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  1. Goals? /collections?
  2. Cant buy gems
  3. Pet Shop name not displaying iphone emoticons
  4. Overall Disappointed with this game
  5. A very weird glitch
  6. Plz Help!!!
  7. No Name Glitch Again On PSS
  8. Help :(
  9. accept/decline button swapped
  10. Cancel current breed for a new one button
  11. customers can walk through walls
  12. Please help!!
  13. News Feed for pet shop and zoo2
  14. More variety
  15. Display Issues with New Holiday Box
  16. Gift pictures don't match description
  17. For the goal requiring to visit neighbors shops and play 15 times....
  18. New update took my earned coins
  19. Completed goals prior to goals working gives no credit? Must use gems to complete :-(
  20. Pet Story for Android
  21. Assorted pet shop bugs
  22. Not Working wont open
  23. Freezing!?
  24. That stupid goldfish breeding,,...please fix!
  25. I want my Angora pls fix the bug
  26. pet Shop Story keeps crashing?
  27. Daily Coin Formula
  28. Earn gems
  29. Bug or Feature?
  30. Shoppers Don't Need A Door
  31. Gift Items have wrong display icons
  32. Crashing, bad buttons, out of sync errors, hard to see sparkles, and other issues.
  33. Why are the gift options the wrong picture for each item?
  34. Problems continue with Goals.
  35. If you're going to insist on long breeding hours, give us more slots.
  36. From Gems to Coins..
  37. [What happens to the dividers] Can't be placed on the edge of a brick
  38. give us gems or the pet gets it!!!!
  39. The PET Shop Story won't start??!
  40. Is there really only ONE breeding slot?
  41. No Treats
  42. Goal glitch: Coins of Joy
  43. just sayin.
