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  1. Change color of daubs?
  2. Get Dailt bonus of dice
  3. pause button on bingo?
  4. Please include countdown timer on special events
  5. Slow progression
  6. need to see balances while playing game
  7. How can we friend people who actually play Monopoly Bingo?
  8. More ways to earn prizes
  9. A reward for getting the 1st bingo
  10. Social
  11. Very frustrating for people wanting to play long term.
  12. Had an idea to make it more fun and less aggrivating
  13. Two Card View Option for Tablets
  14. Monopoly Bingo update
  15. Number of dice that Will be used
  16. arrow pointing to boost bar
  17. jnemracl
  18. How to get more dice
  19. League tables
  20. Cost of keys.
  21. Rigged tournaments
  22. Ads
  23. Option to move scroll bar to right side