to know what the food du jour is? Do you love the Great White North?
  207. Don't be fooled - that's not a sock monkey!
  208. There is always room for dessert!
  209. Warm up your hands!
  210. Bring plenty of harvest to your feast table this Fall!
  211. Fire up the ambience!
  212. These grey furballs sure can sleep a long time!
  213. What else could be easier than having a spoon for a mouth?
  214. Tis the season for delicious baked goods!
  215. Do your customers need a pick-me-up after their big turkey meal?
  216. That dragon can't be real? or can it?
  217. It's not easy, bein'... cute and cuddly!
  218. There's a new resident in your zoo!
This critter's got sass!
  220. Hey, it's a bakery within a bakery, double the fun!
  221. This new creature is not your typical house cat.
  222. The air is a bit snippy...
  223. The original gets a new spin!
  224. Shiver me timbers!
  225. Shake those tail feathers!
  226. Oh dear, you've got a cute woodland visitor on your fields!
  227. "Fall" in love with this tasty seasonal confection.
  228. There's "berry" little to complain about this tasty drink - your VIPs will love it!
  229. This hound counts sheep when it sleeps -
  230. The fryer makes tasty goodies and now comes in a fashionable and seasonal color!
  231. A majestic flyer has made its home in your zoo!
  232. There's a new dragon flying high in the sky. It's "mummy" would be proud!
  233. This bag goes with EVERYTHING this season!
  234. These are too hot to handle!
  235. Mix some drinks for the dancing pilgrims!
  236. Triple the space, triple the fun!
  237. Get crackin' and go nuts!
  238. Lay back and relax!
  239. Can you dig this new critter?
  240. Add some East coast beauty with this home!
  241. Shake things up for your diners!
  242. The renovations on this house look sweet - let's EAT IT!
  243. On Comet, on Cupid! On Donner, on? Spot?
  244. This colorful critter is ferociously friendly!
  245. Money doesn't grow on trees
  246. These crops are the perfect gift and already wrapped!
  247. Everybody loves some razzle dazzle!
  248. Hope this will be warm enough for everyone!
  249. One scoop? Two scoops?
  250. Tick-tock!