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  1. Too much time inbetween game play
  2. Please add an "Add me" forum for Clue Bingo
  3. Rewards of dice
  4. Cash won
  5. Dice for leveling up
  6. Gems not rewarded??
  7. Flash Tournament
  8. Bingo big bucks scratchers
  9. New rooms needed! Finished them all all...now what?
  10. It takes more dice for each level, but to continue to play you have to pay!!
  11. It takes more dice to CONTINUE to play each level, but you have to PAY to play !!
  12. I had an idea to maybe make it more fun and less aggreivating
  13. Highlighted numbers for 3 or more bingo cards purchased (like Monopoly)
  14. No new rooms in Classic Section for MONTHS,
  15. Where has collection pieces gone?
  16. Cash....
  17. Recover bingo progress
  18. Absolutely horrible update with diamonds and keys. Same for Monoploly Bingo.