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  1. Norman items selling too fast
  2. 2nd prize...
  3. Some expired items not deleting from the catalog
  4. U should add Male features!
  5. Tipping method isn't great :/
  6. Graphic bug
  7. empty "order" spot in order to use your gifts?
  8. "your item is ready" bug
  9. Crashes on Ipad 1st Gen
  10. diamond purchase not updated
  11. All Items Selling in an Instant after Connection Droping
  12. No progress bar on items
  13. Having to scroll through items every time
  14. 60 seconds vs 1 minute
  15. Not receiving the gems I am winning!
  16. Nothing sold
  17. Lost all items in a blink
  18. Coins gone missing, shoes displaying on racks instead
  19. More resale value on the items please
  20. No 12 hour set of clothes??
  21. Freezing on itouch
  22. Gems vanished
  23. Decorations too expensive
  24. A lot to pay for buggy clothes stands!
  25. Got tricked by the "Buy Slot for 25 Gems" button
  26. Expensive Items not downloading
  27. Not able to use gifts
  28. I'll tell you what I *do* like...
  29. Change to be made about the mini table that holds shoes, bags, etc.
  30. Fashion & Nightclub stories to slow - speed up or increase prices please
  31. All neighbors gone!
  32. How can I transfer Account to new iphone devise?
  33. Sync with server is bugged today!
  34. "inappropriate words"
  35. Rotate square table and condense same items
  36. What's going on with the speedy selling bug?
  37. Level 50 bug and then some...
  38. Post Clothing Suggestions Here
  39. I have a question about game progress
  40. Wall clock with actual time
  41. Money and item bug
  42. Pissed wasted all nite
  43. Expansion problem?
  44. category for general stuff
  45. It needs an notice when I use gem to buy item
  46. Positive feedback!
  47. Update changed how gifts come up
  48. Harder to place
  49. Moving the same items onto one rack
  50. Connection Error money just earned gone
  51. Rate of income since the update
  52. Neighbor menu
  53. Where's the yellow?
  54. Corrupted My Game
  55. Selling too fast even after update
  56. Android
  57. Customs goes BANANAS in my store!
  58. Transfer Fashion Story!?
  59. Items lost, when placing racks and storage
  60. Can't get free gems
  61. Magic box
  62. Please help! Missing one slot!
  63. Catalouge Slots..?
  64. 1 day is normally 24 hours!
  65. fashion critic
  66. lost gifts
  67. Expansion issues?
  68. Boxes o' magic: a modest proposal
  69. My mastery gem did not show up
  70. Store out of sync??????
  71. Internal Update Causes Problem
  72. all the items on the racks n displays disappeared after update! why?
  73. Money Issues
  74. Out of sync messages
  75. Where are the clothes for level 19
  76. Apreciation!! Thanks
  77. Are we able to restore back saved game data if we changed phone/restore phone ?
  78. Lost all cloths right away i filled shop
  79. Lost gems!!!!
  80. Lost All my inventory when game was updated
  81. Message- customers can't get into fitting rooms
  82. How to get rid of a troll?
  83. 2 questions.
  84. Accidentally stored a rack with display on it
  85. more doors?
  86. Wipe-Out
  87. The money disappearing is getting ridiculous and no sales overnight
  88. Remove Pending Neighbors
  89. Tattoo sleeves bug
  90. Oops! Another design bug
  91. I placed some "likes" and they disappeared
  92. Magic Box?
  93. Can't place retro dress in boutique!!!!!!
  94. Items speed selling. Est of fix?
  95. Sync game on iPhone and iPad 2
  96. Lost gems
  97. Order all in collection with one click?
  98. signs and posters
  99. Ack! Customers don't know new mirrors are mirrors!
  100. French collection?
  101. Dear GroupMagma
  102. A Bug!!! All my 50 GEMS gone for no reason!!!
  103. How to login with my existing account on new iphone?
  104. No Pending Gifts?
  105. Invisible Clothes!
  106. The cash has been blocked!
  107. Boutique out of sync.
  108. Also happend to click on the "Buy slot for 25 gems"... wtf?
  109. Gems vs mirrors
  110. New iPod, new game?!
  111. New items from update yesterday did not show up on my phone
  112. Quetion on Magic Box
  113. Not getting coins when going back into app
  114. only getting 2coins from every item purchased..
  115. I lost all my money
  116. Losing Clothes When Redesigning
  117. Clothes selling too fast: any solutions?
  118. I've lost all my cloths after I am back to the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Fs losing attention it seems...
  120. Gems Sale!!!!
  121. Logging into Games
  122. Stuck in design mode
  123. Redesigning store and loss of a table and gems?!
  124. Visiting neighbors' stores
  125. Adding mastery clothes to closet
  126. Extra Slot for 25 trap
  127. Gem Daily lottery
  128. 25 catalog slot..
