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  1. Fashion story loss
  2. Trying to restore my boutique after server outage
  3. Money problem when I sell
  4. Nurse and vampire costume gone
  5. Fashion Story: My wall and flooring deco, wall lamps and mirrors etc ALL MISSING
  6. Level 38 Catalog Items Not Available?
  7. Help! Not making any money...
  8. Thanks Team Lava! Back to normal!
  9. Changing of my StormID!
  10. I just wanted to say thank you...
  11. Pirate costume
  12. How to spend our money away when all items are only for sale with gem?!
  13. lost decoration
  14. Fashion Story Glitch?
  15. Blue hands/thumbs keep popping up!
  16. Fashion Story 1.3.1
  17. Missing coins!!
  18. missing new level outfit
  19. still missing last fridays outfit
  20. Purchased Faux Fur Box & Got NOTHING
  21. Constant crashing!!!!
  22. Missing Gems after getting my HTC Inspire fixed & re downloading my Story Games.
  23. Writing on peoples walls
  24. Help, just got my new phone. Cant transfer store
  25. Masquared mask doesn't fit right on the face
  26. Missing updates
  27. Masquerade Outfit not showing in Catalog!
  28. not getting updates
  29. Lost everything
  30. Why arent there better things to buy
  31. ideas
  32. Anyone have ideas for new boxes on fashion story?
  33. out of sync with server
  34. not receiving gems
  35. Many dropped connections and slow response lately!
  36. Somebody pls help me!
  37. Magic box...nothing?
  38. All Games will be Down Tonight
  39. Cute Pink Pjs
  40. Is the reset time changed??
  41. Broken Hearts
  42. Cant play
  43. Missing ratings
  44. lost all my stocks
  45. Suggestions
  46. Still waiting on very poor customer service .......
  47. It's hard to visit every friend's boutique
  48. SUGGESTIONS about leveling up clothing
  49. Cannot buy the new blue circular sofa
  50. 25 Gem Slot.
  51. I've reached level 38 but nothing is there!
  52. Refreshed and "lost" my orders!
  53. new green outfit.
  54. App froze
  55. Need Help :(
  56. 40 gem slot
  57. Lost 50 gems
  58. Trade Points for Gems
  59. Same store on new device??
  60. Need help. Server has problem , cannot go in Fashion Story in IPohne 4.
  61. avatar wont change
  62. Gems...just gone!
  63. Clock bubble over customers head???
  64. Master Reward
  65. Collections missing from catalogue
  66. Denim items
  67. Not Receiving Notifications/Customers Unhappy
  68. Two Teir Racks
  69. Stolen Items
  70. Unable to purchase gems in ANY game using Google Wallet (Android)
  71. Can't get the 40% off Gems Promotion
  72. Have gems and want to spend them
  73. Expansion suggestion
  74. Inventory GONE in minutes, just disappeared, 50,000 items gone.
  75. lost gems but didn't receive item from sirprise box
  76. Clock bubbles are back!
  77. Where are my gems?
  78. New secret bag?!
  79. Gothic Pattern Wall Gone
  80. My rating is at 21%!! Broken hearts everywhere!! 😥
  81. Accidentally stored a table with items on it. Are my items gone now?!
  82. Ocean Floor Problem
  83. miss gems
  84. Clock bubbles are back
  85. Money amount going down and i'm not spending
  86. Winter art but no catalog?
  87. Gold sparkly dress
  88. mistake with gems :-(
  89. ongoing issues with store items temporarily disappearing (not downloading completely)
  90. lose 25 gems again!
  91. Rearranging views
  92. Going up levels
  93. Fashion Story not getting internet connection
  94. server out of sync causes me to loose items purchased with gems!!!!
  95. Going up levels
  96. Wall posts are gone
  97. Multiple Picks at one time.
  98. Window Shopping
  99. Urgent. Please help me
  100. Urgent. U must read this
  101. Reselling floor tiles and walls
  102. Read please!!! Urgent!!😡
  103. Store not making any money
  104. Christmas Version
  105. help!!!
  106. Will Android users get Christmas Apps for the games?
  107. Collectibles & New Gifts!
  108. help!
