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  1. Goals not giving me credit
  2. stuck at door
  3. No Valentine Balloons Goal
  4. Can't log on ????
  5. Technical Problems
  6. Issue with fashion story
  7. Date Night Mannequin - no reward
  8. Makeup Counter not in Design area
  9. Goals - Cash Register
  10. Sales won't go over 370.000 Help!!
  11. Glitch
  12. Sales won't go over 370.000 Help!!
  13. No Goals??
  14. Faulty display.
  15. Accidentally used gems due to lag and popups
  16. Can't "like"?
  17. Gems not received...
  18. Challenges stopped & Lost 10 gems
  19. News Feed on Profile won't load
  20. clothes gone after rack/tables stored help...
  21. Bakery on a Farm
  22. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally sold my giant pink martini glass :(
  23. Not getting my coins correctly
  24. Issue With Goals
  25. Please Help!!! Lost Pup
  26. Gems spent for speeding up purchase NOT WORKING!
  27. No new slots unlocked for at least 20 levels?
  28. Can't purchase a new tile !!!
  29. unfortunately, fashion story has stopped
  30. Irish goal not working
  31. News Feed Issue last 10 visitors.
  32. I'm not abled to stock any clothes or place orders... Please help!!!
  33. A Shovel
  34. Who stole my glass slippers?
  35. Missing new outfit as you pass to next level
  36. Where did some of my catalog items go?
  37. Task reward missing
  38. Frozen Orders
  39. promlem with jems
  40. problem with st. patricks day stage 2 challenge
  41. what happened to StPatrick day challenge?
  42. St. Patrick's Day Goal Disappeared
  43. Fashion story game not connecting
  44. No update pop up
  45. Parasol tile - double charges
  46. Fashion story merchandise sells out in seconds!
  47. Gold Glitches
  48. So happy, finally won 1st. Not anymore
  49. Buying Gems
  50. Unintentionally buying a catalog spot
  51. is it possible to move FS to my new phone?
  52. Tens of thousands of dollars sucked down!
  53. No New Goals?
  54. Fashion Story
  55. Disappearing gifts
  56. I can't get into my game... :(
  57. game went back in time?
  58. spent gems but no item
  59. game force close and takes time to connect
  60. Bought a slot accidently!!!! Help please
  61. abcjessie2
  62. Catalogue issues in fashion story
  63. coins does not add
  64. My Gems are missing!:(
  65. camera ready goal not working!
  66. Xp points needed to level up from level 100 to 101
  67. Camera Ready goal is a joke
  68. Lizzyluvely
  69. The "while you were away.. You earned.." pop-up window does not show
  70. Catalog is being ignored
  71. no goals
  72. Can't earn more than 2 coins!
  73. Not getting my issue resolved and it"s been a week now help!
  74. lost all my gems .
  75. lost/missing inventory
  76. Accidental Purchase
  77. Goal glitch! Help!
  78. glitch on fashion game
  79. No overnight sales
  80. glitch keeps rolling me back to previous point in time
  81. Another device
  82. Delete a pending neighbor
  83. Completed goals constantly interrupting my game
  84. How do I know if I've completed all the goals?
  85. Bring back the old games catalogs
  86. Fashion story was sooo glitched
  87. Missing outfits in certain levels
  88. Disappearing Stock!
  89. Help please. Don't know what to do....
  90. Moving My Game
  91. Free Gem Icon Missing
  92. Fashion Story purchase by mistake
  93. I'm not getting gems
  94. Fashion story - Valentine Ballon and Red Carpet Display
  95. back to school update
  96. Not getting notifications
  97. Disappear fashion story goal - ROCKIN THE 4TH GOALS
  98. HELP ASAP pleeeease
  99. neighbor harassment on my wall!
  100. The Earn Free Icon Button is Gone Missing!
  101. wallpaper
  102. transfer
  103. earning of coins reduced after downloading new version....PLEASE HELPpPpP...
  104. avatars not customizing
  105. Change device!!
  106. Invisible broken hearts
  107. inventory issue
  108. I accidentally used my gems!
  109. Nothing is selling!
  110. Spamming several walls
  111. Bug report: Issue with moving the cashier and getting a lot of broken hearts
  112. Quest are Gone
  113. storm id sasann123, shop, sassys2
  114. ALL of my team lava games have restarted at level 1
  115. No one is getting back to me
  116. Need help Making Money
  117. Catalog keeps freezing!
  118. Not able to buy gems after iOS update
  119. Cannot recover process...
  120. How to transfer my old fashion story games to my new tab
  121. Hello please need help
  122. Leveling Up not showing up on items/ Unable to like neighbors items.
  123. I purchased a "faux fur box" in Fashion story - cant figure out . . .
  124. Why do I keep losing money?
  125. selling floor tiles.
