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  1. Goals and other feedback
  2. Gem Sales
  3. Fashion story
  4. Can't order clothes
  5. Game gone!!!!
  6. Can we please gift
  7. New clothes
  8. Is this going to happen every time I go on vacation?
  9. I did buy gems by credit twice and I got nothing
  10. Is there a new glitch, or is it just me?
  11. Purchasing Power
  12. Gems...
  13. Accidental gem purchaces
  14. Cant find it
  15. New Doors
  16. loss of goal item!
  17. Fashion story glitch
  18. Since last weekly update my notifications don't work if in different game
  19. out 1,500,000
  20. the disapearing inventory
  21. Functional furniture and more! :)
  22. Idea for next weeks update
  23. Merlion fountain missing
  24. Please!
  25. coins
  26. Gifts
  27. Log in??!!
  28. broken hearts
  29. Fashion story bug?
  30. Storm ID rejected
  31. What happened to my Gems?
  32. Imobsters goal
  33. Please make it so we can store racks of clothing
  34. Time! Ordering!
  35. BUG -- Could manage friend's shop
  36. Extortionate!!
  37. How to get these item?
  38. Why Are My Customers Leaving Angry????
  39. Missing Money!
  40. catalog bug
  41. I lost gems and coins, can't change the clothes of my avatar
  42. Can't see items - just stars
  43. Why doesn't my money add up right?
  44. Can't buy gems!
  45. disappearing inventory
  46. Missing money
  47. Fashion Story missing coins and items
  48. Lost gems
  49. Getting Worse Instead of Better
  50. seating?
  51. Disappearing items & loosing gems
  53. Ignored????
  54. very unhappy and disapointed....
  55. Lost my money trying to expand
  56. lost the item on the rack by accidentally restored the rack
  57. lets all come together and say..TEAM LAVA FIX THIS! whos with me?? :)
  58. Story Stores!!!
  59. Please teamlava please!!!!!!!! Im begging you!!!!!!!
  60. Nailpolish
  61. Neighborly nuisance
  62. Shirt not showing up when orders ready!
  63. Fashion Story Red Coat
  64. Gems Sale
  65. Can someone tell me how to delete and start a new shop right from the beginning??
  66. Can't buy gems on my phone!!!
  67. Game Resetting
  68. fashion story missing coins after came back to the game
  69. Force Close!!
  70. ?
  71. Limited Time Offers
  72. Whose store is this?
  73. Game Issues 7-24-12
  74. Gold and pink stars
  75. Some of the language getting posted on walls
  76. For the love of God, create a warning message
  77. Neighbor added, without an invite. Can't delete them. Whats going on??
  78. Not leveling up/Not making progress
  79. Not collecting Shopaholic coins?
  80. not only resetting constantly now..OMG ANNOYING GAME LATELY!!
  81. Improvements
  82. Finished goal requirement, but not been recognized, goal still in the goal list
  83. Sports girl goal, no polo dress
  84. Fashion Story level 8 but no bronze cupcakes in Bakery Story
  85. Tried to finish an expired goal but failed and lost gems
  86. Yay! Stormie's not on top of neighbors anymore
  87. Gift list
  88. Polo girl goal
  89. Stormie
  90. Help! Coins constantly disappear
  91. People and their bad language!!!
  92. Display counters suggestion: CANADA & Australia
  93. Is Support actually hiding as the new neighbour we must not mention?
  94. Miss Roberta J
  95. Gifts not appearing in catalogue
  96. Cannot order
  97. requests and gifts not appearing on screen!
  98. Changing items in a neighbors catalog
  99. Constant force closings on droid X
  100. Loss of 50 gems!!! Didn't buy anything!!!
  101. Game will not load
  102. heeeeelp
  103. New ordering system?
  104. Losing gems and maybe coins
  105. earning gems
  106. Trouble connecting to fashion
  107. Can't access now ??
  108. Games Are Down 8-8-2012 [Update - Fixed]
  109. Got ripped off a goal!
  110. Not able to collect/place new orders in the catalog ... items are expiring :(
  111. fashion story
  112. Bugs in World game goal, always don't recognize my display item
  113. Some tiles are NOT in the catalogue, etc.
  114. How do I earn gems?
  115. hepl me
  116. Item Requests
  117. Complaints/Suggestions
  118. Block Feature Needed
  119. Poor people can never fulfill last goal........
  120. More of my gems lost!!!!
  121. I switch on the clothes done notification but nth comes out on the screen when done
  122. Automatic post?
  123. Can't get back to my store
  124. Please add more items!
  125. Suggestions
  126. new phone
  127. Bugs🐛
  128. Maintence
  129. Goals
  130. Fashion expiring when I was never given them in the first place!
  131. Problem completing goals - system will not recognize when I visit a neighbor
  132. Coins not accumulating properly
  133. Name Change
  134. items placed , later disappearing from racks and counters and expiring
  135. Almost all items just sold out at once
  136. can fashion story expire goals be repeated ?
