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  1. Can't expand
  2. Bug in my game
  3. Solved City Hall Level 16 is big black block
  4. Bug: Full Goods storage
  5. How to move buildings?
  6. Update?
  7. Solved Game crashing when collecting from town hall
  8. A few bugs
  9. Game crashes when trying to fill order with 5 star shop
  10. Dream City: General Bugs and Issues
  11. Solved Invisible shops
  12. Boardwalk isnt counting the times
  13. Green check marks gone
  14. Order icons not fully working
  15. Can't download.
  16. Appliance shop wont level
  17. No more money from pedestrians
  18. Rewards aren't dropping
  19. My stars disappeared
  20. IOS Game Center achievements continuously pops up.
  21. Solved Carousel disappeared
  22. Can't place supplies on loading dock
  23. Graphics glitch?
  24. Factory problem
  25. Tickets from Boardwalk
  26. Sync the game on ipad/iphone
  27. Mayor's Mansion diplicated
  28. Recovering progress when switching tablet
  29. Can't sell item in market anymore
  30. Game not opening
  31. How do you build the boardwalk?
  32. extra gems never showed up
  33. Market
  34. TIMER GLITCH...Very Annoying!!! (Part 1/3)
  35. Mastered business not counting towards goal
  36. The pop up about "new factories"
  37. City disappeared
  38. Boardwalk includes objects from factories that become ready after end of event
  39. Broadwalk Timer Issues
  40. Games STOLE already made coffee!
  41. Coffee already made disappeared and not in inventory!
  42. Fun Game If It Didn't Crash So Much
  43. Missing Crafts
  44. Why can't we get rid of upgrade items we don't want?
  45. Over the water expansion error? 😳
  46. I cannot log in the game in with WIFI
  47. Solved Factories become invisible in version 1.2
  48. Boardwalk full but then 1 delivery is gone
  49. Solved City Brooke Bridge is missing
  50. Carousel no longer animated
  51. My ship didn't come in
  52. Bigger is Better blue houses not registering on event counter
  53. Solved Bigger is Better Event Timer differ
  54. Permit for entertainment business gone
  55. Didn't get gems
  56. Solved Game crashes when completing businesses
  57. Solved Double mystery crates
  58. Solved Founder statue- population not increasing
  59. Game loads to 100% then gets stuck
  60. Mastery stars not increasing
  61. Boardwalk order timer 5 hours instead of 12
  62. Solved Observatory telescopes floating in mid air.
  63. Solved Pink buildings and boxes
  64. Solved Carousel has Grown!!!
  65. Solved New Jack in the Box cant be stored
  66. Random Excessively Large Order Party Dudes Shop
  67. Known Eiffel Tower's animation
  68. Issues with tech support
  69. iOS 10 update
  70. Problems with Shakespeare in the Park.
  71. Solved Spooky Glitch?
  72. New Halloween Update v 1.2.2 Bug
  73. Something's wrong... not giving +5 stars
  74. can't build the brigde
  75. Solved Game issues after completing Halloween Goals
  76. Can't get the graveyard after completing Halloween goals
  77. Solved Bridges completed, but can't build on new land
  78. Known Colosseum display issue
  79. No traffice cones for lights
  80. Solved Issues after updating the app
  81. Retrieving old game
  82. Solved My game stops loading at 29%
  83. Game won't load
  84. Everything is pink
  85. Solved Can't find game in Play Store
  86. Issue with glitch deleting gems
  87. Lost gems during 29% glitch
  88. Tech support does nothing
  89. How to drop the useless items from inventory?
  90. Losing tickets on completed Boardwalk orders
  91. Please HELP, Boogaloos issue
  92. Boardwalk
  93. Two Issues - Did not receive purchased gems and City Brook Bridge repair issue
  94. What happens when you run out of space completely?
  95. Expansion