  109. help
  110. Crashing during tip collecting?
  111. Gems
  112. Gems deducted wrongly!
  113. fashion story crashing
  114. Fashion Story cannot connect to server
  115. After updating my FS late last night my name is now "missing"
  116. Can't wear the white long jacket(?) from the box
  117. Xmas version of fashion story
  118. Need help ! Why my cloths not selling ??!
  119. makeup counter in christmas version invisible in normal
  120. Catalog different from iphone to android?
  121. Money gone
  122. Makeup counter, or other counters for androids?
  123. Just updated christmas, still some bugs.
  124. Goals appeared in fashion and removed AGAIN!
  125. Goals missing!
  126. Make-up Counter Out of Sync Issues
  127. Queries about Winter Water Fall and Pink Roses!
  128. Emoji
  129. Fashion Story keeps crashing?
  130. Can't purchase Gems
  131. fashion story catalog freezes
  132. Store name erased and lost gems
  133. What should be included in the Christmas item sale?
  134. Missing holiday box gift!
  135. Gem Sale is on my friend's iPhone, but not on my iPad!!!
  136. Mrs Kringle
  137. Suggestion: Fashion Story Critic (Give TL Constructive Feedback!)
  138. Expired goals?
  139. Unable to post level ups via Facebook
  140. Where's the winter chic collection?
  141. Possible items request bug
  142. People are bullying me on fashion story how do I report them
  143. No Goals!
  144. Can't order clothes
  145. No Goals!!!!!! Help!!!
  146. Have not gotten Goals yet?
  147. Item Requests for Goals
  148. Mrs Kringle collection not available?
  149. Can't complete goals becuase I cant recieve gifts
  150. Suggestion for Goal Requests
  151. Goal: Album Release Part 4 - doesn't recognize daily reward!
  152. Lost 20 Gems on Goals
  153. help me.... :((
  154. NOOOOO!!!!! I want the piano but you won't let me complete without 50 gems!!!!!
  155. Boutique Party Part 2 Problem
  156. Pls don't auto check our neighbors' request boxes
  157. Giant thumbs?!
  158. Holiday madness, part 6
  159. Game notifications are on but don't work
  160. I'm not receiving my requested items
  161. sale news !
  162. Make Up Mirror Not Working
  163. Shoes Goal Not Working
  164. Goal request problems
  165. Any way of getting gems back that were accidentally spent?
  166. Bought the gems, games crashed & no gems. Pls help... :'(
  167. Daisy
  168. My gems dissapeared
  169. "catalogue" freezes and isn't recognised
  170. Game is really slow and keeps crashing
  171. Force Close Issues
  172. What is the chance to get gems back?
  173. What is a contract ?
  174. Help me please!
  175. Expired - Goal expired because of bug
  176. Bought all clothes for Avatar- Can't Finish Goal
  177. Force closing when visit some neighbors
  178. Some yay's and some boo's.
  179. Boutique party pt 2 not counting accessories
  180. My boutique is gone???
  181. BUG: Change Other People's Stores
  182. Can't visit neighbors!!
  183. Question
  184. Neighbours list jumbled !!!!
  185. Please.. Enough with the ads!
  186. Force close always and material request problems. Need help!!!!!!!
  187. Posting to my profile blocked & cant visit a nbr
  188. concerns
  189. Dress your own mannequin...?
  190. Didnt receive item
  191. Gem sale
  192. Lost Gems!
  193. Overnight coins not registering
  194. Disappearing gems
  195. Doesn't have goals to be achieved!
  196. Fashion story: New features wish list
  197. Catalog freezing up!!
  198. Done playing TL games
  199. Incorrect gift icons just like in Pet Shop.
  200. Can't Exapnd Boutique
  201. Help me with my goals! Now!
  202. Fashion Story Gems Disappearing
  203. pink star rating stuck at turning 4
  204. Boutique Party pt. 2
  205. Cash blocked
  206. Make up counter not working
  207. Not getting paid anytime I close out game
  208. EMOJI problems... When is this gonna be fixed?
  209. My gems are lost !
  210. Goals
  211. my catolog miss some item
  212. Incorrect coin calculations
  213. Losing money
  214. missing items
  215. Personalized profile picture
  216. Smaller gem package
  217. Problems responding to materials request
  218. Question?
  219. Catalog Item Wouldn't place and suddenly started charging gems!
  220. andriodOS usres-no goals?
  221. i am a high level nbr on fashion story, yet no goals. is androidOS to blame?
  222. Can't buy gems (all TL Games)
  223. No more goals? And an increasing number of crashes...
  224. The Pop ups r driving me crazy, is bothering me too much , stress me out, please
  225. purchasing gems
  226. Slow down the customers on Fashion Story!
  227. ADD ME For any Storm8 game
  228. Completely Dissatisfied about Support System
  229. gem spent
  230. Broken Heart
  231. Gems gone
  232. Help! Did not make purchase in closet!
  233. Few minor bugs today
  234. Advertising Pet Shop
  235. "Blocked cash register"
  236. Broken Hearts for no reason! Please HELP!!!
  237. Can't get my stuff out of my catalogue.
  238. Gems not received
  239. What if i want a franchise?
  240. How can You do this?!
  241. Losing coins - team lava not doing anything about it
  242. No edit button in the neighbors list (android)
  243. Goal Requests Not Being Received
  244. Problems Loading clothing
  245. Major problems - Please help!
  246. Notifications Not Working!!!!!!!!
  247. how to restar game!!
  248. Collecting likes deleting items
  249. Stolen Gems!!!
  250. Out of sync issues