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  1. Help
  2. Mac vs Android.......Android loses...inventory lost
  3. New update/Another bug for Android user
  4. Dissapearingclothes
  5. Free gift with Gem purchase on Android...
  6. Can't sign in???
  7. Why am I suddenly only able to gift one store at a time?
  8. Why my GEMs are all gone and my coins are drops?? Please return all back to me!!
  9. Maintenance or is it a problem with my phone?
  10. 251208 needs help
  11. Gift bug
  12. Would Like More Floor Tiles, Especially White
  13. Bought flooring on accident, why can't I sell it??
  14. Star rating problem!!!
  15. Did not get the current update
  16. turns off everytime i access the catalog
  17. fashion avatar
  18. faq keeps forcing close
  19. I want my pom in purse
  20. The option to close our store?
  21. More gifts to give
  22. Losing clothes but getting coins, bug.
  23. Fashion story sending gift feedback
  24. Problem sending gifts
  25. catalog issue
  26. I Suggest to have more choices on gifts to friends
  27. crystal pumps
  28. The one thing I'd change on Fashion Story
  29. New Item....???
  30. how do i create my avatar?
  31. Games go back in time
  32. Fashion Story Problem/Suggestions
  33. Transfer the account from iPod 3rd gen. To 4th gen.
  34. Not notifying me! ;(
  35. Bought something and didn't get it!=[
  36. Why is there NOTHING to buy with the money I make
  37. Has Anyone else ACCIDENTALLY purchased an "order slot" Please READ!
  38. Some suggestions :)
  39. lossing all my display clothes
  40. Can't get out of design mode
  41. Just lost 18 levels!
  42. Losing gems
  43. Purchased Groovy Box but I received nothing!!!
  44. did not show sale on Gems
  45. What is int mystery box, magic box, and groovy box?
  46. Important suggestions :)
  47. Motorola Droid MEGA Problems!
  48. moving my story to a new divice...HELP
  49. I can't change my Avatar clothes!
  50. i want to start over
  51. bug in "Fashion story" game
  52. Stocking problem
  53. Love fashion story!
  54. furniture are disappearing
  55. can't send gifts
  56. Delete button for pending neighbor requests
  57. Loading problem !
  58. telling me im not online when i am! my stuff is going to expire
  59. Clear Rack
  60. earn more gems
  61. Coins disappearing!!!
  62. Still some maintenance issues
  63. Gem problem !
  64. I have to gift one at a time
  65. Options to buy magic box items
  66. Missing gem purchase
  67. What does the thumbs up icon mean?
  68. Catalog posting clothes are ready, even though they have been hung and stocked.
  69. Store/Move Clothes
  70. level up?
  71. Expired clothes in catalog, after they have been hung and stocked
  72. missing items in boutique (HOUSE OF DIVAS)
  73. Star rating problem on Fashion Story
  74. Gem purchases?
  75. Fashion Story rating glitch
  76. Floor tiles refusing to change
  77. Gifts
  78. Forces Close every time I try to order items from Catelog
  79. Where did my gems go?!
  80. level 31
  81. Lemon Dress Gem price Different for Different People??????
  82. Server out of sync
  83. Majic Box
  84. GEM sale pop ups
  85. Missing New Lemon catalog items
  86. How to keep clothes from one thin to a nother thin?
  87. Lost my coins and customers are not purchasing items
  88. Clothing disappeared
  89. Current Bugs and Versions for Fashion Story
  90. Unable to purchase gems
  91. Not getting any gem sales
  92. Urgent!!!!lost surprise box items
  93. i missing gems before
  94. news choices to choose from
  95. irritated
  96. I customized my avatar but I don't see my avatar in the store help!
  97. An easier way to order clothes
  98. Transferring to a new device?
  99. i accidentally lost my gems
  100. Is there a way to get my gems back?
  101. Jeans
  102. Can I start over??
  103. ****** all happy faces fixed ******
  104. Oh look! Another gem victim!
  105. Weekly update
  106. A bug lets me cry :-(
  107. Special gift with gem purchase offer there, then not
  108. Weekly update on other Stories except Fashion Story and Bakery Story...
  109. Gems has lost
  110. Gem offer issue
  111. Question: Smooth Sailing garment set?
  112. Suggestion: Rotation degrees
  113. items sold too fast
  114. Avatar suggestion: Tattoos.
  115. missing items
  116. Another gem issue and not my fault this time:(
  117. I'm Getting Bored
  118. Gems not added
  119. Store emptying
  120. Fashion story comments, etc. (help needed)
  121. Cant log on to fashion story today!
  122. Pink ottoman needs rotation capability
  123. gems disappeared
  124. Preppy Outfit
  125. Why another black dress?
  126. always can't logon and say my internet has problem
  127. Gems used up accidently!
  128. catalog slots
  129. weird icons in the heart bubbles
  130. Fix the "BUY NEW SLOT" problem in Fashion Story Already !!!!
  131. lost clothing
  132. Money disappearing????
  133. Item on table disappeared
  134. Suggestion : more variety in decor esp color. Please consider :)
  135. Adding neighbors to expand shop does not work!!!
  136. Gems not added
  137. i've lost 2 complete inventories in the past 24 hours.