  137. Coins not saving or increasing
  138. money not saving or adding :'( please help .
  139. Clothes are out of date
  140. Order buttons stopped working
  141. Having an issue with a certain quest resetting
  142. Bullying on Walls
  143. I want an Option to move merchandise to a different rack or table!
  144. How about a SELECT ALL tab when gifting neighbors?
  145. Some good news - Some bad news
  146. Multiple problems!
  147. Everything gone
  148. Makeup counters
  149. Resetting???
  150. Level 100 for Fashion Story
  151. Wall missing
  152. Catalog Returns to First Slot
  153. Make Up Counter
  154. Lost 24 gems by mistake
  155. gold coin in ordering screen
  156. Problems and suggestions!
  157. Missing Experience Points and Coins!
  158. goals issue
  159. All clothes gone off racks in matter of 3 hrs!!!!
  160. is it just me or....?
  161. I will buy a new phone..
  162. Change store name
  163. Can't view whole store since update
  164. I am so fed up with this game!
  165. I am not getting my earned coins
  166. Android font and other issues
  167. Lost an stock of items while rearranged the Store
  168. Lost all that I ordered and no $ gained???
  169. gifts for neighbors
  170. Catalog and design menus invisible, taps go through
  171. gems?
  172. pull over things from one table to another
  173. leve up bug...
  174. Disappearing gems
  175. HELP! Big Glitch!!!
  176. Fashion story glitch! Watch out! Accidentally clicked on chests because of pop ups!
  177. Boutique Party Pt. 5 Bug
  178. what happened. .
  179. Force Close Issues
  180. accedentally spent gems
  181. Concerning lost coins, gems, xp
  182. Halloween Fashion Story goals
  183. Will there ever be a ? stable fix for Android players?
  184. Lost my gems
  185. Really?!
  186. problems in all ways and questions..
  187. Problem with wallpaper
  188. Fashion Story running so slow, cant order clothes, visit people, send gifts - What ?
  189. Coin Loss Continues
  190. Lack of customers after 5 min of keeping open fashion story
  191. can't put on racks or tables
  192. Thank you! Thank you!
  193. Problems installing Fashion Story Thanksgiving edition within game goal module
  194. Word Limit on Message Boards
  195. 🐛TL games list
  196. Coins keep disappearing!
  197. force close issue!
  198. Limited time dress
  199. Keep going bk down a level after leveling up!
  200. Why almost all the customers' heart are purple one?
  201. My News Feed is filled with notice for acceptance my requests
  202. suggestions....
  203. Why does my Quest button disappear?
  204. Anyone else having problems with new quest (5 Cocoa Mugs)
  205. want to tranfer game to another device
  206. prize from box
  207. iphone verse android
  208. Fashion Story Christmas changed my floor tiles
  209. Getting my game back
  210. Want to purchase the Gingerbread Dressing Room
  211. Heart broken: clearing rack and losing accsessories
  212. every thing disappeared yesterday
  213. money dissapearing
  214. Lost Gems!
  215. Fashion Story gem expansion
  216. Problem on to put clothes on racks.
  217. Skipping expansion
  218. Lost 16 gems for NO REASON
  219. Wat do u wanna see in FS?
  220. I Have No New Goals
  221. Slower customers
  222. Ads
  223. unable to order
  224. Fashion story
  225. Fashion: Missing last Years Items
  226. catalog
  227. What happened to London Polo?
  228. I need help please!!!
  229. Game crashing after a few seconds
  230. Where are my red floor tiles?
  231. Notifications
  232. Items Team Lava should really consider!
  233. Cannot order from catalog
  234. goals
  235. 24 hrs to complete a new goal?!
  236. My customers
  237. can't complete instant hit goal
  238. Goals
  239. Disappearing clothes
  240. Quick Touch Up Goal
  241. how can i restore the data if i change my iphone??
  242. Just now got about 30 notifications from FS!
  243. game not loading on kindle
  244. Lost gems
  245. Wacky Bugs
  246. Game keeps freezing
  247. Just letting u know
  248. Change of phone & lose my party...
  249. Mysterious depleting of stock
  250. Unhappy Customer Related to Blocked Cashier