  126. Customers ALL wanting a green box---Help
  127. not getting accounted for goal
  128. FS can't create online connection
  129. not receiving credit..
  130. Cash register blocked
  131. Time taking to transfer
  132. yikes. please help lost 49 gems
  133. Where do my clothes go??
  134. Glitch?
  135. Kindle Fire HDX Fashion Story not available & navigation issues
  136. Not Receiving Daily Log In Rewards
  137. cant complete goal!
  138. Special Chest Purchase
  139. Catalog problem..?
  140. New phone, no games!!!
  141. Viewing Previous Goals
  142. missions disappeared!!!
  143. Can't get onto game! Argh!
  144. Missing Mastery Progress Bar
  145. Catalog not displaying update items!
  146. What are the pink hearts for?
  147. One game, two devices?
  148. Show up your boutique !! 🌹🌹🌹
  149. FS Not loading
  150. Fashion Story app won't open
  151. Green boxes
  152. Support team doesnt even anwser to my emails!???
  153. removing neighbors
  154. I am a level 37 player & catalog is not displaying certain items like.........!
  155. New Phone Need Game Transfered
  156. Red Bodice Disappeared?
  157. Not able to complete a goal.
  158. sold a rack...
  159. completed a goal but didn't get reward
  160. can't open games
  161. no reward
  162. broken hearts.
  163. rewards (money and diamonds) disapearing
  164. Pending gifts stuck from deleting nbrs....
  165. Rainbow wisp looks funky
  166. new game not allowing catalog mastery
  167. Not received gems from earn free icon
  168. New phone new problems
  169. catalogue problems
  170. Someone or something took over my store overnight and changed everything.
  171. Big thumb glitch?
  172. love is in the air pt.10: visit 10 neighbours glitch
  173. No more goals
  174. Fashion Story Christmas No Notification when Cloves have arrived into the Store.
  175. Lights Mirror Won't Rotate
  176. how can i back my gems ?
  177. gems stopped increasing
  178. Where is the "My Gifts"--Limits on Gifts/Quest Items?
  179. Game unexpectedly closes
  180. Can I have my old account back?
  181. What happened to my gems
  182. Lost items
  183. Bugs That Need Fixing
  184. Light Mirror is not registering as a mirror
  185. Purchased gems and did not receive them.
  186. Stalkers & Harrassment
  187. Can't access the game!
  188. Stormy's Store has a glitch
  189. I wanna update!:(
  190. intimate display!💜
  191. Completed quests popups
  192. Tap to order not working
  193. mariegal123
  194. gems for slots
  195. Missing Items
  196. hacked
  197. Help wanted!
  198. Cash Register is Gone
  199. Answered Continued out of sync - please help :(
  200. There are no customers coming to my shop
  201. my counter disappeared...why?
  202. HELP ! Games got reset !
  203. storm8 ID
  204. my star level has changed? why?
  205. Question about shop expansions
  206. help
  207. broken hearts
  208. Unable to reinstall
  209. Units can reset?
  210. help
  211. forcing closed for months!
  212. Iphone Fashion Story crashes
  213. merchandise disappeared
  214. Answered Expired order, but I put it on rack
  215. Won't let me Oder/retrieve clothes keeps crashing
  216. no notification on order ready
  217. Help with Gem box purchases
  218. Security breach
  219. Answered Help with Cruise chest
  220. How can I get my old ID back?!?!?
  221. text is hard to read
  222. problem with getting the correct amount of coins.
  223. Answered New phone! Want my old store. Help!!!
  224. Answered the goal for thrift store display disappeared
  225. Answered Green Mirror??
  226. Answered Stuff From Catalog Missing
  227. Not gaining catalogs
  228. Disappearing Mission
  229. Expansions questions??
  230. Upgrade to iOS 7.1.1
  231. Stuck in design mode...unable to do anything else
  232. bulling
  233. bulling
  234. Fixed not the gems i had before
  235. Answered No gems for installing app [Android]
  236. level 96, playing not increasing level.
  237. invite id's not working
  238. Fixed Question about possible issue: country girl
  239. my game won't notify me when clothes are done
  240. Answered I can't access my other accoutn
  241. Answered Magic Box
  242. Answered camera ready goal
  243. Answered Processing time is long!!
  244. how i restart my fashion story?
  245. Answered Customer has broken heart
  246. Very irritated
  247. Notifications not working on phone
  248. Answered Red carpet goal and valentine ballon goal
  249. I think this is a bug
  250. Fixed Stormie has caught a bug!