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  1. How do I open the doors to play
  2. what's this?
  3. Game not available in Apple store
  4. bug in clue bingo
  5. Crashing only mid-game
  6. One or two cards per screen
  7. I feel like I'm getting ripped off
  8. Download games for free gems
  9. Bad Bingo when I use that lightening thing up top
  10. How to reset game???
  11. Game crashes mid bingo.
  12. Level up dice
  13. Level 77
  14. Social Feature
  15. Valentine's Day Edition Glitch
  16. No movie clips for earning free dice
  17. Sending gift to new friend trouble HELP
  18. Game Crashed and I lost Dice w/o Playing
  19. How do I get past the bingo cards to get into the room to search for clues?
  20. Sound problem
  21. Missing 2 pawns from kitchen
  22. Game locked up lost 42 dice.
  23. No rewards
  24. Not receiving requests
  25. Clue bingo new levels wont download
  26. New device
  27. Gems for watching ads
  28. Not getting the dice I earned
  29. Cards appeared squished, could not daub.
  30. Won't move from count down screen.
  31. Took my dice because game wouldn't connect!!
  32. Can't use existing gems to buy dice.
  33. Glitch
  34. Issue with the game !
  35. Dice issues
  36. Game Glitched
  37. I wanna play
  38. Problems dabbing
  39. Cant watch videos
  40. Music
  41. Can't open on my ipad
  42. Completed Library levels, but only 12 out of 24 clues found
  43. watch video for free extra dice.
  44. Rooms wont open
  45. Scratch Off Game doesn't give me my prizes
  46. Getting bad bingos in Trophy room bc game ignores free boost daubs
  47. Clue bingo
  48. Completed gatehouse level
  49. Didn't Receive Magnifiers
  50. Not getting any collection pieces
  51. Add me
  52. Double/Triple Up Not Counting All Bingos
  53. Video won't Load
  54. Lost All Currency on New Phone
  55. Restore game
  56. Collection rejection
  57. Nul
  58. I got a new iPhone
  59. Collection issue
  60. Looking glass
  61. Not getting credit for daubs
  62. Jigsaw
  63. Game won't load up
  64. Installed for diamonds
  65. New Butterfly Room
  66. Android - install and play Clue Bingo: cannot install, not available in my country