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  1. Zoo Patron (Giving Constructive Feedback)
  2. It's not free!!!???
  3. Android
  4. Ios 4.3.2
  5. Not here as well?
  6. What next?
  7. problem
  8. Accidently spent my 10 gems.. help?
  9. Love the App (super cute) but... [feedback]
  10. Will there be more crop options?
  11. Energy doesn't last any time
  12. Suggestion: Crops shouldn't take away from energy
  13. I cant seem to collect my tours from visitors.
  14. I have a great idea for gifting.
  15. Downloaded/installed/played this per RS NEWS but no gems?
  16. gift menu
  17. Can't place bear!
  18. Suggestion : Making it easier to know what to gift
  19. Team Lava What happened to mastery???
  20. Disappearing food glitch!
  21. Likes and dislikes about game & gifting.
  22. Out of sync and out of energy!
  23. Can not breed
  24. Confused!!
  25. Buying Farm land - crops under construction glitch
  26. Building Part request spams from Neighbors
  27. 5000 crops limited ?
  28. Need MASTERY and UNDO the "neighbor request for materials"!!!
  29. Cant breed my tigers! Bug?
  30. Ripping yourself off is NOT a good idea!
  31. Not enough gems?
  32. Do not like all the danged bouncing stars and coins and all...
  33. Why am i not getting any building parts?
  34. Can't buy another crocodile!?
  35. Don't have a "My Gifts" in main menu?
  36. More food
  37. Energy Isn't Necessary!!!
  38. Some Feedback
  39. My stored food limit bounces from 10,000 to 5,000 at random apparently.
  40. Material Request Bugged
  41. My long list of requests and gripes, did I mention it was long?
  42. Can't breed my wooly mammoths!!!
  43. Sync Issues When Feeding Animals
  44. Spreading Tree is Vine Tree!?
  45. Materials in storage - how to get out to use?
  46. Suggestions for revamping available gifts
  47. what's you take on ENERGY REFILL? state your opinion and the solution suggested to TL
  48. iPad v. iPhone Animal feed times BIG difference
  49. Animal feed times changed
  50. Whats wrong with Energy Refills?
  51. Game lvl too fast!!!!!!
  52. Please give us a hint !
  53. Lost ALL wall comments
  54. Animal enclosures gone
  55. Okay, I'm already bored
  56. Every animal is animated except monkeys
  57. Difference between Zoo Story and success of Bakery Story
  58. Can't buy 2 crocodiles with gems?
  59. Feeding time shortened??
  60. Bugs on Energy or it's normal??
  61. Team lava plz allow us to put gems in storage
  62. Whats new in the updates?
  63. Thank you TEAMLAVA!!!!!!!!!!!
  64. Handicapped Accessible?
  65. More food variety
  66. All the animals except one now cost gems! Please change.
  67. BUG: Collecting tour money
  68. Turtles cannot breed
  69. Zoo Story Crashes
  70. Suggestion: Check for Energy in Storage Before Pushing to Refill Via Gems
  71. When sending gifts, make game remember who I am sending to!
  72. More Bugs - Collecting tour money
  73. animals now all cost gems!
  74. Need more expensive items to work toward
  75. Suggestion on using Energy from Storage
  76. 2 Energy Pack
  77. Add energy doesn't sense when energy is full??!
  78. Isn t available on Galaxy Tab
  79. We need more !!
  80. i am getting bored already :(
  81. Cant breed in my 3rd nest
  82. My Zoo is in an kind of loop!!??
  83. Didn't receive gem reward.
  84. who do i contact about not getting purchased gems?
  85. Bored to death
  86. I cannot breed my alligator/croc/whatever the green dude is
  87. Can't seem to breed the Eagles :(
  88. Zoo, Fashion, And Nightclub for android
  89. Sound Effects not Working
  90. Thank you!!!!!
  91. Can Only Breed Gem Animals, Not Coin Animals
  92. How do you EARN gems?
  93. Suggestion: Build grain silos to increase max food storage
  94. TL have you forsaken zoo?
  95. "wall" button
  96. sync problems with android
  97. remove energy bar it makes game not fun!
  98. Constantly going "out of sync"
  99. force close when buying llama
  100. Gift Giving for Android
  101. Problem when trying to buy albino python on Nexus S
  102. Android Issue
  103. Missing gift shop
  104. My gist
  105. Lost all my gems
  106. Expanding zoo
  107. I LIKE MI ZOO...please give it me back
  108. Whats the highest level??
  109. Can I reset my zoo?
  110. Please help
  111. Look.
  112. where is "my gifts"?
  113. Having trouble expanding zoo
  114. Error pop up "out of sync with server, your farm has been refreshed"
  115. problem downloading
  116. Quests and no quests
  117. My 4th level gems are all gone!!
  118. Please read this first before posting bug reports
  119. Buggy Quests!
  120. No Zoo update....again?!
  121. A quest to send you $10, seriously?!?!?!
  122. Do you like Zoo Story?
  123. Manatees
  124. Bought Gems on sale 24hrs ago. Never got them
  125. Won't open on my phone
  126. Cannot open game
  127. Can not breed dragons.
  128. Rotating animals
  129. Stalling....
  130. All Games will be Down Tonight
  131. Missions that keep reseting.
  132. Zoo Story- Connecting With Facebook
  133. Quest "Get social" bugy
  134. Oh no! I delete my Zoo Story - can you restore it?
  135. No messages on my wall. Can't post onto my own wall. No news on newsfeed either.
  136. Quests and breeding animals that use coins
  137. Out of sync issues
  138. Breed times increased overnight + gem sale error
  139. gift icon
  140. Game music not working for Android
  141. My Paws count changed! And Decresed!
  142. My Complete Feedback List
  143. ZS not collecting stars for visiting friends
  144. New Design of animal exhibit
  145. Msg: "No Other Members Online At This Time"
  146. What does "gem purchase will stop" mean?
  147. Buying gems and sales?
  148. items in market
  149. Animals
  150. no quests
  151. Feedback
  152. gem purchasing
  153. Stuck in Zoom
  154. Disappearing Coins
  155. Will I be able to expand again at a certain level?
  156. My Zoo Story is GONE!
  157. No daily gift