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  1. Some pet story questions...Android Players please respond!!!
  2. Pet Shop Doctor or Veteriarian suggestion
  3. Active neighbors ideas
  4. Cat Matters Goal Issue
  5. Pop up adds for other games
  6. Glitchy?
  7. Thanks???
  8. Pet story:No new task
  9. No New goals!!
  10. Not breeding?
  11. New way to collect
  12. Logged with wrong account
  13. Are the Games down?
  14. Please add Another way to earn gems
  15. Storage
  16. Disappearing gem goals
  17. Fortunate Pup Goal Expired but still there
  18. Pet collection not working properly?
  19. losing pets and upgrades with "out of sync message"
  20. Games are down 8-8-2012 [Update: Fixed!]
  21. The american wirehair goal
  22. Goal Glitch
  23. Level Dropping back
  24. Burmese glitch
  25. Goal bug?
  26. Fancy decor master and a few other EXPIRED goals
  27. English sheepdog & Bullmastiff
  28. Accidentally used my gems in petshop!!!!!;=(
  29. Game randomly closes
  30. resetting everytime i open
  31. goals
  32. More Expand??
  33. Missing goals!!
  34. Tap Here sign on who needs petting
  35. Report Bully Here
  36. Game crashes!
  37. Unable to use gifted/ stored items. Message says these items are used for constructio
  38. Keeping Balanced goal
  39. Designer Breed goal--Cojack
  40. Running out of space
  41. Pet Shop Story goals expiring before the allotted time!
  42. Lost Gems!
  43. My expansion and breeding has disappeared
  44. For Teamlava
  45. More expansio
  46. Cant breed or crossbreed
  47. Level 50 bar line xp still not increase!
  48. i want to complet a goal plz help
  49. daily bonus never goes past 3 days
  50. Game crashing
  51. Burmese crossbreeds with what?
  52. How do I get gems Back
  53. Cannot purchase any new items or pets??
  54. gems?
  55. Halloween Double prices?!
  56. Force Shut Off
  57. Game wont load since I did the quest to "like" the fan page.
  58. Bullish Buddies
  59. Help!!!
  60. I can NOT see my journal or goals WHAT DO I DO
  61. pet shop story note pad
  62. Game crashes
  63. Baby dragons are cute... until they crash your game
  64. Bravo teamlava !!!
  65. awarded 6gem pop up wont stop
  66. missing Halloween animals..
  67. Omg all 90 odd pets have disappeared!!! Help me!!
  68. "Dragons" and "Bakery" Quests...didn't register as complete, no reward.
  69. I have an extra baby Corgi in the nursery..
  70. nursery locked
  71. Cant tell what pets I need to unloock Tree Frog
  72. Beelze-Bark Crashes PSS
  73. Leveled out?
  74. Thankful Customer goal
  75. Force Close in Pet Shop Story: Thanksgiving for Android
  76. Why can't I expand?? Please help me
  77. Keep Geting Notice in Game saying my shorthair cat is ready but i never breeded one
  78. "/ unable to see pets in pet collection
  79. Thanksgiving items
  80. bad people
  81. SO many android issues
  82. unable to do in-app purchase
  83. Unable to Complete Third Stage of "Designer Breeding" Goal
  84. Why is my Maine Coon Cat invisible?
  85. gems
  86. O Xmas Tree Goal makes game crash
  87. Unable to remove neighbour
  88. Accidental Gem Spending
  89. Gem question
  90. Animals missing, etc......
  91. Force Closing
  92. didn't collect price from collection
  93. I lost EVERYTHING
  94. I lost my Sheagle! HELP!
  95. I dont know how to transfer my old account to a new device
  96. Labradoodle
  97. In game message notices?
  98. Missing Gems
  99. notifications not appearing on android!
