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  1. What's next
  2. Nightclub Reviewer (Giving Constructive Feedback)
  3. Can't Be Played On iPhone 3GS!
  4. SOME lags on iPhone 3g....
  5. 2 glitches already, dance floor and door.
  6. Manual picking up of experience stars
  7. some good things, found some issues and a few bugs.... please fix!
  8. Collecting tips/dancers
  9. Downloading Issue
  10. Moving DANCEFLOOR?!?
  11. Money coming extremely slowly? Expansion prices ridiculous?
  12. 3 Walls with coins... C'mon..!!! 
  13. Drinks do NOT pay out any coins when completed!!
  14. Lag an freezing up
  15. Please!!!!!!
  16. I don't see dancers unless I restart my ipad
  17. Flooring is sold in two categories - bug if you ask me
  18. Tip Collection
  19. No Gems
  20. That is what I call an update
  21. I wanna like this game...
  22. Some suggestions and ideas that could improve the game
  23. All clubs look the same!
  24. Help! ALL My Club Cash Disapeared After I Restarted my Phone! All that Saving..*POOF*
  25. when can it available in android??
  26. Fashion & Nightclub stories to slow - speed up or increase prices please
  27. All neighbors gone!
  28. Too many items cost "club cash"
  29. Smileys for indication of neighbour activity
  30. Moving the dance floor
  31. Update changed how gifts come up nightclub
  32. Tap neighbours music
  33. Graphics Bug
  34. "Welcome Back" Noification
  35. Is it me, or is everyone getting bored and tired?
  36. Bug with dance icons left by neighbours
  37. Please give us a hint !
  38. Add A Select All Button For Friends (and TL problems)
  39. I have Problem with nightclub
  40. Tips from Nightclub are low and slow (feedback on space theme)
  41. No bonus Club Cash for downloading Texas Poker?
  42. What happened to the news in nightclub story?
  43. Bug / Glitch
  44. about 135 million coins when I place down a mixer!
  45. **Wall Posting - Reporting Users**
  46. Play to pay
  47. Music meter only 1 hour?
  48. Would love an update with some new drinks
  49. Why can't the dj stand behind the mixers?
  50. Little "dance" character won't go away
  51. Nightclub Story for Android? Pretty please?
  52. Perv called naughty guy
  53. Nightclub story
  54. This is weird... regarding latest weekly update.
  55. pretty pretty please... Nightclub story for android!! :)
  56. more items for coins!
  57. No mastery?
  58. Tipping my Drink Counters
  59. Messages
  60. reach the level 2 & 4, no club cash & exp, why
  61. NEVER GOT FRIDAY's UPDATE. ????????
  62. Help....When will Night Club Story......
  63. No mastery gem I earned!
  64. Please read this first before posting bug reports
  65. spent cash on accident
  66. On Android
  67. New item 'Gold Chair' graphic bug
  68. Nightclub Story now on Android - but it DOESN'T work :(
  69. gems suddenly gone!!
  70. NC Storey
  71. Monarchy Theme -- Do we like it?
  72. Nightclub Story fails to start on HTC Desire Android
  73. Night Club Story
  74. Foreclosing
  75. No NS in my Phone!
  76. Music in Android
  77. question about blocking door
  78. Please HELP me!!!!
  79. No Notification
  80. my gift quantity counts is 1
  81. Things forgotten in the Updates! Its a NIGHTCLUB! ^^
  82. Wall bug in NS
  83. Negative Money
  84. bugs regarding all games.
  85. Make it stop!!! Argh!!!! It's driving me crazy!
  86. Funny storage bug
  87. notifications
  88. Flashing lights and tiles?
  89. HELP! Game doesn't work!!!
  90. Leveling up on drinks not working?
  91. Current Bugs and Issues for Nightclub Story
  92. Dance Floor Timer Poll
  93. stiill having probs recieving gifts
  94. remove stuff from THE WALL
  95. Not enough customers...
  96. fix bug about stupid negative money
  97. People harassing you
  98. Selling Floor Tiles and/or Walls
  99. Gifted Drinks Only have x1!!
  100. Keeps force closing and freezing my entire fone
  101. Its gone
  102. MY stuff are gone!!
  103. Cauldron Mixer is TOO Small - Please FIX
  104. money gone..drinks gone..
