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  1. So What Are Your Thoughts On BS2?
  2. No social side?
  3. Storage issues
  4. Try before you buy
  5. Heads up is really needed.
  6. Need a way to earn gems
  7. bakery game disconnecting
  8. Moving Objects
  9. BakeryStory2 - Specials ??? - Editions???
  10. Some suggestions/ Issues
  11. Adding ppl
  12. Additional Pop Ups for the game
  13. Too many items can't be stored
  14. Ability to close the bakery
  15. Add icon to Menu items for To-Go Orders
  16. Do not buy water cart
  17. Winter Theme for BS2 :D
  18. For Windows Phone?!
  19. Visiting other bakers! Buying others Produce!
  20. Liam gifts coins?
  21. Ability to Store Appliances
  22. Butter collection time is ****ing the game.
  23. contest for all users
  24. 0 gems for an item when one minute left
  25. Fed up with coins reward for Delivery
  26. Character countdown
  27. Waiting for Coffee is sooo long.
  28. Decoration tabs
  29. Jenny rarely visits my Bakery :v
  30. Purchaes style / paint over feature like rs2
  31. Recipe Suggestions!
  32. Review 2015
  33. How about a gifting Button for Bakery Story?
  34. Rework the drop ratios in To Go Orders
  35. Multiple Icons
  36. Marketplace?
  37. Include Coins in Overview
  38. Fix bugs instead of adding new content!
  39. Cost too much to buy appliances and learn recipes
  40. Gems store !!!
  41. To go stand
  42. Market Item characteristics
  43. notification when new to-go orders are ready/appliance upgrade
  44. Accidental gem use - need confirmation button
  45. Why no mastery for daily bread?
  46. Too many shelves and not enough mason jars
  47. Neighbors
  48. Wishing on a star...
  49. BS2: Secret Club Orders - Need DISCARD Button
  50. Mastery Stars Tab
  51. Gems
  52. Finn's Clover Exchange
  53. No gold clovers, are they a myth like a genuine four leaf clover.
  54. Key exchange?
  55. multiple suggestions
  56. 'skins' for appliances?
  57. Gem reward recipe from challenge?
  58. Ideas on how we could keep limited-time event appliance and recipes afterward
  59. Fruit Smoothie Extravaganza! Addition - Guavas Maybe?
  60. we should be able to use gems for timed goal extensions .......
  61. Make Events Optional
  62. To-Go Orders
  63. Suggestions for future events
  64. Thank you card
  65. Feedback: deleting the game
  66. gem Oven
  67. Will this game ever get fixed??
  68. Wall and Floor Suggestion
  69. They need a better way (or alternative) to earn parts
  70. Some Parting Feedback
  71. Really discouraged with the secret bakers club
  72. A use for the green stand next to SBC
  73. Feedback on Thank You notes
  74. Ingredients and recipes suggestions
  75. Is there no going past level 45? What about neighbours?
  76. I would pay Gems for...
  77. More Sales!
  78. Waiting time of characters at table
  79. Secret baker's club keys
  80. Unable to Use Secret Baker's Club Keys
  81. Bakery 2 Story-Too expensive to play
  82. Neighbors On Bakery Story 2
  83. Increase pantry size