  138. Out of sync with server!!! Please help!!!
  139. :mad:: gems vanish to default start number(10)
  140. Where is the clothes store
  141. lost all gems
  142. No Clothes & Accessories for level 27 ???
  143. why???
  144. Gems no good for me
  145. No max on gifts after reinstall?
  146. Gems deducted, no magic box item appeared in Design tab
  147. Glitch, showing wrong level
  148. Why can't we sell wallpaper, tiles etc
  149. Vanished items!!!!
  150. lost settings when game is restarted
  151. Loosing gifts, 3 days in a row. :(
  152. Mystery Solved!
  153. Magic Box gift rotation
  154. Gift with gem purchase time cut short
  155. Suggested game improvements
  156. Would like more options for spending coins...
  157. Money not being added
  158. Expand More on Fashion Story!!
  159. All my gems disappeared.....?
  160. Can't Get Out! please help!
  161. i lost all my stocks! -.-
  162. black screen
  163. money suddenly gone...
  164. clothes gone after redesign
  165. moving wall-items?
  166. Where is the new Fashion Story merchandise?
  167. Leather Jacket
  168. Feedback: Bored now...
  169. new items/update
  170. Accidentally changed boutique name
  171. forcedclose
  172. fashion story flaws
  173. Everything has just vanished!
  174. why don't i have all cloths?
  175. Fix Bug, not getting TASKS
  176. Ordered clothes disappear
  177. 24 Gems deducted for Groove Delivery Box
  178. Force Close Everytime I Send Gifts
  179. glitch
  180. "Broken Hearted" Customer Bug Fix!
  181. Profile changes
  182. Out of Sync made me lose 10,000 coins
  183. Missing items
  184. Free Gift "Pink Punk" TOO Pricey - 16.09.2011 for example
  185. Missing gems
  186. Clothing Vanished! Unable to Enter Design! Unable to Expand Shop!
  187. Force close when choosing a name
  188. Clothing levels??
  189. Choosing Shop Name?
  190. Purchased Gems Not Showing Up
  191. Idea for adding runway graphics...:)
  192. Purchasing gems error!!
  193. When visiting neighbors stay where you are in the list!!!
  194. Processing message Stuck when gifting and messaging
  195. WHy is this happening?
  196. Unable to see level 33 outfit in catalog
  197. Clothing Vanished Again!
  198. log in my storm 8 ID ??
  199. Where are my gems?? 
  200. Why? Oh, why did you have to mess it up?
  201. Please help!
  202. Why are my customers leaving angry!?!?!?
  203. Can i go back to the begining of the game coz i have not thing to cook.
  204. Mirrors not working.
  205. i dont have a profile how do i get one
  206. The latest updated, cause my customer cannot find the mirror.
  207. no clothes opt. fir levels 34 & 36
  208. Accessing my other games thru fashion story
  209. Push all clothing on one rack/table
  210. New Slots at Level 61??
  211. Bug since last update
  212. No!!! Help!!!
  213. UI Suggestions
  214. Fashion Story Elite
  215. Update Problems
  216. One Second I'm Level 63, Next I'm 50!
  217. cowgirl catolog issues!
  218. Star Problem?
  219. I returned to an empty store!
  220. I miss the backround music.
  221. missing outfits in catalog...
  222. help plz!I don't have mastery items function!
  223. Halloween stuff
  224. Network bug
  225. Accidently click on store with clothes on rack
  226. feedback: improvements please!!:-/
  227. Customer leaving angry
  228. Gems disappearing
  229. trouble opening items
  230. gettin bored
  231. new items
  232. A majority of my items have disappeared!
  233. Lost gems!!!!
  234. Idea: Gem item store
  235. game restarts every time
  236. I was thinking about the mannequins
  237. Months worth of stock piling gone in one second.
  238. Purchasing new slots.
  239. Game will not open on iPad1!
  240. Game will not open
  241. My Fashion Story has no floor and door!!
  242. fashion story
  243. Connection Issues / Missing Wall, Floor & Door
  244. Fashion no door everything gone
  245. Problem with cloth/shoes in fashion story and fashion story Halloween
  246. FS maintenance issue
  247. unable to purchase gems "a server error has occured..."
  248. Still can't connect!!!
  249. Fashion story missing wall & floor
  250. Free gift issue!