  105. Greater variety of music please
  106. Placed a DJ Set and received over 3,000,000 gold for it!
  107. Coin Glitch
  108. club expansion
  109. Neon!
  110. Collecting Dances -Strange Green Square
  111. All Games will be Down Tonight
  112. Customers spending less time getting drinks
  113. Drink rank
  114. unhappy with just 15 customers.
  115. clock caption above ppl head?
  116. Blackouts+Lag
  117. Android user still waiting
  118. Error message when posting to walls
  119. Naughty Drink Drop Time
  120. Cannot read or post on my wall or anyone else's
  121. Lost club cash
  122. Buggy Dance Floors
  123. No graphics for Checkmates
  124. Updates?
  125. Sound???
  126. Took my coins & didn't expand my club!!
  127. Bad lag in nightclub when music is on
  128. Drink meter...please modify!
  129. Disappeared drinks!!!
  130. add "ignore" button
  131. slow down of movement when music is on
  132. notifications messed up
  133. Music Meter
  134. Night club not earning coins.
  135. Hey! It isn't the 20th! Why are all the recipes gone?
  136. No gems yet...
  137. No goals
  138. More playing time for music
  139. Disapearing drinks
  140. Just lost 25gems!
  141. cash suggestion
  142. Ripped off!!!!7s!!
  143. Negativ Cash: Can't play anymore
  144. Club story reaper8169
  145. Dancing not sticking
  146. Can't Expand
  147. Nightclub story expansion prices
  148. my coins disappeared!
  149. can't acess my friend's club
  150. Current Bugs and Issues for Nightclub Story
  151. Future Ideas?
  152. Nightclub Story Item Suggestion Feedback
  153. money earned disappeared
  154. Is it possible to fix that?
  155. how to purchage
  156. Speed up the gameplay!
  157. Too many Mixers take up too much space
  158. Nice move glitter floors
  159. frozen club and my money gone.
  160. game frozen:(
  161. Stolen Club Cash???!!!
  162. Drinks?
  163. Why are the Words Katy Perry innapropiate?
  164. People in the club
  165. Weekly sale on Club Expansion?!
  166. Is there something wrong with exp?
  167. drink sale bug
  168. Nightclub in android (force close)
  169. transfering game to another device!!!
  170. star rating never goes up
  171. Is it me or the emoji works kinda funny on this app?
  172. No Mastery Drink Levels?
  173. NS - Vanishing Drinks
  174. This is not my nightclub!
  175. No update, no posting on fb wall
  176. Unable to post level up notices thru Facebook
  177. My drinks aren't selling
  178. Troubleshoot when design wall item
  179. Bug with Drink Sugar Bomb (Game Crash)
  180. Where did my money go?
  181. Previously purchased items missing from design tab
  182. must be a bug!! because my club name is tazmaniawild.
  183. Nightclub Story iOS (Force closes when you tap Home while visiting other nightclub)
  184. Problem with being added by others?
  185. Nightclub and other apps
  186. Gems
  187. Download Slots For Earn 6 Club Cash Free And Some Suggestions
  188. Drinks not selling
  189. No goals
  190. Frozen game
  191. Club Cash for Free
  192. Nightclub need a change
  193. feedback/ starting over
  194. Updates!
  195. Screen lock up, help
  196. Out of sync
  197. Nigtlcubstory goes really slow..
  198. Nightclub Story Music question
  199. No coins earned when away!!
  200. Didn't receive club cash on Kindle order
  201. more goals and cheaper prices
  202. club cash offer
  203. music Q's
  204. drinks producing less than advertised
  205. drinks disappearing when not accessible to public
  206. Nightclub story
  207. Many bugs in Nightclub Story.
  208. Not in AppStore?? :c
  209. Does Not Work on Kindle Fire HDX!
  210. I can't get in to my Nightclub story
  211. coins getting subtracted by hundreds while just watching drinks get bought!!!!
  212. Can't sell walls and floors
  213. Messages Are Glitched
  214. Visiting Neighbors
  215. "Game is no longer supported"
  216. Buggy Amount $
  217. Why can't I see or click on my neighbors from wall
  218. 10 club dollers ?????
  219. How do I get rid of unanswered neighbor friend request
  220. I can't see my club name and visit button Galaxy J4+
  221. customize my club and the drinks disappeared???