  129. Neighbor list suggestion
  130. Gifts
  131. Gems Disappeared
  132. Gems Continuously Missing
  133. Free gems!
  134. Trying to expand my shop
  135. Fashion is Different!
  136. I've been robbed!
  137. Contests??
  138. missing stock after game out of sync
  139. My precious gems are gone!
  140. New phone, lots progress!
  141. weekly update
  142. Gems disappearing like houdini!
  143. Push Notifications are not working
  144. Expired Items Notification (not about recent update)
  145. New Beach Theme, why not offer new beach clothing with it?
  146. Are we not getting Mastery items anymore?
  147. Let's give them some ideas for new clothing lines!
  148. Sunday morning, still no update
  149. Gems disapeared!
  150. Cant move it
  151. Error with punky sass xp
  152. Did the update, now can't access it!!!
  153. Glitches!
  154. Can't buy gems in Fashion Story! help me please
  155. Nothing shows on racks/cannot get into design
  156. i think i have an idea to avoid the "lost all clothes within seconds" glitch
  157. Coins not being credited...
  158. No new clothes
  159. suggestions that would make the game a whole lot better
  160. I lost my gems, help
  161. Ripped off with magic box!
  162. Beach items
  163. Blocked comments to the wall.
  164. Gems gone away T_T
  165. i want to change my storm8 ID
  166. Suggestion on dressing rooms
  167. Screen freezes!
  168. Problem placing tiles
  169. Mastery items
  170. Rogue/ghost objects
  171. Prompt before taking my gems!
  172. Monies gone everyday
  173. Weird bug experience, fixed it but don't want it coming back...
  174. Customers not coming in and ive never had this problem. Nothings blocked either.
  175. glitches?
  176. Gems gone, message wall wiped, game crashed.
  177. It doesn't prompt me
  178. I do not have it
  179. Force closing
  180. Item and gem gone suddenly
  181. Lost of social level
  182. Fashion story crashed during re-design
  183. Fashion story for droid.
  184. Unable to customize avatar on Fashion Story for droid
  185. More suggestions
  186. Android user can't pick up likes please fix
  187. Items gone
  188. Fashion Story Gems gone missing
  189. How do I enter a different storm ID on droid fashion story?
  190. bug.......
  191. Constant Restarting and Force Closing
  192. Outfit times
  193. Accidental Purchase!!!!
  194. My suggestions (lots of them!)
  195. Music
  196. Clothing Racks
  197. Unhappy customers
  198. No notificaitons while contracts expire
  199. Some little suggestions for Team Lava
  200. Lost of golds every morning !!!!!!I am angry
  201. Half customers STILL leave unhappy even w/ all possible factors...
  202. Magic Box ripoff
  203. Item rotation & mastery bar (Android)
  204. NO Fun in the Sun items on fashion story!?!
  205. Fashion story for iPhone 4 is better?
  206. Lost diamonds
  207. Lost gems not reimbused
  208. I am one pee'd customer
  209. SERIOUS Android issues..
  210. No update for my clothes!
  211. Some questions regarding Fashion Story :)
  212. Select the most rentable options
  213. Last upgrade won't allow game to open
  214. Getting my store back!
  215. Something really annoying in my opinion
  216. force closing
  217. Purple clothes any time soon?
  218. would it be possible to accept fashion design from a freshman designer like me?
  219. Purple anyone?
  220. Annoying thing keep appearing on my display!
  221. Argh! We need a confirmation button PLEASE
  222. New mermaid items not working?
  223. Problem w tiles
  224. Last update = level reached twice !!
  225. Why would I put a bunny poster in my fashion boutique?
  226. Where's the mermaid outfits
  227. No update for my Fashion Story
  228. Broken hearted - cant understand why (possibly android problem?)
  229. before i sell my item i would like to know how much i will get for it...
  230. Strange gifting glitch
  231. No shoes?
  232. Can't collect the "likes"
  233. shop looks empty, design tab no longer works, help!,
  234. Server out of sync message comes up 98% of the time when I open the game
  235. where's the store??
  236. 20 gift max per day
  237. only broken hearts
  238. Help!!
  239. slow traffic to the point it feels like a bug
  240. where are my gems ?
  241. The game crashed and the day count go back to day ONE!!
  242. New Fashion Story player needs basic how to's - HELP please!
  243. Gems gone & earned coins!!!!
  244. How to send gifts?
  245. Every menu buttom is unavailable!
  246. Woven bag closes my game down
  247. send gifts - where did the batch send go?
  248. Gems Taken???
  249. Everything Disappeared
  250. Gift Issues and Notifications!!!