  100. Items are Invisible
  101. Lunar New Year Goal Glitch?
  102. Points
  103. animals missing
  104. Did not get reward after finishing a collection.
  105. Why don't the game work?
  106. raving for rarity goal
  107. Shocked
  108. expansion
  109. The PERMIT for expI got from my nb always lost
  110. Purchased ?24.75 worth of gems this moring and hasn't appeared!?
  111. Can't use materials in storage...
  112. Visiting Neighbors
  113. the village animals
  114. Update Seeing Hearts Everywhere On Android
  115. Pet Shop Issue
  116. Please but a conformation on what animal u want to breed before it starts
  117. Unable to give gifts
  118. Dead bugs (dragonflies?) on floor of shop
  119. Losings gems
  120. Gem usage
  121. Help! Thanksgiving Pet Shop
  122. Pet Shop Story
  123. Gem issue, please help!
  124. No Easter Updates
  125. Flemish rabbit
  126. Longhair Cat
  127. Missing Box Turtle
  128. Collecting from visits
  129. Daily Bonus
  130. Constant Crashing & Forced Closing
  131. i have no easter stuff
  132. Pet Shop Story Easter Crashing
  133. Jack Russell Terrior Bug. .help!
  134. Discouraged
  135. Responses
  136. Pet Shop Story: Easter Edition - No Zoom?
  137. Can't download????
  138. Who has visited my pet shop?
  139. new phone.. lost all progress HELP
  140. Not getting any gifts?
  141. Updates
  142. Goals
  143. Mr. Lizard
  144. What kind of breeding!!
  145. new goals?
  146. Ginger cat goal stuck
  147. Daily credits
  148. Daily Credits
  149. daily credits
  150. Breeding a Clipper Cat
  151. Gem Sale
  152. Completed goals not finishing
  153. coin glitch this week's new pets
  154. pet story
  155. new phone?
  156. Out of sync messages,tossed out of PSS, lost purchased pet, can't write on wall, etc.
  157. lost gems
  158. can not breed my Burmese
  159. Lost gems, again.
  160. Gems
  161. Expansion and Corgi Breeding stuck on 2 days
  162. Wondering
  163. Does Apple Charge A Tax?
  164. Write this message on 15walls.....
  165. Missing News Wall for Pet Shop Story too see if someone really visited.
  166. Help - I completed a collection no Jack Russell
  167. Red aquarium filter glitch
  168. Invisible pets/enclosures
  169. keeps freezing everytime i touch something in the game
  170. jack russell
  171. pet shop problems
  172. Gift giving limit
  173. Daily Bonus, again.
  174. inappropriate words
  175. Pet story turns off in the middle working it
  176. My Game hasn't worked properly in months
  177. Cannot play my game.
  178. Can I login my id into another phone from old to new
  179. Retrieving items from storage
  180. can't crossbreed dorgi
  181. Stuck on level 28
  182. Out of sync with every post!
  183. Missions
  184. pet story expansion
  185. My requests say sent but dont go through
  186. Breeding a bullfrog
  187. Upset
  188. Not understanding
  189. inappropriate words
  190. Shop Goals Do NOT Progress
  191. crashing pet shop story
  192. breeding
  193. Breeding Betta
  194. Disappearing Pet Glitch?!?
  195. Constructible Items
  196. can't pick a gift
  197. inappropriate Storm8 ID?!
  198. Last update
  199. Game Crashing
  200. Opening The Pet Shop Story
  201. No purses etc. on Pet Shop Story floor to collect extra points
  202. What happens if you uninstall the game?
  203. The Perfect Cute
  204. Does Team Lava support answer to created tickets?
  205. rename pet shop
  206. Can't read messages on my wall
  207. missing news, can't use stuff in storage...
  208. keeps freezing
  209. Please help. Stuck on processing
  210. Storage items
  211. Corgi stuck in nursery - not counting down
  212. Crashing & Freezing
  213. Help with goals
  214. How to acquire gems without buying them.
  215. kicked off page
  216. How many neighbors are you allowed?
  217. How many gifts are you allowed to recieve each day?
  218. Free germs
  219. Free gems not recieved
  220. Why is there more space to expand?
  221. Freezing
  222. My pets are not showing up
  223. Wanting to expand more
  224. never completed collection
  225. finished goal not working
  226. loading is terrible
  227. level problems
  228. No box turtle, please help :)
  229. Can't play!
  230. so where is my new pet?
  231. Bought Gems Bug
  232. Force Close
  233. Tree Frog?
  234. crossbreeding thru the breeder
  235. breeding time not getting shorter
  236. Invisible pets!!! :0
  237. aisles so characters can walk thru? Does it matter?
  238. how do you report another player
  239. Since last update game randomly closes
  240. Box Turtle message
  241. Repeating Goals
  242. Devoted Companions
  243. invisible messages??
  244. need better rewards
  245. how do I transfer game account?
  246. How much are red pandas?
  247. Didn't get free gems after instaling promotion apps (ebay, etc.)
  248. Where did my newly bred puppy and kitten go?!
  249. Can't get on the game
  250. multiple device game access