  44. Expansions.
  45. Level 20--- Bar not moving
  46. If pets are going to be expensive....
  47. How to you give your neighbors the items they requested?
  48. Tiger
  49. Bullfrog
  50. purchased gems not credited
  51. What is the final step of the Duchsund goal?
  52. More goals for level 20 please!!!
  53. Can't buy items?
  54. More small animals and reptiles, please.
  55. Cannot buy anything in pet shop.
  56. Hate all the pop ups!!
  57. Nursery timer and alert not in sync.
  58. Deviders can't be moved like from the beginning?!
  59. OUT OF SYNC!!! Then everything doubles !!
  60. Breeding time error
  61. Pets worth gems have doubled
  62. Breeding time won't count down!!!
  63. My level bar is stuck on 20
  64. Knock it off, TL!
  65. So many bugs!
  66. Box turtle breeding time error
  67. Bullfrog
  68. Missing Pets
  69. Why do gem costs for pets vary
  70. Customers not coming into shop/False notifications!
  71. I still can't move from level 20!!
  72. Designer Breeding goal frozen
  73. Sick GEM pet due to changed breeding time
  74. Another change in breeding times.
  75. Breeding time not matching
  76. Out of Sync notification
  77. Incorrect daily coin amount
  78. Betta fish
  79. Unable to place crossbread pets
  80. Bug in breeder
  81. Out of sync with server
  82. Breeding time stuck
  83. Breeding frustration!!!!!!
  84. Storage items and how to use them!
  85. The game won't open ... Can't place my new born puppies :(
  86. Do I have to sell my CoJacks to meet goal?
  87. Just some suggestions from an avid player
  88. Problem with New GOAL
  89. Permit as a gift
  90. Didnt get any $
  91. What do I do with gifts? - Materials for Constructible Items
  92. Help me decide how to spend my remaining gems please
  93. Breeding Request and other feedback
  94. What's the best way to tell if a neighbor has closed shop?
  95. Problem Sending Request
  96. Past level 25
  97. Game not registering my Cojacks!
  98. No more daily coin bonus!
  99. Still stuck on level 25
  100. Change gifts pleeeeeease!!!
  101. Daily Coins
  102. Pet Shop Story Cominq To Android .?!
  103. Suggestion about the crossbreeding panel
  104. Pets in more colors please
  105. Pop Ups Have GOT to stop, PLEASE!
  106. More pets please
  107. Just when all hope was gone!
  108. Breeding problem with star quarterback out of sync and baby vanished
  109. Please raise OR remove the limit of neighbors
  110. Can't move from lv 25... Boring
  111. I Thought This Issue Was Being Fixed - Out of Sync
  112. New beds??
  113. Unable to purchase gems in pet shop story
  114. moving games
  115. Valentine's Edition Goal Issue -Love letters
  116. can't expand
  117. Quarterback Goal disapeared o_O
  118. Time Change?
  119. Valentine version...Permits
  120. Gift icons wrong again.
  121. Lost seven gems!!!!!!
  122. Please help me!
  123. Please a new limited time pet
  124. Cannot Complete the New Goal
  125. Level 25 out of sync with XP progress bar
  126. Help me my pug in breeding keeps dissapearing?
  127. transfer game to new ipod
  128. Daily Money given--Star issue
  129. Can not buy any gems
  130. I can't delete my pets hop and start a new one
  131. Help, my corgi disappeared & I'm not getting responses for permits or treats!
  132. Game quitting while trying to visit neighbors
  133. Can't buy gems
  134. Help
  135. Gem Sale Glitch?
  136. Heart dalmatian playpen
  137. Goals
  138. May I make a suggestion?
  139. Neighbor not listed
  140. Lost gems
  141. Designer Breeding
  142. Question. Suggestion.and tons of praises! :)
  143. I can't play because I can't earn gems
  144. Requests for items not going through!! So frustrating!!
  145. Lost coins + No NEWS icon in Valentine's day version
  146. Lost Coins
  147. Lost American curl cat!
  148. Pet story for andriod
  149. My rabbit should be complete
  150. Can't seem to select gifts to send
  151. Gem issues
  152. Border Collie WAY too expensive!
  153. Can't breed an Ocicat?
  154. Why is the Somali cat in a dog's playpen?
  155. Please help
  156. completed goals but shop goals did not detect it
  157. Ribbit! Goal
  158. Losing Coins
  159. My shop needs windows! :-)
  160. Can you please add a "select all" button for sending requests/gifts?
  161. Kicked out
  162. Insufficient floor space
  163. unobtainable goal
  164. customers
  165. Pop ups for new animals 😡
  166. Not receiving gem sales!
  167. I hate GEMS!!😡
  168. It's frozen!!!!
  169. Some ANDROID issues
  170. Long Coat Dackal issue?
  171. designer breeding goal stuck
  172. Please read this first before posting bug reports
  173. Two biggest flaws
  174. Mystery box didint add rare pets....PLEASE HELP
  175. Lost my coins
  176. For my neighbors only
  177. Goals: Cat Matters
  178. Just a suggestion..
  179. Unable to ask neighbours for items
  180. Accidental Gem Spending
  181. How to restart the game?
  182. Current Bugs and Issues for Pet Shop
  183. iPad-specific crash in both normal and VDay versions.
  184. Now you have to buy gems to complete quests? This is not a free game!
  185. Goal ?
  186. New items for pets
  187. Coin Earnings
  188. black screen
  189. Can't process pass level 14 and losing pets!!
  190. Accept/Decline Dialogue
  191. Lucky dog bed
  192. cannot expand any more
  193. Goals
  194. Out of sync??
  195. Pet Story Original Deleted
  196. Issue with breeding chocolate bunny...
  197. Expansion suggestion
  198. Coin and Xp disappering act!
  199. Consider adding a Sphynx cat!
  200. Help
  201. Serious bug with level points after visiting neighbors
  202. New iPad
  203. No feature to save game
  204. new player. is there a how-to thread?
  205. Game Suggestions - option to sell breeders.
  206. Pop up ****ed my baby😜
  207. How can I change my pet shop name?
  208. can to reset the game?
  209. Help!
  210. I can't play pet shop story ever since the update ;( it doesn't load
  211. Thousands of dollars
  212. Confirmation Pop-up
  213. Devon Rex
  214. Accidentallly lost almost ALL of my gems! :( "Skip" feature needs to be fixed!
  215. Losing Coins
  216. Notification issue
  217. shop goal designer breeds
  218. Please allow further expansion!
  220. 2 Dorgi playpens?
  221. random pets showing up and jewels missing without me purchasing
  222. Not Cool!
  223. Seven Reasons For Expansion....and Counting!!
  224. Breeding slots and visiting neighbors
  225. Why level stopped at 40?
  226. Where's the new part TL?
  227. Dragons have me seeing red!!!!
  228. level 28 keeps being sent back yo 27
  229. I want my restaurant zoo snd pet shop back
  230. Pet Shop Story Expanshions
  231. Blank GEMS-page
  232. Pending gifts disappearing
  233. constructive comments :)
  234. How do you report people on pet shop story and what does reporting do
  235. Is pet shop story able to expand?
  236. Support doesn't answer my e-mail
  237. cant get my gifts out of storage
  238. Lost everything in storage!
  239. Level six goal
  240. Breed problems
  241. Collection Pictures Not loading.
  242. Pens Under Construction
  243. Can't get into Pet Shop Story
  244. Storage seems to be locked.
  245. Rip off
  246. Android Issues.
  247. dog breed ideas
  248. Gifting permits
  249. birds for TL
  250. reptiles for TL