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  1. Second First Post Ever!
  2. Bug upon game launch
  3. Name Glitch
  4. Still no way to earn gems?
  5. No Collections or Tasks
  6. Zoo Story 2 Install Option In-game for Android
  7. New neighbor invite problem
  8. Why is the level to 30 can not enter the game?
  9. Length of time seems to have doubled for breeding and cross breeding
  10. Taiyaki stand is confused
  11. Goals not working in Zoo Story 2
  12. Continuos ads and "oh darn" connection.
  13. Expensive Upgrade Habitat?
  14. Notifications coming too late
  15. Items that are way overpriced
  16. [ipad problem]I can't place my newly bornt baby!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Since when can 2 males make a baby? Somebody should inform your design team....
  18. Timed tasks
  19. Baby won't place or expire
  20. Lazy programming?
  21. Touring
  22. The Mammoths have turned into Bush Babies.
  23. Feedback on a couple of issues.
  24. Error in breeding time
  25. Spending gems for goals?
  26. Changing costs of animals daily/sporadically. I call shananigans!
  27. Expansion
  28. sync issued
  29. zoo story 2
  30. [Lost Nursey Animal] Lost my bushbaby
  31. Will not let me place animal from nursery.
  32. Nursery animals and crossbreeds cannot be placed
  33. Out of Sync generates missing baby
  34. Neighbors are not alphabetical, they constantly switch places.
  35. Gifts!
  36. Enough already! I know the bears are ready!
  37. gem purchase
  38. Goal: Capabyra Casting can't be completed without gems
  39. Tasmanian wolf?
  40. Rare specimens quest is broken
  41. Artists?
  42. Koala not in storage
  43. can't buy any gems
  44. []What is UP Team Lava?
  45. Zoo Story & Pet Shop changes are ridiculous! Everyone complain & then quit playing!
  46. Gem animals cost more on the iPad than they do on the iPhone
  47. Breed and prices changing
  48. More levels
  49. Crossbreeding Lab is broken
  50. Can't buy gems on any of my team lava games!
  51. Different costs for different players
  52. Mystery boxes (all games, not just zoo2)
  53. Capabara Casting is impossible!
  54. So, so fed up
  55. An option to reject a goal and a list of all the steps in the beginning?
  56. Gems for completed/fully upgraded families
  57. Paws count change and Decrease!
  58. Frozen expansion
  59. Material request system messed up again!!
  60. Please switch the accept and decline buttons
  61. Losing animals due to server resetting?
  62. Harp Seal - Can't purchase it even though it is unlocked now
  63. Goals aren't showing
  64. How many gifts can you send a day?
  65. Suggestion about the crossbreeding panel
  66. Can not place new breeded ruffed lemur
  67. Laughing all the way to the bank (CONFIRM gem traps, etc.)
  68. Milestones Goal Amphibians & Reptiles Calculation
  69. I want Zoo 2!
  70. Bug: Zoo Story 2 for Android Available from iTunes
  71. Bug: Daily Bonus Display
  72. Golden pheasant not appearing
  73. 2 male lions do not breed to make a lion cub!
  74. server is out of sync
  75. Incorrect Breed Times - Tree Frog
  76. I accidently skipped a quest with gems...
  77. Coati Collection Time
  78. Whole families for gem pets
  79. Not able to purchase gems!
  80. Snout Pouts goal doesn't make financial sense
  81. Jenbeaum
  82. Can?t open Either Zoo or pet shop stories
  83. Urgent! My zoo is deconstructing!
  84. Zoo Story 2 Pictures
  85. 11 gems gone
  86. Please read this first before posting bug reports
  87. Gem Earning Animals Suggestion
  88. App update for bugs didn't fix the African Wild Dog Exhibit.
  89. Please more expansion
  90. Visit 20 zoos goal
  91. Gila monster
  92. Breeding problem need help??
  93. Current Known Bugs and Issues for Zoo Story 2
  94. Daily Reward
  95. Missing stuff
  96. Question
  97. maybe a issue with gifts...
  98. Zoo 2 Item Suggestion Feedback
  99. Expansion suggestion
  100. Notifications issue
  101. iPhone update - wiped out my daughter's zoo
  102. Can't Breed Rainbow Toucan
  103. Can't buy/place tundra reindeer
  104. coins gone
  105. Move items halfsquares!!!
  106. Gift gems to neighbours!
  107. challenges over and over
  108. New animals not in market
  109. Can't Crossbreed on Android
  110. leprechaun Panda
  111. Breeding glitch - completed animals are changing
  112. Great Blue Heron Disappeared
  113. What does it mean?
  114. Unable to GIFT any longer
  115. Stop touring my zoo
  116. i am playing someone else
  117. Notifications after Android 4.1.1 update
  118. Love Letters in Zoo Story--Inappropriate
  119. Can't finish Capybara Casting after it expired
  120. tour Problem !!!
  121. wrong animal incubating in nursery in Zoo Story 2 for jannywanny12345
  122. Zoo Story 2 Problem with wrong zoo creature in nursery.....It happened AGAIN!
  123. Expansion please
  124. Now that I've installed Halloween BS and RS
  125. Please Help
  126. BUGS REPORTS for Zoo Story 2
  127. ?21 for a nest?
  128. Need help on crossbreeding the flying monkey
  129. can't add neighbours
  130. I can't buy or breed another walrus
  131. Force closes are driving me crazy
  132. Can't purchase anything from the market
  133. daily bonus!
  134. i am really getting annoyed now....
  135. Accept=Send gift ??
  136. what is the maximum level you can reach in zoo story 2?
  137. gems...disappear after buying them
  138. free gem problem
  139. I know this was mentioned before and is not the most pressing issue, however...
  140. Leprachaun Panda Glitch/Been removed
  141. loose money and gems
  142. Animals stolen??
  143. Problem with New Mission Dragon Secrets!!!
  144. Lost Paw Points
  145. Not Enough Ways to Earn Gems
  146. Loosing Coins
  147. Broken iPhone and lost Zoo Story.
  148. expanding problems
  149. Can't post to facebook
  150. Cheetah's disappeared from habitat
  151. Great Zoo Tour goal reverted back to beginning after leveling up.
  152. Invisible Animals for two days now
  153. Stealing my Coins and Progress
  154. Scrolling issue?
  155. Unfortunately zoo story 2 has stopped working
  156. i change my smartphone.
  157. Collections
  158. Babies disappear from some families; some reappear some do not
  159. moving, placing benches
  160. Dino ride
  161. Zoo Story 2 requires internet access....????
  162. losing stuff
  163. Can't Accept Neighbor Requests
  164. Missing animals!
  165. Missing animals!
  166. Incomplete graphics for upgraded habitat
  167. More expansion